Hungary is a good country to study Data Science-related courses because it has outstanding universities offering such programs in the English language. Education at these universities is also relatively cheaper than in other neighboring European countries. Moreover, earning a degree in Hungary qualifies graduates to pursue higher degrees in prestigious universities in Europe or the United States.

International students may also apply for the Hungarian Scholarship program that offers generous benefits, including free tuition, a monthly stipend, an accommodation allowance, and health insurance coverage. As a result, the country attracts around 5,000 students from over 80 countries annually. The total number of international students in Hungary has been steadily increasing for the past twenty years. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities for data science in Hungary!

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Top Universities for Data Science in Hungary

1. Eötvös Loránd University

With over 380 years of history, the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) has expanded and developed so much that it is now among the best universities for data science in Hungary. Its prestige stems from its high-quality education and famous alumni—some of whom won a Nobel Prize.

ELTE has a remarkable history of keeping up with modern technology and economic demands. It does so by offering degree programs in highly employable fields, such as Data Science. ELTE’s MSc Computer Science with Specialization in Data Science is a two-year program that provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

The program requires a Computer-Science related Bachelor’s Degree with 60 ECTS in mathematics and informatics. Interested applicants must obtain a level B2 proficiency in both oral and written English. In addition, non-EU students have to pay €3,000 per semester.

2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) traces its long history in 1635 in Nagyszombat, where its predecessor was established before moving to Buda in the late 18th century. For a long time, the university specialized in Engineering and was recognized as one of the best schools for data science in Hungary before the Faculties of Natural Sciences and Economics & Social Sciences were introduced in 1998.

Currently, BME offers numerous programs in Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. levels that provide the competencies and skills for a future career in Data Science. These programs include Mathematics and Computer Science Engineering. The university’s specialization in Technology and Economics is vital for students to gain an advantage in the labor market.

The programs are taught in English, so international students must obtain a B2 proficiency level in the language to qualify. In addition, they have to pay tuition fees ranging from €3,200 to €4,500 per semester. The standard undergraduate study period lasts six semesters, while the Master’s and Ph.D. programs last four and eight semesters, respectively.

3. Óbuda University

Óbuda University started in 1879 as the Public Secondary Industrial School of Budapest during Hungary’s industrial and economic development. Later, it came to be known as Budapest Tech. The school gained international acclaim with the number of globally renowned graduates. It started using its current name after it was granted university status in 2010.

Currently, the university is one of the top institutions for data science in Hungary and is home to almost 12,000 students, including over 500 from 58 other countries. The student body is spread over seven faculties and three doctoral schools on six campuses.

The university’s Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering offers competencies in big data and business analysis, which are necessary for future careers in the Data Science industry. Non-EU students have to pay €3200 per semester for the undergraduate program. International students at Obuda University may apply for the Hungarian Government Scholarship Program to help with educational and living costs.

4. University of Debrecen

The history of higher education in Debrecen traces its roots back to 1538 with the establishment of the Reformed College of Debrecen. Over the years, the college expanded and formed numerous faculties, which were later split or dissolved when Hungary was under communist control. Eventually, the individual schools and universities merged to reform what is now known as the University of Debrecen (UD). Currently, the university hosts roughly 28,000 students—a quarter of which hail from other countries—making it one of the largest institutions in the country.

The university offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, which provides the perfect framework for further education or a higher degree in various Data Science specializations. The university is a leading institution for data science in Hungary and its program consists of 51% lectures and 49% practice, allowing real-world experience in software development, artificial intelligence, logical programming, and more. Graduates can pursue a Master in Science Degree in Computer Science at UD to develop more Data Science skills and have broader career prospects.

Bachelor’s Degree classes begin in September and last six full semesters, earning graduates 180 ECTS after three years. The undergraduate tuition fee costs USD6,000 per year. The Master’s Degree lasts four semesters with 120 ECTS and costs USD7,000 per year.

5. International Business School

The International Business School (IBS) opened in 1991 in Kelenföldi and later moved to Budapest in 2014. The IBS works with the University of Buckingham to issue British degrees to students for a more competent background when entering the labor market. Employers highly value a British degree due to its high standards and excellent quality of education. Currently, the university is recognized as an excellent institution for data science in Hungary because of its exceptional data science programs for its students.

In partnership with Green Fox Academy, a renowned coding school in Hungary, the IBS started offering a Master of Science in IT for Business Data Analytics in 2020 to provide young professionals with business analysis and software development training and keep up with the growing demand for experts in the field.

The study period lasts three semesters, and the medium of instruction is English. Therefore, international students must meet the English proficiency requirements set by the school before classes officially begin. Classes begin in February or September. Non-EU students must pay the tuition fees for the first two semesters. It costs €5,500 per semester for those starting in February or €5,900 in September. In addition, they need to pay a one-time registration fee worth €900.


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