Qatar is among the technologically advanced countries in the world, making it one of the top destinations to study Computer Science. Additionally, international students find the educational institutions here ideal, too, as most courses are taught in English.

Besides its government-supported public universities, Qatar is also home to international branches of world-renowned universities. With access to high-quality education from top universities worldwide, you can reach your full potential and pursue a fulfilling career in the computer industry.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best universities for computer science in Qatar.

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Top Universities for Computer Science in Qatar

1. Qatar University

Qatar University, located in Doha, was established in 1973. Being the only public university in Qatar, it has ten colleges providing education in various fields, such as Medicine, Law, and Engineering. The university offers over 80 academic programs, which have over 23,000 students. Its campus sits at an eight square kilometer, with state-of-the-art facilities and stunning architectural designs.

There are quite a few universities in the country that offer Computer Science courses, and Qatar University happens to be among the top computer science schools in Qatar. It’s the only university that entered QS World University Ranking in 2021 for Computer Science and Information Technology, placing within the top 250. As an international student, you can take advantage of its English-taught programs at the Bachelor’s level. This degree program takes four years to complete.

As for the Master’s program, Qatar University offers a Master’s degree in Computing. It covers Computer Science sub-areas, focusing more on application than theories. Thus, students have the option to choose a study track that requires either a thesis or a project. Students looking to explore research work can proceed to the Ph.D. program at the university. Moreover, the university requires students to complete the program in three to six years only.

2. Carnegie Mellon University Qatar

Another university that offers a four-year degree in Computer Science is Carnegie Mellon University Qatar. It’s a branch of the Pennsylvania-based Carnegie Mellon University and offers only undergraduate courses. The university opened in 2004 at the Education City in Doha, Qatar. The Education City houses university campuses from Europe and the United States.

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar has over 400 undergraduate students across its five program offerings. Along with Computer Science, students can also study Business Administration, Information Systems, Biological Sciences, Computational Biology. These programs follow the curriculum at its mother university in Pennsylvania, so students graduate with international competencies.

For the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, students are required to take 360-course units, most of which are Computer Sciences courses. Some of the specialized fields students can further explore are Big Data and Machine Learning, Robust and Secure Systems, and Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Mathematics, Humanities and Arts, and Science and Engineering courses are also fundamental subjects in the study plan. Overall, the degree program takes four years to complete.

3. Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU)

One of the best universities for computer science in Qatar is Hamad Bin Khalifa University. The university was founded in 2010 by the Qatar Foundation to fulfill its vision to unlock human potential through Science, education, and community development. It now has over 800 students across its 35 programs, with more than 50% international student population. Besides Computer Science, students can also pursue Islamic Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Health and Life Sciences.

The university offers a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in conjunction with Engineering. This delivers interdisciplinary education, ensuring that students will graduate ready to take on real-life problems. Additionally, the university is located in the Education City and works in collaboration with other international universities in the area, such as Carnegie Mellon University and Texas A&M University. Because of that, the curriculum allows students to attend courses in these partner universities.

HBKU also offers a Master’s accelerated program, which includes four-year bachelor’s studies and another one year for the Master’s degree. This means that students enrolled in the bachelor’s program, upon its completion, automatically qualify for the Master’s program. If you’ve already completed an undergraduate degree, you can still take a Master’s program at HKBU. Some of the specialized areas you can focus on are Cyber Security, Data Analytics, and Data Science. From there, you can proceed to research-intensive Ph.D. studies.

4. College of North Atlantic Qatar

Among the few higher education institutions in the country that offers Computer Science degrees is the College of North Atlantic Qatar. The Canada-based college opened its branch in Qatar in 2002 through the Qatar National Vision 2030. Since then, it has conferred more than 6,400 degrees in Business Management, Information Technology, and Health Sciences. In 2020, the college also has well over 3,500 students across its more than 30 programs.

Although the college does not offer Computer Science as a general study area, you can study some of its specializations, such as Applied Telecommunication and Network Engineering, Data and Cyber Security, Information Systems, and Information Technology. These bachelor programs aim to equip students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

The program takes four years to complete, with each divided into three semesters. Students are not required to write a thesis but to accomplish a work placement and a Capstone project in their fourth year. From here, students are expected to take on professional roles in computers and their related fields.

5. Community College of Qatar (CCQ)

Joining the list of some of the best universities for computer science in Qatar is the Community College of Qatar. Established in 2010, CCQ is another university that has opened to serve the Qatar National Vision 2030. It offers college preparatory courses, as well as bachelor’s degree programs. From its first 304 students in 2010, the college now has over 5,000 students across its four campuses in the country.

The college may not be offering a general Computer Science degree program but it has one of its specific courses, the Bachelor of Science in Cyber and Network Security. What makes it an excellent option is that international students need not go through various Computer Science courses to decide on their future career path.

In essence, students looking to pursue this particular field can use more of their time mastering relevant skills and knowledge. The program takes four years to complete and is taught in the English language.


Hopefully, this article on the best computer science universities in Qatar was helpful. Do visit the Asia Scholarships Page to find out more about universities and scholarships in Asia!