Engineering remains one of the most lucrative subjects to study at university, with many engineering students going onto successful careers in a variety of fields. In 2021, engineering roles continued to be chronically unfilled, especially in the country we’ll be talking about in this article, the Philippines.

The educational institutions in the Philippines offer various engineering degrees and programs that are open to both local and international students. A lot of students enter this tough program, and yearly, thousands of engineers are produced in the country.

If you are interested in starting your engineering career in the Philippines, then the following top engineering universities in the Philippines are worth considering when taking your first steps into this exciting field.

Can International Students Take an Engineering Program in the Philippines?

Yes! International students can enroll and take an engineering program in the Philippines. Universities in the country don’t have any nationality restrictions for admission. Make sure to meet the requirements asked by your chosen university, and they may ask for further documents from your home country.

One example, they will usually ask for an English proficiency test result. Since most of the classes in the Philippines use English as a medium of instruction, they will require it from foreign students. You should know and complete the requirements before taking an engineering program in the Philippines.

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Best Engineering Universities in the Philippines

1. University of Santo Tomas

Located in the heart of Manilla and featuring a wonderful mix of old and new architecture, the University of Santo Tomas boasts one of the best engineering programs in all of the Philippines. The Faculty of Engineering offers bachelor’s degrees that cover a broad range of engineering topics, including civil, industrial, construction, and industrial engineering, among others. In particular, the chemical engineering course has been recognized by the Commission of Higher Education as a Centre of Excellence.

When it comes to the engineering licensure exams, the student body has excelled, with an average of 88% of students passing the exam. These exams are necessary to become a licensed engineer in the Philippines so the continuous success of the university is a testament to its academic quality.

Finally, the campus itself is renowned for its beauty and peaceful atmosphere; the Benavides Gardens are of particular note as they contain the Arch of the Centuries, the place all students enter and will eventually leave the University of Santo Tomas.

2. De La Salle University, Manilla

Located just south of the National Museum of the Philippines, De La Salle University is one of the best universities in the Philippines for engineering and has a deserved reputation for teaching excellence. The Gokongwei College of Engineering itself is known for offering the best engineering programs in all of the Philippines, according to the Times Higher Education (THE) Engineering and Technology Subject Rankings. Subjects include civil, electronics, industrial, and manufacturing engineering at the bachelor’s level, with others available for master’s students.

De La Salle also has a strong showing in the licensing board exams, with 88% of students passing the assessment.

Outside of the classroom, students attending the university can choose to join a range of clubs. With over 60 to choose from, including sports clubs, debating teams, and even a dance company, De La Salle is brimming with opportunities for students to expand their horizons.

3. Saint Louis University, Baguio

With four of its engineering programs being recognized by the Commission of Higher Education as Centres of Development, Saint Louis University in Baguio punches above its weight. Students wishing to study at this top engineering school in the Philippines can choose from a wide range of programs including biomedical, civil, and mechanical engineering.

The main campus is located in Baguio City, The Summer Capital of the Philippines, and is renowned for its natural beauty and vast pine forests. Students attending the campus can be sure that, alongside a quality education, they will experience the very best of the country’s culture. Panagbenga, the annual Flower Festival is just one example of this; visitors can watch floats made of flowers, traditional dances, and fireworks displays, amongst other activities.

4. Mapúa Institute of Technology

If one has their heart set on engineering, then the Mapúa Institute of Technology may be the best college in the Philippines. The Institute offers perhaps the largest selection of degrees in engineering across five specialized schools on the Intramuros campus. Among these options are civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, all of which have been recognized as Centres of Excellence by the Commission of Higher Education. Many of these programs are also accredited by ABET, meaning their quality is recognized in countries from the United States to Brazil to South Korea.

With over 50 student organizations, a campus newspaper, and its own radio station, all within the historic Intramuros walled district, Mapúa is a community by itself. Outside of Intramuros lies the cultural heart of Manilla. With hundreds of restaurants, malls, parks, and museums to see, there is always something to do outside of class time.

5. Polytechnic University of the Philippines

In its current form, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines is one of the best Filipino engineering schools, being founded in 1978. As of today, the Polytechnic is easily the largest university in all of the nation with over 70,000 students in attendance across 22 different branches.

The PUP is reputed for having the lowest tuition rates in all of the Philippines offering courses in subjects ranging from civil to mechanical engineering. This is backed up by exceptional performance in licensing exams, with 77% of students successfully completing the exam.

The student organizations of the Polytechnic are also worth mentioning; with two newspapers, over a hundred social clubs, and a politically engaged student body, PUP is a true marketplace of ideas and an exciting opportunity for those who want to get involved.

The institutions listed above are not the only ones in the Philippines that offer excellent engineering programs, but all of the above offer something unique that we believe will make your time studying engineering as pleasant as possible.


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