Data Science deals with the processing of data for its analysis. They have to prepare the data by manipulating it to be fit for highly-developed analytical systems. Data Scientists would then use these data to draw insights and informed patterns, basically interpreting it to give educated conclusions to predict future outcomes of a certain topic. Moreover, as data scientist, they have to report their findings and explain how it affects or solve current problems in their respective field of work. Here, we will be looking at the best universities for data science around the world.

That is why, as Data scientists, they should know or have mathematical and statistical skills that are needed to interpret high volumes of data for the sake of information. Their line of skills should include fluency in programming or computer science, advanced analytics, and etcetera to be able to work efficiently. They also need good communication skills in explaining the results of the data, for the benefit of the business or organization.

Top Data Science Schools in the World

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Even though the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is only offering a minor and a joint curriculum for undergraduates and Ph.D. students, as well as a Micro Masters in Data Science, does not mean that they don’t give enough prioritization to it. It has a separate department just for the sole purpose of advancing research in the field of data science.

Furthermore, this university is one of the top universities for data science around the world and has ranked quite high in a lot of fields that are related to Data Science, thus allowing them to create an effective program to hone future students with. They’re equipping them with skills that will allow them to process a tremendous amount of data, especially since the rapid procurement of it is posing quite a lot of problems in terms of statistics.

2. Harvard University, United States

Harvard University is among the top universities for data science across the globe that allows its students to think critically in solving issues in the field, factors such as privacy and security shall be properly thought of before taking any action. And since it only offers a degree under its graduate school, applicants need to have previous knowledge of calculus and linear algebra as well as a programming language like Python.

Unfortunately, while the university offers great academic learnings, they require students to put in a high amount of time and effort in return. Especially since their Data Science program is a full-time on-campus program. That means the school requires you to be on the campus during the sessions, which will be quite rough on working students since most of their lectures are during the day.

3. Imperial College London, United Kingdom

The Imperial College London is one of the world’s leading institutions for data science that produces students with varying prospects and potential, their fresh-out-of-school alumni from the department have moved on to become E-commerce managers and Accountants, showcasing how broad the teachings are in this college and how differently the students can apply it after graduating.

With that being said, this college has ranked quite high overall in multiple ranking systems, with 4. their lowest being 20 in the whole world, which is not bad considering the tremendous number of competitors a university has when it comes to world rankings.

4. The University of Texas at Austin, United States

The University of Texas at Austin is unique with its program including its world-class data science program around the globe. They have decided to apply online learning to give more freedom to their students when it comes to their schedules. This program was designed to let students learn at their own pace, so it’s not a hassle for any working students out there.

This university is looking for applicants that have a strong technical background and a high interest when it comes to advancing their careers, especially within the field, the government, nonprofit organizations, and also furthering their studies. However, if an applicant doesn’t have any background in statistics, computer engineering, or other related fields, the university will require them to take specific course works before being enrolled in the program.

5. ESSEC & CentraleSupélec

In ESSEC & CentraleSupélec, the degree offered is a mix of data science and business analytics and is recognized by the French Government so if applicants are looking to further their education, especially in institutes around Europe, this degree can be very useful and may also be good for work visas. The school also primarily talks in the English language, so taking up French classes is not required.

A lot of students here have gone on and been recruited by widely-known companies such as Google, Astra-Zeneca, L’Oréal, and so on. This is because the university is careful with reviewing applications, they take into consideration every single detail that the applicants have provided, including their soft and hard skills.

6. University of Melbourne, Australia

The University of Melbourne only offers a major in Data Science, however, the Master’s program is quite good, something that should be expected from the top school in Australia. Moreover, applicants, whether domestic or international, can take this course either full-time for 2 years or part-time for 4 years, which is good for those who are unsure of their availability.

One of the interesting aspects of their Master’s is that it can be tailored depending on the person. Usually, prospective students have a computer science or statistics background, the program will then be based on the skills that the students already have and it will be focused on building other principles necessary for a Data Scientist.

7. University of Warwick, United Kingdom

The University of Warwick is open to broad teaching with Data Science, they would mix interrelated courses such as their Master’s programs with Data Science by mixing it with Economics. However, their undergraduate is isolated, focusing more on foundational knowledge for the course of Data Science.

The program itself is led by their Department of Statistics, something that has been continuously connected to Data Science. Since it deals with an influx of data in daily life, the university has opted to develop the students’ mathematical, computational, and statistical skills, making them very adept at technological data and its handling processes.


I hope this article on the world’s best data science schools was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Data Science Programs for International Students!