Data Science is a complex network of interdisciplinary studies that combine Economics, Informatics, Computer Science, Business, Natural Sciences, and more to manage, analyze, and utilize the massive volume of data available in today’s modern and highly technological world.

Switzerland is home to many excellent universities that offer competitive programs in preparation for a future career in data science. Most people feel that Switzerland is an expensive country for living and studying. However, international students can earn world-class and high-quality education from prestigious Swiss universities for CHF800 – CHF1,300 per semester.

There is no doubt that data scientists are among the most in-demand and the highest-paid workers in the labor market today. Meanwhile, Switzerland is one of the highest-paying countries for data professionals. Earning a data science degree in the country is a ticket to seeking employment in a Swiss company for people who want to get a lucrative job. In this article, we will be reading the best universities for data science in Switzerland!

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Top Universities for Data Science in Switzerland

1. University of Zurich

The Universitas Turicensis opened in 1833. It later came to be known as the University of Zurich (UZH)—one of the highest-ranking learning institutions and a leading university for data science in Switzerland with twelve Nobel Laureates. It is divided into four campuses: City, Irchel, Oerlikon, and Schlieren.

The university offers an English-taught Master of Science UZH in Informatics Major in Data Science program. Students in the program can earn 120 ECTS credits divided into two parts: 90 for knowledge-based education in Business Informatics & Computer Science and 30 for the Master’s thesis. The university also has other Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs that can provide skills necessary to be a data scientist in various fields, such as Computing & Economics and Informatics with Natural Sciences.

International students taking a Bachelor’s Degree at UZH have to pay a tuition fee worth CHF1,220 per semester, while Master’s Degree students have to pay CHF820 per semester.

2. University of Basel

The University of Basel was founded in 1460, making it the oldest higher education institution and a top school for data science in Switzerland. After overcoming hundreds of years of crises and reforms, the university now stands strong and ranks among the top 100-150 in global rankings. This reputation helped the University of Basel attract international students who comprise a quarter of its over 13,000 students.

Prospective students interested in a data science-related career in the future may earn qualifications from the university’s programs that can equip them with the knowledge and skills they will need. The university offers a competitive curriculum in its Bachelor in Computer Science/Informatics and Master in Business & Technology programs.

The Bachelor’s program lasts six semesters and is taught in English or German, while the English-taught Master’s program lasts three semesters. All students have to pay CHF850 in tuition fees every semester.

3. University of Fribourg

The University of Fribourg opened in 1889 with one faculty: Humanities & Jurisprudence. Currently, it is recognized as one of the best universities for data science in Switzerland and it hosts roughly 10,000 students spread across numerous programs under five faculties: Humanities, Law, Management & Economics & Social Sciences, Science & Medicine, and Theology.

Business analysts and business intelligence developers are among the highest-paid data scientists these days, making the University of Fribourg an ideal destination for students seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Informatics. The university also offers a Master’s Degree in Business Informatics or Data Analytics & Economics. Any of these degrees can provide graduates with the competencies necessary to secure a stable job in the data science industry.

Switzerland is a pretty expensive country. Luckily, Fribourg is relatively cheaper than most Swiss cities. In addition to the living costs, non-Swiss students have to consider the tuition fee of CHF870 and the CHF115 registration fee per semester. Fribourg is also a bilingual city, so Bachelor’s Degree courses are conducted in French or German, requiring international students to present a certificate of proficiency in either language.

4. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is a top school for data science in Switzerland that opened in 1855 with an international mindset from the get-go. To this day, it has been gaining international acclaim for its outstanding contributions to the Swiss economic and industrial sectors and the achievements of its notable alumni—among them, 21 won the prestigious Nobel Prizes. The university consistently ranks among the top 10-20 universities in global rankings.

It has seen a significant increase in its student population in the past fifteen years. In 2020, it saw the most student admissions in the Bachelor’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. In total, the university hosts over 23,000 students from more than 120 countries.

ETH Zurich offers an English-taught Master’s Degree in Data Science that provides students with a theoretical background and practical experience to take on real-world data management tasks in various fields, such as medicine and finance. The program lasts two years and offers 120 ETCS credits. Local and international students have to pay a tuition fee worth CHF730 per semester in addition to the compulsory semester fee worth CHF69.

5. Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is a young institution that opened in 2007 in Winterthur. In less than fifteen years, the rapidly growing university expanded its course offerings to 33 Bachelor’s and 20 Master’s Degree programs across eight faculties. It currently hosts over 14,000 students and 3,400 employees.

ZHAW is among the best institutions for data science in Switzerland that offer a Bachelor of Science ZFH in Data Science degree with German as the medium of instruction. Therefore, international students applying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science at ZHAW must obtain a German language proficiency certificate with at least C1 Level and submit application documents with certified English or German translation.

Full-time, the program takes only six semesters, but students may opt to apply for the part-time program that will last eight semesters. The deadline for application is April 30, and classes begin in the fall. The program costs CH720 per semester and awards 180 ECTS credits upon completion. Non-Swiss students have to pay an additional CHF500 per semester for tuition fees.


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