Engineers are in demand. Globally speaking, these jobs are opened by countries because there is a need for expanding industries and economies. As a result, many educational institutions around the globe offer engineering courses.

If you’re considering engineering for your future career, you’ve made a good decision. You’ll have a lot of opportunities for growth in your chosen career. One Asian country that offers high-quality engineering education in Malaysia. A Southeast Asian country that has a distinctive culture and people. This country is good for engineering studies because its medium of instruction is English, plus the programs and degrees here are internationally recognized.

Moreover, Malaysia’s economy is rapidly growing. As their economy increases, more and more opportunities are open for engineers. You’ll have tons of doors waiting for you as you study here, but where should you study? In this article, let’s discuss the best Malaysian universities for engineering!

Top Universities for Engineering in Malaysia

1. University of Malaya

Located in the heart of Malaysia, the University of Malaya is a high-ranking public institution that has a huge campus based in Kuala Lumpur. This university has a long record of providing quality teachings and research to society and students. As the university grows, its international student body is expanding too. They have a growing community of foreign students on campus.

The University of Malaya is known for being a top university for engineering in Malaysia and has 13 faculties, and one of them, the Faculty of Engineering, was established in 1950. Since its creation, this faculty was set to provide quality engineering studies for local and international students. They have various academic programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. In terms of academic performance, they are highly competitive, so you’ll expect a high standard of research and education in this faculty.

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malaya has a long list of industrial partners. For students, it can open many employment or research opportunities in their respective fields. Moreover, these engineering programs are highly accredited.

2. University of Technology Malaysia

One of the leading institutions for science, technology, and engineering, the University of Technology Malaysia is a top-tier engineering university in Malaysia. It houses more than 24,000 local and international students, and they have academic programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Out of the total student population, almost 5,000 students are foreign.

The Faculty of Engineering is divided into six schools, focusing on a specific study area. Incoming engineering students can choose from a wide range of academic programs since they have a lot to offer. The university provides a well-rounded environment for its engineering students to cultivate the necessary skills and knowledge they need. This faculty also has more than 100 facilities for learning, research, and training for the different engineering fields.

Engineering programs at the University of Technology Malaysia have a high national reputation. Most of their schools have a high position on national scales, and some of them entered the global rankings, proving their quality performance and world-class education. For example, civil and mechanical engineering are the top subjects nationally, and as a whole, the Faculty of Engineering is in the 40 globally.

3. The National University of Malaysia

Established in 1970, The National University of Malaysia is one of the best schools for engineering in Malaysia and is a top research and educational institution located in the south of Kuala Lumpur. This university started operating in 1970 with only three faculties. As they continued providing higher education, they grew more prominent in population, faculties, and campus. They have developed an innovative learning method and curriculum for their students in the past years.

Engineering programs are offered in the Faculty Of Information Science And Technology and Faculty Of Engineering And Built Environment. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are available for local and foreign students. These faculties have produced engineers and professionals in the field. They aim to mold their students to be innovative and creative as they face society’s problems.

Currently, The National University of Malaysia has an outstanding reputation nationally. They are included in several country rankings. These scales emphasize the quality of teaching and research they provide to their students.

4. Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

A young and growing educational institution, the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS is a private university owned by a Malaysian oil and gas company. This university only started in 1997, yet, they’ve produced thousands of engineering, science, and technology graduates.

Since the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS mainly focuses on engineering science and technology, they only have two faculties to do the work. The Faculty of Engineering delivers an excellent engineering program in Malaysia that has five departments, built with a strong network of faculty members and students. They generate extensive research, and they collaborate with the leading engineering industries of the country.

Most of the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS’ engineering programs entered the national rankings. Aside from that, they have high positions. For instance, this year, Petroleum Engineering was the first in Malaysia. Nationally speaking, the Malaysian accreditations have given high ratings to this university for their performance and quality education.

5. University of Science, Malaysia

The University of Science, Malaysia is a prominent institution with three campuses in Malaysia, and they have a broad range of academic programs, and it is one of the oldest universities in the country.

Engineering programs at the University of Science, Malaysia, are under six schools, and out of the three campuses of the university, the Penang Campus has the engineering schools. As they aim to produce more engineers in the field, they have various laboratories and facilities dedicated to the learning and research of their students.

Also, they have a lot of research centers, and students are exposed to a nurturing environment. Today, the University of Science, Malaysia, continues to deliver high-quality training, research and teaching to students. For the past years, their position in national rankings has continued to level up, showing their development and innovation.


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