As one of the in-demand courses nowadays, Computer Science can open doors to highly advantageous careers. If you’re looking to establish a career outside your home country and be globally competent in your chosen field, you’ll need to start your education early. Fortunately, studying abroad is a great option you can explore.

Norway is among the top destinations for international students due to the high-quality education its universities offer. Besides that, you’ll get to experience stunning natural sights in one of the world’s northernmost countries. Some universities here even offer free tuition to everyone, including international students.

Choose the best universities for Computer Science in Norway to make your stay more than worth it.

Top Universities for Computer Science in Norway

1. Norwegian University of Science And Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology or NTNU, the largest university in Norway, was established in 1996 through the merger of the University of Trondheim and other academic institutions. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is one of the top schools for Computer Science in Norway. It has three campuses in the country, with the main one in Trondheim and the other two at Alesund and Gjovik. There are nine faculties at the university that provide education in Engineering, Natural Sciences, Architecture, and Medicine, among others.

NTNU also has Computer Science degree programs. The Bachelor’s program consists of courses on Cyber Security, Programming, and Application and System Development. Norwegian is the mode of instruction and students take three years to complete the program full-time.

The Master’s program in Computer Science is also taught in the Norwegian language. Some of the specializations you can choose from are Software, Database and Search, Artificial Intelligence, and Algorithms and Computers. The master’s program takes five years of study, with students required to choose their specialization in their third year. Meanwhile, the Ph.D. program is a research-driven, three-year program.

2. University of Bergen

Another top university where you can study Computer Science in Norway is the University of Bergen. Established in 1946, the university came from a parliament decision but had a history dating back to 1825 through other scientific institutions. For that, the University of Bergen is also among the top 1% globally. The University of Bergen is considered as a top university in Norway that offers Computer Science programs. It now has seven faculties, with a campus located in the Nygard neighborhood in Bergen. More than 18,000 students are enrolled in the university.

It offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science, which takes three years of full-time study to complete. Additionally, you’ll need a university-level Norwegian language competency as the program is taught in this language. This program aims to teach knowledge and skills related to developing computer software and modern systems, as well as solving problems in crucial areas, such as algorithms, security, programming, and networks.

You can proceed to the master’s program at the University of Bergen after completing your bachelor’s studies. The master’s level is more specialized as you can choose from several degree programs, such as Informatics, Software Engineering, and Digital Science. The program takes two years and is also taught in Norwegian and English. The university, through its Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, also offers doctoral education which requires three years of full-time study.

3. University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger, established in 2005, was formerly Høgskolen I Stavanger (HiS) after the latter received university status. It offers 99-degree programs across its six faculties. The campus is located in the Ullandhaug neighborhood, home to over 12,000 students, 1,900 staff, and 415 Ph.D. candidates.

Computer Science is among its 60 Master’s programs, where you can choose between two specializations: Data Science and Reliable and Secure Systems. As an international study program, the language of instruction is English. The program takes two years or four semesters of full-time studies and starts every August. Once you get accepted into the program, you also need not worry about tuition as this program is tuition-free. To get qualified in this program, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Informatics, Computer Engineering, or at least 50 ECT credits in these programs.

The university employs several methods in delivering learning outcomes, such as lectures, group and individual projects, and company and plant visits. There will also be a master thesis at the end of your studies. For the Ph.D. program, students only need to choose one study course and complete the project course through a doctoral thesis. The minimum study duration is five years and doctoral candidates are expected to meet the English language requirements.

4. University of Tromsø or UiT

The University of Tromsø (UiT) or the Arctic University of Norway joins the list of the top universities for Computer Science in Norway. Founded in 1968, the university is among the ten universities in the country and the northernmost university in the world. The University of Tromso is one of the leading universities in Norway that offer Computer Science programs. With such a location, UiT is the ideal place to study natural sciences and society.

However, the university also offers education in modern academic areas, such as Engineering, Physics and Technology, and Clinical Medicine, along with Computer Science. Besides the Tromsø campus, the university also has five other campuses in Northern Norway, enrolling over 12,000 students. Ten percent of the student population are international students.

The Master’s in Computer Science degree at UiT consists of mandatory and elective study courses, concluding in master thesis writing. The entire duration takes two years of full-time study. While the language of instruction and all course materials are in English, students can answer examinations in either English or Scandinavian. After which, you can proceed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science that takes three years to complete and requires research work that meets international standards.

5. Østfold University College

Østfold University College, unlike the others on this list, is a university college that offers an excellent Computer Science education in Norway. Founded in 1994, the institution is located in Viken county, with campuses in Halden and Fredrikstad. Less than 7,000 students are enrolled across its 100 study programs.

Studying Master’s in Computer Science at Østfold University College allows you to choose two specializations from the following:

  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Interaction Design
  • Machine Learning

English is the main language of instruction and the entire study duration takes two years to complete. For the first three semesters, students focus on coursework, such as lectures and projects. The remaining semesters are allotted for thesis writing.


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