Spain is one of the premier tourist destinations in the entire world. Home to hundreds of beaches, rich history as well as many fine restaurants, there is almost has too much to see. Spain is also famous for its many famous universities, including some of the oldest in the entire world.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best engineering schools in Spain.

Top Universities for Engineering in Spain

1. Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Ranked in the top 350 universities in the world, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is one of the best engineering schools in Spain. The university provides students the opportunity to study a host of different disciplines, including agri-food, civil, informatics, and telecommunications engineering at a bachelor’s level.

The university has a large number of ways in which students can get involved in the university community. Joining an association is usually the first step to take. With several sports clubs, an orchestra, and plenty of other associations, the school is a great place for students to make lifelong friends and develop their skills outside of the classroom.

2. University of Seville

The next university we will discuss is the University of Seville. Operating continuously for over 500 years, the University of Seville has many engineering programs to train the engineers of the future. Whether one is interested in aerospace, civil, electronic, or computer engineering, the university does its best to accommodate a wide range of interests. This makes the University of Seville an outstanding engineering institution in Spain.

Outside of the classroom, the University of Seville is a community all its own. With 80,000 students and faculty, the campus is always abuzz with activity. Whether you want to get involved with the various social programs the university takes part in to give back to the city or explore the artistic heritage of the university, there is always something to do on the campus.

The city of Seville itself is also a hub of Spanish culture and history. From the Seville Cathedral, the largest gothic cathedral in the world, the Flamenco Dance Museum, and the Maria Luisa Park, the city is awash with interesting sites that all students should take the opportunity to see.

3. University of Barcelona

There are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe the University of Barcelona. One of the largest universities in Spain, one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is also widely recognized as one of the best universities in Spain, ranked the 168th best university in the world by the QS World University rankings.

And with the University of Barcelona also being one of the best engineering schools in Spain, prospective students interested in studying engineering can be sure that they will be getting a quality education from one of the most reputable institutions in the country.

The University of Barcelona offers a variety of degrees across a number of departments, including chemical and materials engineering. Many more options are available at a master’s and Ph.D. level, such as environmental and biomedical engineering.

Barcelona as a city is widely known as a fantastic tourist destination. For students that reside in the city, there are several fantastic sites to see including the Sagrada Família, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia as well as the many beaches Barcelona is famous for.

4. Polytechnic University of Madrid

Built within the capital and largest city in Spain, The Polytechnic University of Madrid offers perhaps the widest range of engineering degrees in all the country. From environmental, food, civil, and energy engineering, the options are nearly endless. Even more, options are available at a master’s level, such as aeronautical, biosystems, and forest engineering.

For students that are interested in taking part in an exchange, the university has many options to choose from. It is well connected with numerous other universities from around the world, including the Technical University of Berlin, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Polytechnic University of Turin.

One other factor worth considering for prospective students is the location of the university. The Polytechnic University is found in the heart of Madrid, Spain’s largest city. The city is home to 3.2 million people. With such a large population, it is no surprise then that the city is always swarming with activity. Whether you want to visit the Royal Palace, practice your salsa dancing or improve your Spanish, there is always a great reason to explore the historic city.

5. Polytechnic University of Valencia

Located in the third-largest city in Spain, the Polytechnic University of Valencia offers many high-quality engineering degrees that are worth looking into if you want to study in Spain. In terms of degrees offered at an undergraduate level, the university has departments dedicated to electrical, chemical, graphics, and computer engineering, among others. Master’s students can expand their knowledge of these subjects through internationally accredited programs.

The UPV campus offers many services to its students, especially the international students that call the campus home. Students interested in becoming more proficient in languages such as Spanish or English can avail themselves of the Language Unit’s services. There are also a large number of cafes and shops on the campus, where students can relax and take in the culture of the university and the country.

With all this in mind, we hope that this article was useful in informing your decision where to study in Spain. There are many great universities in Spain that give out engineering degrees and the ones listed above should be considered the best amongst them.


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