Studying abroad is a challenging, yet fulfilling experience for aspiring professionals in the computer and information technology sector. Hungary offers programs in Computer Science at its top universities.

By choosing Hungary as your study destination and its university to complete your studies, you can take your degree and start your career anywhere. Moreover, the country entices international students with amazing campus life, high-quality education, and affordable fees. While touring costs money, you’ll still have the chance to enjoy the country’s stunning sceneries and unique experiences because of its relatively low costs of living.

Without further ado, here are some of the best computer science universities in Hungary.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Hungary

1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics was the first in Europe to train engineers in a university setting. Besides that, it was founded in 1872 and is the oldest technological institute in the world. Eight faculties make up the university’s academic structure, with more than 21,000 students enrolled across its various programs. Twelve percent of the student population are international students.

As a technological institute, the university also offers degree programs in Computer Science. In fact, The Budapest University of Technology and Economics is one of the best computer science universities in Hungary. The bachelor’s level is focused on foundational learning, providing knowledge and skills on crucial methods, tools, and applications in this progressive field. Additionally, this degree program is offered along with Engineering and uses English as the main language of instruction. Program completion takes seven semesters.

The master’s program, similarly, is offered as an Engineering course. It aims to provide a more focused and practical form of Computer Science education. English is also the language of instruction and the program completion takes four semesters. Meanwhile, the Ph.D. program in Computer Science is offered along with Mathematics. It’s more focused on theoretical than practical and requires intensive research participation. Students take eight semesters to complete the program.

2. Eötvös Loránd University

At Eötvös Loránd University, also ELTE, you can study Computer Science at Bachelor’s and Master’s level. The university, founded in 1635, is among the most prestigious in the country. With more than 28,000 students, it is also by far, one of the largest public research universities in Hungary. Mostly located in Budapest, it has nine faculties across several campuses.

Eötvös Loránd University is an outstanding computer science institute in Hungary with its Bachelor’s in Computer Science at being a highly-competitive program. The university accepts only 120 students per semester. This program provides learning on theoretical knowledge and professional-level skills on Software Programming, Information Systems Development, and Systems Management. It lasts for six semesters or three years and is taught in English.

For the master’s program, the university provides training on theories and practices in the industry, aiming to produce graduates capable of starting their own companies. The program is delivered in the English language and takes four semesters to complete.

3. University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is among the best computer science universities in Hungary. Established in 1538, it is the oldest university by its continuous operation in Hungary. It has fourteen faculties across four campuses in Debrecen. In 2019, the university is home to more than 28,500 students, with over 6,200 international students.

There are 87 bachelor’s programs in the university, including a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This undergraduate program requires English language proficiency and takes three years or six semesters to complete. Students are also expected to complete an 8-week internship at a local or multinational company or work with a research project at the university.

You can also take a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Debrecen. The program is also primarily taught in the English language. Students take four semesters to complete the program, which consists of 50% seminar and lectures, and 50% practice. Some of the main subjects students study in the Master’s program are Cryptography, Machine Learning Basics, and the Theory of Neural Networks.

4. University of Szeged

The University of Szeged is among the top choices if you’re looking to continue graduate or doctorate studies in Hungary. Although founded in 1872, the university is among the oldest in the country due to its history that traces back to 1581. Now, the University of Szeged offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs across its twelve faculties. These faculties are technically independent of each other, with buildings located in several parts of Szeged.

Unlike other universities on this list, the University of Szeged doesn’t offer a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. It does, however, offer a Master’s program that includes fundamental computer science and mathematical courses. The program also requires the completion of a thesis and internship. Overall, students take four semesters to complete their graduate studies.

The Ph.D. program, on the other hand, consists of research work where you’ll be supervised by a thesis adviser. Also, the program requires participation in seminars and the completion of five courses. It takes eight semesters to complete doctorate studies in Computer Science at the University of Szeged.

5. University of Pécs

The University of Pécs is among the top universities for Computer Science in Hungary. Its history dates back to 1367 when King Louis I of Hungary established it through the instruction of Pope Urban V. The university underwent several changes and even closed down when the Ottoman occupied the country in the 1700s. It was only in 2000 when the University of Pécs known today was officially established.

Through its Faculty of Sciences, one of the nine faculties, the university offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Computer Science. The bachelor’s program is mostly taught in the English language and takes six semesters to complete. Besides completing coursework, students need to finish 20 units of thesis.

Students are expected to work in the Information Technology sector or proceed to a master’s program after completing their bachelor’s degree. The master’s program includes an Engineering discipline, directing students to more technical and development aspects of Computer Science. This program requires four semesters of study and courses are taught in the English language.


Hopefully, this article on the best computer science universities in Hungary was informative. Make sure to also check out the Available Computer Science Programs for International Students!