Located in the southwestern part of Europe, Spain is the continent’s fourth-largest country. It is surrounded by Portugal, France, Andorra, and Morocco. Its capital city is Madrid, while its largest city is Badajoz. As of 2021, the country’s population is at 47,526,000.

Castilian, or Spanish’s standard form, is the official language of Spain. Other than this, many residents speak Catalan, Galician, Basque, Aranese, and of course, English. As for religion, the most widespread in the country is Catholicism. Several other religions are practiced as well, such as Islam, Judaism, Protestantism, and Hinduism.

Furthermore, Spain is known for its culture and historical background, so many tourists flock to it. A few of the most well-known attractions in Spain include Palacio Real, La Concha, Sagrada Familia, Plaza Mayor, and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Of course, a visit wouldn’t be complete without trying the native delicacies like paella Valenciana, gazpacho, jamón, albondigas, and of course, churros.

As for education in Spain, it begins with Infant Education, which is a new area of the country’s learning system. After this, Primary Education is the next step, which lasts for six years. Secondary Education then follows this, and once students complete that successfully, they can go on to University.

Thomas Davenport and D.J. Patil stated in a Harvard Business Review article from 2012 that to be a data scientist is to have the sexiest job of the 21st century. Proving their statement true even many years later is the fact that the number of data science-related tertiary study programs as well as job postings worldwide and in Spain is significantly high.

Below, we list some of the best universities in Spain for data science.

Top Universities for Data Science in Spain

1. Barcelona School of Economics

Barcelona School of Economics (BSE) is a higher-education institution established in 2006. It was formerly known as Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Barcelona GSE), but this was changed into the present name last September 2021.

Moving on, the center of learning specializes in economics and social sciences. Additionally, they offer postgraduate programs, summer and winter school programs, and professional courses. BSE has two campus locations: Ciutadella Campus and Bellaterra Campus.

At BSE’s Data Science Center, aside from being the hub of data science-related study programs, training activities like workshops are also regularly conducted. Furthermore, the institute offers a Master’s degree in Data Science Methodology and Data Science for Decision Making. Because of this, the Barcelona School of Economics is recognized as one of the best data science universities in Spain.

2. University of Barcelona

Regarded as one of the best, largest, and oldest universities in Spain, the University of Barcelona is a public learning center that is highly esteemed worldwide. There are 16 faculties at the institution. It also has ten affiliated centers for further studies and research in various learning areas.

Currently, there are over 72,000 students at the university. Speaking of students, the institute is the alma mater of countless individuals who gained remarkable success in their chosen fields like sociologist Manuel Castells, activist and politician Ada Colau Ballano, author and professor Roser Caminals-Heath, historian Francesc Xavier Hernández Cardona, and former Minister of Education of Catalonia Marta Cid i Pañella.

When it comes to data science, the university offers two Master’s degree programs in the field, and a part-time postgraduate course focused on introducing students to data science and machine learning.

3. Barcelona Technology School

A top-notch data science school, Barcelona Technology School (BTS) specializes in digital industry-related degree programs. They offer full-time Master’s programs taught in English which can be taken as onsite or online classes. For these programs, the study duration is only nine months.

Aside from this, Executive Master’s programs are also offered. Similar to the one mentioned above, these are also taught in English, available in two modes of classes, and can be completed in nine months. However, this is a part-time program. The institute also offers BTS Labs, which are three-day intensive programs about various specific topics. These utilize English as the medium of instruction too.

As for data science, BTS offers a Master’s degree in Big Data and A.I. Solutions. It is a full-time program, and tuition fees differ depending on whether students take classes on campus or online.

4. University of Valencia

Famous for being a leading Spanish center of excellence, the University of Valencia (UV) is a public university established in 1499. Its 18 schools and faculties are distributed across the three main campuses: Blasco Ibáñez campus, Burjassot-Paterna campus, and Tarongers campus.

UV is also actively conducting valuable research besides providing world-class quality education to its students. Moreover, the university has produced many high-achieving personalities over the years, including economist Carlos Alós-Ferrer, tech entrepreneur Gema Climent, politician Belén Hoyo Juliá, chemist and material scientist Daniel Tordera, and mathematician Hassan Ugail.

UV’s School of Engineering offers a two-year Master’s degree program in data science which is taught in Spanish and Valencian. Additionally, prospective students must note that this program is only available as face-to-face classes.

5. EU Business School

EU Business School is another one of the best data science universities in Spain. It is a private institution established in 1973. It has campuses in various European countries, including Switzerland, Spain, and Germany. Formerly, it was called European University. The Barcelona campus began its operations in 1989.

The learning center is consistently top-ranked in school rankings like QS World University Rankings. It also has partnerships with other universities worldwide like New York’s Pace University, Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, and Bangkok’s Stamford International University.

Moving on to data science studies, EU Business School in Barcelona offers a Master’s degree program in Business Analytics and Data Science. It is taught in English and has a study duration of three terms in one year. The tuition fee of €4,600 for the program is paid per term.


I hope this article on the best universities for data science in Spain was helpful. Check out the Available Data Science Programs for International Students to find out how you can study abroad.