Famously known for its places, history, culture, and philosophy, Greece is another country to go to if you want to study engineering abroad. This country has a lot to offer for international students wanting to explore education abroad. Foreign students around Greece enjoy a lot of opportunities inside and outside of the universities.

In terms of studying engineering, Greece opens many doors of learning and working in this industry. Greek universities and colleges offer the best engineering programs that are known nationally and globally. Since they are a part of the European Union, you can expect that their programs are accredited and internationally recognized.

Also, if you want to explore Europe but you’re on a budget, Greece is a perfect option for you because their higher education is affordable. With that, let’s talk about the best universities for engineering in Greece.

Top Universities for Engineering in Greece

1. National Technical University of Athens

With a long record of providing excellent education, the National Technical University of Athens is famous for its engineering schools. This university is the oldest technical institution in Greece that continues to operate, and they’re one of the prestigious universities in the country. As they continue moving forward, they have built a strong reputation for quality teaching and research.

The National Technical University of Athens is one of the best engineering schools in Greece with its nine engineering and technology-related schools. These schools are further divided into departments to focus on every engineering field specifically. The university aims to provide these future engineers with a strong foundation for their respective specializations. To do this goal, every program and department is built with the necessary facilities and highly advanced laboratories.

Today, the National Technical University of Athens houses more than 23,000 local and international students. This university continues to excel, and they are widely recognized because of their faculties, schools, and programs. Specifically, their engineering programs are highly praised as it offers innovative research, teaching, and others.

2. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Built in 1925, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is a top-tier institution in Greece. It is the largest public university in Greece, and they have a high reputation in terms of performance, research and education. This university has a lot of programs to offer for incoming undergraduate and graduate degrees. For the continuing years, they aim to promote and upgrade the quality of their education.

Engineering programs at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are under one faculty. Since the university’s objective is to improve its performance in education and research, the faculty of engineering continues to do its part. Their engineering programs have been running for more than 65 years, which proves their excellence in giving training and imparting knowledge to students.

In terms of facilities, they have libraries and laboratories that are comprehensive and advanced. They support their students by giving them the best resources to make the most of their education. In terms of rankings and awards, they are highly recognized for their programs.

3. Technical University of Crete

The Technical University of Crete has five engineering schools. This state university is known for its contribution to research and education in engineering. Today, they offer various programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Also, they’ve opened their doors to international students.

In terms of years, the Technical University of Crete is young, as it was only established in the 1970s. But as this technical university continues to grow, we can say that they are one of the rising universities that can mold engineers in their respective specializations. They take pride in their innovative research as they provide training and education to these students. They aim to impart knowledge to students and help society through their scientific studies.

To maximize learning in their chosen engineering fields, the Technical University of Crete has advanced facilities and equipment for the students. Currently, the five engineering schools of the university offer a solid background through their curriculum. For years, they have produced graduates that are readily employed in different engineering and technology industries, making the Technical University of Crete a top engineering institution in Greece.

4. University of Patras

Considered one of Greece’s largest universities, the University of Patras is a public institution with a high reputation for teaching and research. The quality of their education is known nationally, and being a research institute, they have produced basic and applied research. Currently, they have two campuses running in Greece.

Founded in 1967, the School of Engineering is of the university’s seven departments. Since they focus on certain engineering studies, these departments have built a good standing in their programs and research. The academic engineering curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students is comprehensive to ensure that students in this excellent engineering institution get the most of their education.

Generally, the university has been awarded for its excellence in research and teaching. They have various distinctions showing their well-performing infrastructure, laboratories, and faculties. In terms of the engineering department, they have received numerous achievements for their students, program, and contributions in research.

5. Democritus University of Thrace

A multi-campus university, the Democritus University of Thrace is one of the largest educational institutions in Greece. It was named after a Greek philosopher – Democritus, who contributed a scientific theory. Since its establishment, this university has provided students with the quality education they need in their chosen fields.

As one of the best engineering schools in Greece, the Democritus University of Thrace has different engineering programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Currently, this engineering school has five departments ranging from civil to production and management engineering. It also has facilities and laboratories made especially for the future engineers of the society.

This university offers a lot of training and research activities for its engineering students. As they aim towards innovation and advancement, this institution has provided numerous academic measures to continue its goal. Today, they have a total of more than 29,000 students.


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