Cyprus is a beautiful country situated between Europe and the Middle East. Tourists from around the world visit this small island nation because of its stunning scenery, exquisite Mediterranean food, and unique culture.

Cyprus also provides multiple opportunities for international students. The country attracts international students because other than being a great venue for leisure and adventure, Cypriot universities offer a wide range of degree options for comparatively affordable tuition rates.

Most degrees in data science in Cyprus are practice- and experience-oriented which develops students’ professional skills and prepares them to adapt, survive, and meet the needs of employers and industries around the world. Below are some of the best universities for data science in Cyprus. The list also includes short descriptions of these universities explaining what makes them good choices to study data science.

Top Universities for Data Science in Cyprus

1. University of Cyprus

Established in 1989 and one of the relatively younger universities in Europe, the University of Cyprus is already considered one of the leading academic and research institutions. It has been awarded numerous international recognition for its outstanding education and significant research contributions to Cyprus’ cultural, scientific, and social development.

For more than three decades the University of Cyprus has made a name for itself for conducting significant and innovative research focusing on the improvement of different areas in society. In addition to its excellent study programs, the university also carries out several extracurricular activities that help prepare its students for their professional careers. Yearly career fairs take place on campus for students to get to know potential employers, participate in mock interviews and presentations, and attend company exhibits and discussions.

As a top data science school in Cyprus, the University of Cyprus offers a Master’s degree in data science where students can choose between computational science, business analytics, and statistics as their areas of concentration.

2. Eastern Mediterranean University

The Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the most well-known universities in Cyprus for education, research, community involvement, and international influence. It was established in 1979 and has gradually been making its way up on prestigious global university rankings such as the Times Higher Education ranking.

EMU has a strong commitment to providing a holistic kind of education that would prepare its students in having successful international careers. Students are given a chance to study at one of EMU’s partner universities in Europe, North America, and Asia. The university is also very welcoming to the international student community and offers 25%, 50%, and even full scholarships to selected international students.

The Eastern Mediterranean University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in mathematics and computer science where students gain essential computing and analytical skills that can be applied to different industries.

3. Cyprus University of Technology

The Cyprus University of Technology is another of the best data science universities in Cyprus. It was founded in 2007 and is among the best new universities based on the rankings made by some of the most well-known international ranking bodies such as Shanghai, Quacquarelli Symonds, and Times Higher Education.

The Cyprus University of Technology aims to have a positive impact by promoting awareness in significant areas of society such as health, culture, charity, and the environment. The university also works closely with local and international bodies to help them improve their operations, develop innovative research, and allow its students to gain exposure to the professional world.

The Cyprus University of Technology offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in computer engineering and informatics. Courses are designed to provide a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge on computer systems, data analysis, and data evaluation.

4. University of Nicosia

Located in the nation’s capital, the University of Nicosia is globally recognized for its excellent academic programs and high-quality, innovative, and impactful research. The university is placed among the top 3% of all the universities in the world according to the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

UNIC offers a more interactive and collaborative approach to learning as opposed to the traditional passive learning method where students are expected to listen and memorize information. At UNIC, students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas in the learning process. Programs also involve practical learning activities that would help develop students’ skills that are essential for them to adapt and succeed in the modern professional world.

The university offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in data science. Being among the best data science universities in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia has designed the programs to impart thorough knowledge in statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Students are also trained to apply their knowledge in developing solutions to real-world problems.

5. Frederick University

Frederick University was established in 2007 and is composed of two campuses in two of the largest cities in Cyprus, Nicosia and Limassol. The university is known for its outstanding education and research in different fields of science, technology, literature, and the arts.

Students at Frederick University are provided with opportunities to spend a minimum of three months studying, working, and undergoing technical training abroad by joining different international mobility programs. Several activities are also done inside and outside the campus for students to engage with each other and the rest of society through student clubs, sports, and cultural activities.

Frederick University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in computer science where students develop an appreciation of computer science and its theories, computations, and applications.


I hope this article on some of the best universities for data science in Cyprus was helpful. Check also the Available Programs for International Students to learn more about studying abroad.