Pursuing a degree in computer science can be competitive. With the evolving nature of the subject, universities constantly keep upping the ante, and admissions can get limited and highly selective.

Serbia serves the perfect learning environment; countless top-performing universities offer internationally acclaimed diplomas and attractive career opportunities. The beautiful scenery and bright nightlife are welcome bonuses to adding fun to your journey in becoming the next generation’s computer scientist. Check out below our list of the 5 best universities to study computer science in Serbia!

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Top Universities for Computer Science in Serbia

1. University of Belgrade

The biggest and oldest university in Serbia, the University of Belgrade comes on first place in our list. It ranks among the top 600 universities across the world. Since its establishment, the University of Belgrade has been a leading figure in the progress of the country. It is also dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining traditions, thus hosting a comprehensive computer science program.

The School of Electrical Engineering is Serbia’s oldest faculty of its kind. It manages the younger Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, which produces top graduates and professionals of the IT industry. As per its specialization in the discipline of engineering, computer science in the University of Belgrade equips students not only with scientific knowledge, but also industry savvy skills in handling computer hardware and systems.

The University of Belgrade mainly uses Serbian as the language of instruction, especially in undergraduate studies. Undergraduate students can choose to pursue computer engineering or software engineering. On the other hand, the university offers graduate studies concentrating on computer science and software engineering.

2. Univerzitet Singidunum

Sinigidum University is a private higher education institution for the academic fields of social sciences and humanities; natural sciences and mathematics, and technical sciences. It is the largest private university in the country. A relatively young university established at 2005, Sinigidum University is known for being a top school for computer science in Serbia and earns a reputation for its globally competent and accredited degree programs, one of which is computer science.

The Faculty of Informatics and Computing aims to address the increasing demand for programming experts and savvy software developers. It facilitates the learning journey of informatics students, preparing them for the industry with an array of learning resources and opportunities to master different programming languages. The faculty actively collaborates with tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP to mold students into creative and flexible IT professionals.

Sinigidum University offers informatics programs and related specializations for all degree programs. Aside from classwork, the university also provides internship opportunities to immerse students in the workforce. Its rich network of international connections with other institutes and research centers makes Sinigidum University a popular choice among international students.

3. University of Novi Sad

Thirdly, we have the University of Novi Sad. With equal importance to Serbia as the University of Belgrade in educational and research prowess, the University of Novi Sad is one of the best institutions for computer science in Serbia and is highly regarded for its high-level research and impressive academic performance. It is among the best institutions for higher education in the country, with an outstanding performance in computer science.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences oversees the education and skills training of students with a passion for computing and informatics. The faculty is also well-known for its support for start-up companies in the information technology industry. It inspires innovations among its students, with tech corporations seeking them right out of graduation. The Faculty of Technical Sciences earned international recognition as the “Software Valley”.

The University of Novi Sad integrates engineering and applied computing in its computer science program. Computer science and information technology come packaged as a subject of the engineering discipline. Thus, students are equipped with knowledge on handling not only software but also hardware. Both undergraduate and graduate students can pursue computer science studies and their other specializations.

4. University of Nis

The University of Nis is a public university situated in the heart of the city of Nis. A public university and an independent academic institution, it has awarded diplomas to an upward of 50,000 students, of which a good 1,000 are international students. University of Belgrade’s support for the University of Nis led to its successful growth and academic prowess for various disciplines and subject areas such as computer science.

The Department of Computer Science delivers an outstanding computer science curriculum in Serbia and supervises computer science course offerings at the University of Nis. With faculty highly engaged in research and collaborative efforts with the tech industry, students have firsthand access to the latest discoveries in the dynamic field of computing and programming.

The University of Nis offers computer science studies to all degree programs. Master’s students can concentrate on either software development or information management.

5. University of Kragujevac

Wrapping up our list of Serbian universities is the University of Kragujevac. The largest and oldest university in the region of Sumadija and Western Serbia, it pursues high research performance and creativity in the learning and development of the students as the educational system progresses. Finally, the University of Kragujevac is an excellent university for computer science in Serbia that promotes a comprehensive application of computer science.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences supervise courses on computer sciences among many other sciences like electrical engineering and information technology. Unlike most computer science programs, the faculty offers programs that are direct applications of computer science, such as game development. Integrated study programs of electrical and computer engineering prepare students for diverse career opportunities.

The University of Kragujevac uses Serbian as the official language of instruction. If you are up for the challenge of mastering Serbian while getting your degree, the university has electrical and computer engineering studies for all degrees. International English-speaking students, on the other hand, can take a Master’s degree in computer games development.


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