Aside from its famous culture and places, Israel is a good place to study engineering. If you want to explore countries in the Middle East, you can consider Israel because it offers a wide range of engineering and related programs. As you study here, you’ll be amazed by their lifestyle, culture, and people.

Israel is technologically advanced. The technology and researches that they produce are internationally known. They have developed engineering and technology-related studies that positively affected their country. As an engineering student here, it will benefit your future career and education. You will be exposed to the latest trends in technology, science, and engineering.

As you plan your studies, you need to consider your university. In Israel, there are different universities offering engineering programs. In this article, we will discuss the best universities in Israel for engineering studies and see your options!

Top Universities for Engineering in Israel

1. Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Built in 1912, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has a long record of providing higher education. To date, this university is the oldest and a top school for engineering in Israel, and they continue operating until today, emphasizing their expertise in research and education.

The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has numerous faculties dedicated to engineering. Since they are a technical university, you can choose from a broad range of engineering programs available to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Some engineering faculties are the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and more. The engineering programs are built with a curriculum focused on solving the current problems of the industry and nation.

The engineering programs of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology also have a long history in the industry. This ensures that these programs are fully equipped and of the highest quality. Additionally, several faculties won national prizes, and some are acknowledged internationally. In terms of rankings, they are considered one of the leading institutions in Israel, and their global ranking is increasing.

2. Tel Aviv University

A public university that accommodates more than 30,000 students, Tel Aviv University is a top-performing institution for engineering in Israel. From science, arts, and business, they offer a broad range of disciplines to local and international students. They have an established reputation in the nation as they provide an excellent education. In Israel, they are the top choice of students for various disciplines.

The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering of Tel Aviv University are divided into five departments. This faculty provides a comprehensive and innovative teaching method to their students to mold these future engineers. Another thing, they have developed their engineering programs with a strong background and the latest technology in the industry.

Globally speaking, Tel Aviv University is growing. This university is internationally acknowledged for its contribution to scientific researches and publications. The university’s science, technology, and engineering researchers are highly praised.

3. Bar Ilan University

Home to more than 18,500 students, the Bar Ilan University is another Israeli-recognized engineering institution you can consider if you want to take an engineering program. This university is popular among foreign students, and it guarantees you a unique learning experience. Their campus was situated in Ramat-gan, a hub for technology companies. This will give engineering students the exposure they need in their respective fields.

The Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan University offers two specializations, computer and electrical engineering. This faculty has a strong background in teaching and research as it provides an interdisciplinary approach to its programs, and they also have an excellent set of instructors or professors. As they deliver their programs, they’ve created a dynamic community of faculty members, researchers, and students. You’ll be amazed by their research and teaching community.

Another reason to study here is that you’ll have access to their state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. Since they aim to combine theory and practice, you will have the time to explore your studies and research using these tools. They’ve produced thousands of engineers in the field, and they have won numerous awards and achievements nationally and globally.

4. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem takes pride in its significant role and expertise in scientific research and community. For over 100 years, this university continues to provide an outstanding quality of education to its students. They have been a well-respected institution and one of the best schools for engineering in Israel.

The Rachel & Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides engineering programs for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degrees. They have a strong foundation in Computer Science and Engineering, so as a student here, you’ll have an excellent background in the field. These engineering programs are also acknowledged nationally.

In terms of location, students in the university can explore their stay in the city of Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. They have the opportunity to explore the country’s culture while living in a historical place.

5. Gurion University of the Negev

A multidisciplinary research institution with five campuses in Israel, the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is one of the top-tier engineering universities in Israel that houses approximately 20,000 students. They excel in generating scientific research and promoting research in their student community.

Going to one of the university’s faculty, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev holds a 30-year-old tradition in providing science, technology, and engineering programs. They have produced thousands of graduates that have been leaders in the industry today. As an engineering student here, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more in the field as they have comprehensive academic programs.

Since Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s establishment, they’ve reached numerous milestones and awards. They are acknowledged as one of the leading providers of education in Israel. Going global, they have activities or collaborations in research and education to other countries.


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