Turkey is among the popular destinations for international students due to its high-quality education. Besides that, it is the ideal blend of east and west cultures, letting you experience the best of both sides of the world.

Although choosing Turkey as a study destination may seem like a vacation, the quality of teaching and employment opportunities here can help you start your career. If you’re looking to study Computer Science, Turkey has some of the most prestigious universities to meet your academic needs. Check out some of the top universities for computer science in Turkey.

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Top Universities for Computer Science in Turkey

1. Sabanci University

Sabanci University was established in 1996 as a foundation university in Istanbul. Its campus sits on a 1.3 square kilometer land, providing a home to more than 5,300 students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With three faculties, the university offers several programs, including doctoral, minor, and double major programs.

Students looking to study Computer Science in Turkey will most likely find themselves applying for Computer Engineering. These two programs offer the same core and elective courses. The areas of interest are quite similar, too, with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity as focused subjects in the undergraduate program. Students have the option to select the courses they want to take for the semester, allowing them to complete their degrees at their own pace.

This top-notch computer science school also offers graduate studies through its master’s and Ph.D. degree programs. The master’s program requires thesis writing, allowing students to research industry-relevant Computer Science subfields. Through this program, you can pursue advanced studies and research in Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Computer Graphics, and Virtual Reality. Additionally, students with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree can apply to a Ph.D. program at the university. However, those with bachelor’s degrees only will need to complete more coursework than those who completed a master’s program.

2. Middle East Technical University

The Middle East Technical University opened in 1956 in Ankara, Turkey. This public technical university offers education and focuses on research in Natural Sciences and Engineering. With over 200 academic programs across its five faculties, the university enrolls more than 27,000 students. Its entire campus sits at a total of 45-square kilometers of land.

As one of the best computer science universities in Turkey, the Middle East Technical University offers a bachelor’s program in Computer Science and Engineering. Students take eight semesters to complete all required courses in the program. At the end of their studies, they are expected to design and construct software-intensive systems. From there, students can start on their professional journey or pursue graduate studies. At Middle East Technical University, 40% of the undergraduates usually proceed to graduate schools after program completion.

The graduate programs at the university consist of Master of Science and Ph.D. For the master’s studies, students can choose between three programs: master’s with thesis, non-thesis, and Software Engineering without thesis. This way, students have the option to pursue a graduate program based on their target careers, whether in the industry, academe, or research. The Ph.D. program, which is research-intensive, accepts students with either a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree. Both applicant types need to complete thesis work for their Ph.D.

3. Boğaziçi University

Another university located in Istanbul, the Boğaziçi University was established in 1863. Back then, it was known as Robert College, the first American college outside the United States. When the institution was turned over to the Turkish government, it adopted its present name. Now, the university has six faculties, offering undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields including Computer Science. It also has nearly 16,000 students.

The bachelor’s program in the university covers computer software, hardware, and applications. Students are expected to adapt to the changing technology in today’s workplaces. Thus, the program aims to produce graduates that are proficient in designing software and hardware systems. Through a full-time schedule, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in four years. The university also uses English as the main language of instruction so you won’t need to worry about learning a new language.

For your master’s program, Boğaziçi University also offers three options that are more specific than a general Computer Science program. You can either take a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering with or without a thesis. After completing the master’s program in less than six years, you can proceed to a Ph.D. program, which includes course, qualifying, and thesis stages.

4. Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University or ITU was established in 1773. It was initially focused on Engineering but has recently added Social Sciences. As the top university in Turkey, it has an extensive list of academic programs across its 14 faculties and research centers. There are also more than 36,000 students enrolled in the university.

Like other universities on the list, the Computer Science program at ITU is offered as a Computer Engineering course. The undergraduate curriculum allows the students to learn software development, computer networks and communication systems, and artificial intelligence and robotics. The program is also exclusively taught in English.

Meanwhile, the Graduate School of ITU offers Master’s and Ph.D. programs. Half of the courses here are taught in English and students have the option to choose whether to write their thesis in English or Turkish. These programs are quite competitive, with the graduate school accepting only 30 students for the Master’s and eight candidates for the Ph.D. As such, it is no surprise that Istanbul Technical University is among Turkey’s best computer science universities.

5. Bilkent University

Bilkent University joins the list of top universities for Computer Science in Turkey. It was established in 1984 in Ankara as a private university. It has nine faculties, offering more than 60 undergraduate and graduate programs. You can find most of its academic halls and facilities in its three campuses, occupying over 300 hectares of land.

The bachelor’s program for Computer Science at the university is offered along with Engineering, much like the other universities in the country. This also takes four years to complete and uses English mostly as the language of instruction.

The Master’s program, on the other hand, has less study period but requires a thesis and research seminar. To proceed with the Ph.D., you must have finished either a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in a related study field. The program has less coursework and includes a dissertation.


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