Computer Science is one of the most popular academic programs these days for apparent reasons. As a career, it can be a lucrative and fulfilling one. For that, you would want to make sure to get the best education. Fortunately, Mexico provides globally competitive education through its universities.

Besides the high-quality education, you also get to experience other perks of living in this country. Mexican food is definitely at the top of the list, along with vibrant festivals and rich cultural heritage. On a more practical aspect, the country also has a low cost of living and it surely helps career-wise to learn a new language. For all these reasons, make sure to choose from some of the best universities for computer science in Mexico.

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Top Universities for Computer Science in Mexico

1. National Autonomous University of Mexico

Also called Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México or UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico is the most prestigious in the country. It’s also the largest in Latin America, with over 360,000 students and a history tracing back to 1551. As a public research university, UNAM offers an extensive list of academic programs and covers a wide variety of interests in research. Its main campus sits on a seven-square-kilometer land called the University City located in the Southern part of Mexico City.

UNAM undoubtedly joins the list of the best universities for computer science in Mexico. It offers an eight-semester Bachelor’s program that covers programming and designing automation systems. The language of instruction is mostly Spanish, so applicants are expected to have reasonable writing and spelling skills.

Students looking to pursue graduate studies at UNAM may apply to its Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. The program requires full-time studies to be completed in four semesters. However, the university accepts exceptional students for part-time study, but can only complete their degree within six semesters. The Ph.D. program also includes Engineering, where students can complete their degree within eight semesters if taken full-time. Similarly, the university accepts exceptional students to study part-time but allows only ten semesters for their degree completion.

2. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education is more commonly referred to as Tecnologico de Monterrey. Founded in 1943, this private university is also among the most prestigious in Latin America, having been one of the 45 universities that received five stars rating from QS World University Rankings. There are more than 90,000 students across its 26 campuses in the country.

The School of Engineering and Sciences offers several academic programs including the Master in Computer Science and Ph.D. in Computer Sciences. The master’s program includes four semesters or two years of intensive training through coursework and thesis. Some of the topics covered during coursework are Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning, although students may choose an elective course.

The four-year Ph.D. program in Computer Sciences, on the other hand, is more research-oriented, allowing students of this top-notch computer science institution to focus on specific areas, such as:

  • Bio-inspired algorithms
  • Models of Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics and Biomedicine
  • Data Science and Applied Mathematics

3. National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico

More often referred to as Instituto Politecnico Nacional de Mexico or IPN, the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico is among the largest institutions for higher education in the country. It has more than 180,000 students across high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. The institute was established in 1936 and has built a campus in a 2-square kilometer land north of Mexico City.

At IPN, you can study Computer Science at three academic levels. The Bachelor’s program accepts students with strong proficiency in Mathematics and Physics, as well as general knowledge of computers. Like in other universities in the country, undergraduate studies take four years to complete and open the opportunity to its graduates to start a professional career.

Meanwhile, the institute offers a Master’s program that requires two years to complete. It aims to teach graduates with management and development of Information Technology. Additionally, the institute has a four-year Ph.D. program, where students work on research projects about information systems and artificial intelligence.

4. University of Guadalajara

The University of Guadalajara is also among the best computer science universities in Mexico. It was officially established in 1925 but had a history dating back to 1792, making it the second oldest university in the country. It has several campuses across Jalisco, catering to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. There are more than 420 academic courses in the university, ranging from vocational to Ph.D. Over 280,000 students are enrolled across these programs.

Although the university offers plenty of degree programs that are related to computer technology, none of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are exclusive to Computer Science. There are some Computer Engineering programs that are also excellent choices if you’re looking to pursue a career in this field.

However, the university includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science program. In addition to Computer Science, the program includes Electronics and its related fields. With such a research-driven program, the university provides the opportunity for students to carry out scientific studies in the academic and organizational setting. Overall, the program takes eight semesters or four years to complete.

5. The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, also known as the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon or UANL, was established in 1933. This public university is the third-largest by enrollment and has the most available academic programs. It has also built six campuses, with the main campus housing the Colleges of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Law, Philosophy, and Public Accounting.

There are more than 210,000 students enrolled at the university. Some of them are in the Bachelor in Computer Science program. Through this program, students learn computer systems competencies, preparing them to handle projects and design technological solutions. The program takes seven to 14 semesters to complete if taken either full-time or part-time.

As for the master’s and Ph.D. programs, the university offers Information Technology and Data Science, in lieu of Computer Science. These remain excellent choices as these tackle specific industrial problems and applications.


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