Going to the Asian part, China is an abundant country that highly values education. Chinese education is globally known for having high standards that emphasize its system and curriculum. Today, as their history continues, they strive to improve and internalize their education. They are famous for several areas of study, including engineering.

In terms of technology and science, China has made advancements and innovations. This country has a high technical expertise ranking, showing that they are one of the most advanced countries in the world. Combined with their strong perspective in education, China is a good place to study Engineering.

If you’re going to study engineering here, you’ll have a lot of opportunities open to you. Innovative education, exciting culture, and employment are some of the reasons why you should study engineering here. In this article, let’s talk about the best Chinese universities for engineering.

Best Engineering Universities in China

1. Tsinghua University

The leading university for Engineering in China, Tsinghua University, is located in Beijing, the center of China. Founded in 1911, this university has a long record of excellence in promoting education to local and international students. They aim to mold students that are globally prepared to work and address the issues of society. Today, they have more than twenty schools that specialize in different fields.

Tsinghua University is known for its expertise in science and technology. Additionally, they are recognized as one of the most comprehensive research institutions in the country. Since they highly stand out for their science and technology-related programs, their engineering programs have a good reputation nationally and globally.

Tsinghua University has several engineering schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programs. Every engineering school drives research and collaboration in the field, and they aim to make innovation and development in their respective areas of study. In terms of academic standing, these engineering study programs are the leading programs in the country, and internationally speaking, they continuously rank among the universities worldwide.

2. Peking University

Another university located in the heart of China, Peking University, is a major research institution and considered one of the best universities in China for engineering. This university takes pride in being a comprehensive educational institution as they promote a diverse area of studies for their local and international students. Today, they are a center for research and teaching.

Peking University has several schools and colleges that specialize in different majors. The College of Engineering, in particular, was established in 1910. For more than 100 years, this college has produced thousands of engineers, and until today, they strive to promote their quality education to future students of the college.

Peking University’s College of Engineering has seven departments, and they offer seven bachelor’s degrees, 18 Master’s and 16 Ph. D programs. Being an engineering student in this institution will enable you to explore your field as they offer an interdisciplinary approach to education. Also, they have created a good learning environment for students. In the future, they aim to be a world-class center for research and teaching.

3. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Established in 1896, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University is home to thousands of local and international students. This university is included in the top 100 universities globally, and they are known for their research and education in various fields of study. Today there are six campuses in the country, with 33 departments.

Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University has seven schools that range from environmental science to aeronautics. Since they have a wide area of engineering studies, they also have huge achievements in the field. They are known for producing science and technology-related research. Yearly, they gain national achievements and awards for their outstanding studies and contribution to the field.

Aside from strong research, the university has a lot of strengths. In terms of facilities and equipment, the university offers great spaces for students to maximize their learning. They have millions of resources to help students. Lastly, the university has opened its doors to international opportunities, showing more expansive learning and training opportunities for students.

4. Nanjing University

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph. D

Nanjing University (NJU) celebrates its more than a century of history in providing quality education to local and international students. This top engineering university in China has undergone developments, and reconstructions and currently, they are one of the leading higher education institutions in the country that aims to promote quality education and research. Today, they have almost 40,000 students.

NJU has several engineering schools and departments. Their wide range of engineering departments aims to help students specifically focus on their chosen area of studies. NJU provides a positive environment for engineering students, and they have a number of facilities and laboratories made specifically for engineering and related programs.

NJU’s engineering departments actively conduct research, train students, and contribute to various scientific disciplines. As the university and every engineering school move toward innovation, they also aim for internationalization. As an engineering student here, you’ll be exposed to various learning opportunities here.

5. Zhejiang University

One of China’s leading higher institutions, Zhejiang University (ZJU), is one of the top engineering universities in China that continues to run and provide quality and innovative education. As a top-performing university nationally, they also envision being a world-class institution that offers outstanding research and teaching to local and international students. Currently, they have seven faculties, with 36 schools.

ZJU’s engineering faculty is divided into nine engineering departments, and these departments have different programs offered to undergraduate and graduate students. For years, each of these departments has produced thousands of engineers in the field. ZJU has educational and research centers focused on nurturing these students.

Engineering students in ZJU experience a wide variety of learning opportunities. They have facilities and infrastructures designed for them to maximize research and learning. With their abundant academic resources, these students will surely gain the skills and knowledge they need.


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