A welcoming country for international students, Portugal is an excellent place to study engineering. This southern European country is known among tourists as it offers attractions and unique culture. If you’re going to study here, you’ll experience a bountiful study life. On the other hand, Portuguese universities and colleges offer a solid foundation in education and engineering.

Portugal is an ideal place for engineers to work and study. In terms of work, the engineering industry in the country is emerging, so the employment opportunity is high. For studies, Portuguese universities and colleges offer quality education at an affordable price, and the same with the cost of living, it’s also reasonable.

In this article, we listed down the best Portuguese institutions for engineering studies. We will look at their history and their overall performance in providing education. So, if you’re pursuing engineering in Portugal, continue reading this article on the best universities in Portugal for engineering!

Top Universities for Engineering in Portugal

1. University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon in Portugal was established when the University of Lisbon and the Technical University of Lisbon merged. The two former public universities were combined to create a more substantial presence in the academe and provide a higher quality of education. Since 2013, this university has been one of the most prestigious institutions in Portugal, and they are known locally and internationally.

The University of Lisbon’s engineering programs are one of the best engineering programs in Portugal and is under the school of IST Técnico Lisboa and the faculty of Sciences. The IST Técnico Lisboa is the biggest engineering, architecture, science, and technology school in Portugal. Since they have a long record of providing quality education to students, they aim to improve and modernize it. This year, they’ve updated the academic curriculum they have to address society’s needs. The curriculum will be flexible, multidisciplinary, applicable to research and others. If you’re looking for this kind of education, this will be a fresh start for you.

In terms of recognition, their research and study programs are acknowledged nationally and globally. Their research studies are distinguished as beneficial to the field, and their researches are on the global list. Engineering programs are known to be top-tier programs in Portugal.

2. Aveiro University

Established in 1973, Aveiro University is a public educational institution widely recognized in Portugal, as they consistently provide quality teaching and research in various disciplines. They are home to more than 15,000 students.

The Aveiro University has 16 departments. For the engineering studies, they have separate departments for them to focus on a particular field. For example, they have the department of civil, mechanical, and industrial engineering. As they foster innovative learning and research, these engineering departments have produced graduates who highly excel in the field and studies with a global impact. They provide advanced training to their students to make sure that they will hone the necessary skills and knowledge they need.

Additionally, Aveiro University has facilities and research laboratories dedicated to engineering studies on their different campuses. As they continue to be one of the top-performing engineering universities in Portugal, they have a consistent position on both national and global ranking.

3. University of Coimbra

Famous for its science and technology-related study programs, the University of Coimbra is the oldest running public institution in Portugal. With a record of more than 700 years of quality education, this university continues to serve more than 25,000 local and foreign students in its three main campuses.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology in the University of Coimbra consists of top engineering programs in Portugal for undergraduate and graduate degrees. This faculty is the most prominent in the university among other faculties, and they continue to lead excellence in teaching and research. They have generated thousands of research and contributed to the country. As a student here, you’ll be exposed to historical yet innovative learning as you build your engineering career.

As a whole, the university had received numerous distinctions and achievements. They have a high rating on global scales that proves their outstanding performance, and they are included in the top 1,000 universities around the globe. For their engineering programs, they received awards for their graduates, research, and more.

4. University of Porto

A leading public university in Portugal and Europe, the University of Porto is a popular institution for local and foreign students because they offer various study programs in different fields including engineering programs. In terms of the student population, they have the second-largest student body.

The Engineering College was established together with the University of Porto and this university in Portugal is highly known for its engineering programs. This college is one of the most prominent in the country. They have numerous research and educational activities for students, and as a result, they have produced contributions in the field.

With 110 years and continuing, the University of Porto strives for a better education for its students. As they continue with the advancement, they have a high standing in numerous national and international rankings. One good example, the Engineering College and its program have a consistent position in European and world rankings.

5. University of Minho

Known for its excellent and dynamic quality of education, the University of Minho is a public research university greatly acknowledged for its research and teaching. They have twelve schools and three campuses in Portugal.

One of its schools, the School of Engineering, has a long history of providing education in various degrees. They take pride in their education and research as they move forward in building a strong community for the students. They actively participate in numerous research projects, and they have produced studies in various engineering disciplines. This school generated studies and research in the scientific field globally.

Today, the University of Minho focuses on internalization. They genuinely welcome the future international students entering the university, and in terms of research, they are open to collaborations, especially in science and engineering.


I hope that this article on the best universities for engineering in Portugal was helpful. Make sure to also check out the Available Programs in Europe!