Data is collected in massive quantities in a variety of situations on a daily basis, but in order to make logical sense of all this information, this data needs to be sorted, processed, interpreted and analyzed. Data Science is the practice of using a variety of different tools like math, computer science, and statistics to apply meaning to large amounts of data in order to find solutions to solve complex problems.

With the exponential growth of data, the need for qualified Data Scientists is growing at a rapid rate.

Although Japan is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, there are a surprisingly limited number of opportunities to study Data Science in Japan. Japan does offer a number of tertiary education opportunities for international students, but it is highly recommended that prospective students possess a certain level of Japanese, especially for undergraduate programs.

We have compiled a list of the best universities to study Data Science in Japan, but it should be noted that many of the programs offered are not strictly degrees, but rather courses and minors.

Top Universities for Data Science in Japan

1. Tohoku University

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  • Degree(s) offered: International Graduate Program AIQDS (Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Data Science)

Located in Sendai, Tohoku University is internationally recognized for its exceptional standards in education and research and is rated the best university in Japan by Times Higher Education’s annual rankings. Established in 1907, Tohuku University was the third national university and a top institution for data science in Japan.

International students only make up about 10% of the university’s student population, and only makeup about 1.7% of the undergraduate student base.

Tohoku University’s Graduate School of Information Sciences offers postgraduate students the opportunity to complete an International Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Data Science (AIQDS).

This graduate program kicked off in October of 2021 and aims to develop highly-specialized graduates who will be able to utilize data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

AIQDS is a five-year program, combining a two-year master’s program with a three-year doctoral program. Prospective students who have an existing master’s degree are able to complete the three-year doctoral program in isolation.

2. Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University (HU) is located in Higashihiroshima and Hiroshima, Japan, and was established in 1949 by combining eight existing institutions: Hiroshima School of Education, Hiroshima School of Secondary Education, Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, Hiroshima School of Education for Youth, Hiroshima Women’s School of Secondary Education, Hiroshima Higher School, Hiroshima Higher Technical School, and Hiroshima Municipal Higher Technical School.

HU’s School of Informatics and Data Science is among the top schools for data science in Japan that offers undergraduate students the four-year Informatics and Data Science Program.

This program offers integrated and structured courses in Informatics and Data Science, with the aim to equip students with the ability to understand data content, improve data-informed problem solving, and understand the technology required to process huge amounts of data in the most efficient way possible.

3. Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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  • Degree(s) offered: Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Data Science Medicine Global Leader Program (DS-GLP)

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), located in the Yushima / Shoheizaka area, is a comprehensive medical university and one of the best universities for data science in Japan, has been consistently ranked by QS Ranking as one of the top five medical schools in the country.

In 2007 TMDU launched the International Graduate Program for Biomedical Science in an effort to offer more opportunities for international students, and as such the Data Science Medicine Global Leader Program is taught primarily in English.

Similar to Tohoku University’s AIQDS Graduate Program, DS-GLP is also a 5-year combination of both a Master’s and Doctoral Program and is open to students in possession of an undergraduate degree. Upon successful graduation from the program, students will be awarded a Master’s degree (in Science or Engineering) and a Ph.D. degree (in Science or Engineering).

This graduate program aims to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in a number of disciplines so as to develop global leaders in disease prevention. DS-GLP offers students a choice of two specializations, the Biomedical Science Track (BST) and the Implementation Medical Science (IMS) track.

4. Shiga University

Shiga University, based in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, is a historic National University with three faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, and, Faculty of Data Science. Shiga University is one of the best schools for data science in Japan that was founded in 1874 and has campuses in both Ōtsu and Hikone.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in Japan appointed six, core universities to strengthen mathematical and data science education, Shiga University being one of them.

Shiga University’s Graduate School of Data Science offers postgraduate students a Master’s in Data Science. This program aims to educate students in data science methodologies using real-world examples, in order to acquire knowledge and experience in problem-solving while gaining real value from data.

5. Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is considered the top university in Japan for science and technology. Founded in 1881 as the Tokyo Vocational School, Tokyo Tech boasts around 10,500 students and three campuses: Ookayama, Suzukakedai, and Tamachi. Roughly 16% of the student population at Tokyo Tech are International students.

Tokyo Tech offers graduate students the Progressive Graduate Minor in Data Science/Artificial Intelligence. This program aims to offer advanced skills, comprehensive knowledge, and hands-on practical training in both data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a world that is driven by data, it is no secret that Data Scientists are in high demand on an international scale. Although there is no doubt that obtaining a qualification in Data Science from a country that is at the forefront of technological innovation would be highly beneficial, it seems that the opportunity to obtain such a degree in Japan is rather limited for international students, especially if you do not speak Japanese.


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