Europe is an excellent choice for students wanting to be engineers. Aside from its world-renowned places, historical background, and abundant living, European countries have a lot to offer when it comes to education because it opens many opportunities for work and study.

European countries have huge engineering companies that benefit their own, the continent, and the world. Europe has produced tons of engineers that greatly impacted the globe and contributed to its advancement. Plus, engineering education on this continent is highly acknowledged as they’ve made numerous contributions in the field.

Additionally, these European universities have consistent rankings as they have an outstanding quality of engineering education. You can also get their education at an affordable price. In this article, let’s talk about some of the best universities for engineering that you’ll find in Europe!

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Top Universities for Engineering in Europe

1. Cambridge University

With more than 800 years of providing education, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom is one of the oldest educational institutions globally. This 812-year-old university has produced thousands of professionals in the field, and today, they are one of the most selective institutions in the country.

Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering is one of the best engineering universities in Europe and has a long record since its establishment. This department is the university’s largest department, and it continues to provide engineering education to both local and international students. They significantly contributed to the development of engineering around the globe as they generated research and produced quality education. By statistics, engineering graduates from the university are easily employed as students maximize their education in this world-renowned institution.

The Department of Engineering is highly recognized for its environment. Engineering students are exposed to a well-rounded community for learning, plus they get to have a high form of education. As they continuously promote this environment and excellence in teaching, they earned their reputation in national and global rankings. Last year, they were the top university for engineering studies, and they have numerous acknowledgments in research and teachings.

2. Technical University of Munich

Located in the Land of Ideas, the Technical University of Munich in Germany is a public institution that focuses on engineering, science, and technology. This university has been running since 1868, and today, they are one of the outstanding research institutions in Europe. They are home to over 48,000 students and some Nobel laureates.

The Technical University of Munich has eleven schools and departments. They have different departments dedicated to engineering studies, depending on their majors. They also have research institutions that are creating relevant and advanced studies. Engineering students are trained meticulously to build the competencies they need as future engineers. The university regularly develops its quality of teaching and research to maintain its high standards of education.

With its 150 years of excellence in research and teaching, the Technical University of Munich has established its reputation in Germany, Europe, and worldwide. They’ve won numerous awards for their inventions and research and top the global rankings. From the previous year, they were acknowledged on several scales as the best university for engineering in Europe.

3. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or commonly known as ETH Zurich is a Swiss educational institution that was built by the Swiss government to promote engineering and science education. Since then, this university has built its strength in pioneering teachings and research to engineers and related professions.

The ETH Zurich is a top-notch engineering school in Europe and has several departments focusing on engineering. Their engineering studies range from civil up to mechanical engineering, and their academic programs are offered to undergraduate and graduate degrees. In terms of their academic studies, their programs are directly focused on their specialties because they don’t have minors. This shows that by being focused on their respective majors, these students will gain the knowledge and skills in being an engineer.

For the past decades, ETH Zurich has made numerous scientific milestones, proving its expertise in the field of engineering and science. Most of their subjects are ranked on a global scale, and as a whole university, they remain in the top 10 as one of the best universities in the globe.

4. University of Oxford

Situated in England, the University of Oxford is a world-renowned educational institution. They have a long record of promoting higher education, and many aspiring students dreamt of entering this university. As this second-oldest institution continues to run, its standards of research and education are highly respected.

Engineering education at the University of Oxford is highly regarded, and it is one of the key players in the industry. The research and teachings at this university are outstanding as it boosts the students’ competencies in their respective majors. The Department of Engineering Science offers various degrees and programs to local and international students.

The University of Oxford was on the top of the list as the best institution in the world for engineering studies last year. They have claimed several awards and recognitions for their exceptional contribution to education, research, and engineering.

5. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

A public research institution in the Netherlands, the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), is among the best engineering universities in Europe. This university holds more than 26,000 local and international students, and they have eight faculties that focus on architecture, sciences, and engineering.

The engineering programs in the TU Delft are open to local and foreign students. Since the engineering departments at the university aim to develop research, contribute to society, and train engineers, they have various institutions and facilities dedicated to their students and researchers.

Today, TU Delft continues to rise in national and global rankings. Their engineering subjects are recognized consistently, and as a whole, the university was recognized for its expertise in engineering, sciences, and technology.


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