The most populated and wealthiest province in Canada, Ontario is at the beating heart of Canadian life. It is also home to many excellent universities that have well-developed engineering programs. In this article, we will analyze just five of the best universities in Ontario for prospective engineering students.

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Top Universities for Engineering in Ontario

1. McMaster University

Founded 134 years ago and the alma mater for some of Canada’s most influential people, McMaster University is home to one of the best engineering faculties in Canada. The university is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide and is the 4th best in Canada.

Engineering is one of the key subjects taught at an undergraduate level. Students interested in studying with the university can choose from chemical, materials, mechanical, and software engineering, after a year of fundamental training.

McMaster delivers a world-class engineering program in Ontario. It is home to over 30,000 students between all levels. There are a wide variety of services on campus to make students feel more at home. This includes the over 300 student organizations on campus, a radio station, and a newspaper.

Finally, students that enroll at McMaster can live and study on one of the most historical landmarks in the city of Hamilton. The McMaster University of Art is home to nearly 6,000 individual pieces as well as a wide number of restaurants and cafes.

2. York University

York University is ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide and is recognized as having a quality engineering faculty in Ontario. The university has grown into one of the most important and prestigious universities in Ontario.

Students interested in studying here can be confident in the quality of the teaching at the university. The Lassonde School of Engineering is highly regarded in Canada, with a wide number of subjects taught. These include civil, computer, space, and geomatics engineering at a bachelor’s level.

Founded in 1959, York University has nearly 50,000 students enrolled just at the undergraduate level. Students interested in getting involved in campus life have many options. From the over 300 student-led clubs to the extensive sports programs on campus, there is always something for students to spend their time doing.

York University is also well situated within the largest city in Canada, Ontario. Students studying at the university should take the opportunity to visit the many attractions in and near the city. This includes the Niagra Falls, the CN Tower, as well as the Kensington Market.

3. Ontario Tech University

One of the newest universities in Canada, Ontario Tech University has climbed up the world rankings based on the quality of its engineering degrees. Currently, the university is ranked in the top 400 universities worldwide for engineering by the Times World University rankings. This is an impressive showing for a university that is less than 20 years old.

The university has a wide variety of engineering courses available at an undergraduate level; this includes automotive, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. More options are available for students interested in studying at a master’s and Ph.D. level.

Located in the city of Oshawa, the university is known for delivering a high-quality engineering program in Ontario and is well-connected with local industry that is always looking for qualified engineers. Many students that study at the university take part in either an internship or co-op with a local business. This provides them the opportunity to expand their skillsets and gain valuable experience working in the private sector.

4. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is another university in Ontario that confers engineering degrees that are recognized for their quality. Founded in 1848, the university is the largest bilingual university in the world, with over 40,000 students.

The University of Ottawa is among the best universities for engineering in Ontario and has some of the broadest selection of engineering courses in the province. Students that want to study engineering at the university can choose from mechanical, civil, software, and mechanical engineering. Plenty more options are available at a master’s level, with graduates able to choose between masters with coursework, a thesis, or a project.

The college is found in the capital of Canada, the city of Ottawa. The city is home to nearly 1 million people and a vast range of cultures and interesting sites to see. Just some of the things worth seeing in Ottawa are the Rideau Canal, the National Gallary of Canada, and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Students studying at the university should take the opportunity even to see a few of these wonderful sites while they are in Ottawa.

5. Queen’s University at Kingston

Queen’s University at Kingston is another excellent engineering university in Ontario that is well known for the high quality of its engineering degrees. Home to over 30,00 students, the university performs well in international rankings. The university is currently ranked in the top 250 universities worldwide, according to the QS rankings.

The faculty of engineering and applied sciences teaches a large number of courses at an undergraduate level. Options range from chemical, electrical, mining, and materials engineering. Students that wish to take their studies beyond the undergraduate level also have a wide range of choices at both masters and Ph.D. levels.

Finally, social life at the university is also incredibly vibrant. With over 250 social clubs, a campus magazine, and a radio station, as well as a great selection of sports clubs, the university is always a hub of activity.

In conclusion, there are a large number of options for students that want to study engineering in Ontario, all of which offer unique options that help them develop their skills as engineers.


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