Denmark is one of the top choices for students to complete their studies because of the high quality of education, exceptional living quality, and countless opportunities on a global scale. Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. Its education is highly regarded by many international students due to its comprehensive and flexible academic setup. Here, we will be looking at the top universities in Denmark for computer science.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Denmark

1. University of Copenhagen

Founded in 1479, the University of Copenhagen is one of the best computer science universities in Denmark and is the second oldest university in Scandinavia. Originally a Catholic institution, it is now a public research university comprising of six faculties, four campuses, and 122 research centers in Copenhagen. The University of Copenhagen ranks 79th in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The Department of Computer Science offers a three-year bachelor program with three options for specialization including data science, general education, and high-school oriented which are all taught in Danish. The first year includes the core computer science subjects to provide the fundamental knowledge essential in the higher years of studies. The program also allows various paths for students to take such as studying abroad, doing business projects, and taking courses in relevant fields like robotics and IT.

The master’s program includes a two-year program in English involving areas in algorithms, data science, and human-computer interaction. The program combines both theoretical and practical approaches in expanding the student’s horizon in computing sciences. The Ph. D. program provides five options in earning the degree, with the majority of students opting for the regular program which involves a three-year full-time study.

2. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark is a top university of computer science and is one of the leading engineering institutions in Europe. It is a member of the EuroTech Universities Alliance together with top universities from other European countries. The university currently ranks at 99th in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The university offers a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering conducted within four years. The program has four categories of courses and six specializations including digital systems and computer security. Students can also opt for a dual degree program where they will spend one year at the Technical University of Denmark and one year in the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Graduates of the dual-degree program will receive a Danish degree and an international master’s degree.

The Ph. D. program involves several requirements like coursework and a thesis which are all assisted by an academic supervisor. The department usually has a specific project and applicants may check the latest vacancies for the available positions.

3. Aarhus University

Established in 1928, Aarhus University is the largest and second oldest university and considered as one of the best universities for computer science in Denmark. It has five faculties and more than thirty international research centers, including fifteen centers of excellence. The school has close ties with prominent academic organizations such as Utrecht Network, European University Association, and Coimbra Group. Aarhus University ranks 155th in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The Department of Computer Science offers a three-year bachelor’s program that is only taught in Danish. It combines both theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare students for obtaining a relevant career or conducting research work in computing science.

The graduate programs are conducted in English and Danish. The master’s program comprises four semesters within two years, where three semesters are allotted for the specialization chosen by the student. Currently, there are nine specializations including Bioinformatics, Human-computer Interaction, and Programming Languages and Software Security. The Ph. D. programs are all funded, with an option to pursue the degree while completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Ph. D. students are also encouraged to take teaching positions and boards and committees in the department.

4. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark is the third largest and oldest university and among the excellent computer science schools in Denmark. Established in 1998, it has been consistently included among the top fifty young universities in the world according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings. The university has several joint programs with the University of Flensburg and the University of Kiel.

The university offers graduate programs in computer science that are taught in English. The master’s program involves specializations in Algorithms, Concurrency and Logic, and Data Science which can be completed in two years. The second year of the program will require the students to perform a research-based project for their thesis. Students may join their supervisor’s research-based project, collaborate with a company, or develop their project.

The Ph. D. program involves teaching experience and research works in Denmark and abroad leading research results eligible for publication in journals. Interested applicants may refer to the latest vacant positions in the department.

5. Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a public university and a top school for computer science in Denmark with campuses in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, and Aalborg. The school is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education and problem-based learning. There are five faculties involving a wide range of academic programs across various industries. Aalborg University ranks 326th in the QS World University Rankings 2022.

The bachelor’s program focuses on the fundamental aspects of computing sciences involving a broad scope of topics from mathematics, IT, programming, and the like. The program runs for six semesters with compulsory courses taken throughout the period. The master’s program offers specialization between computer science and IT. Students will gain more competencies in areas such as software development, security, and robotics. The Ph. D. program offers a flexible plan, with an option to enroll as a master’s and doctorate student for two years to receive the master’s degree, then another two years for the Ph. D. degree.


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