Taiwan is one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Asia and is home to a multitude of opportunities. Engineering is one of the cornerstones of this growth and is, as such, one of the most popular degrees amongst prospective students. If you are considering studying engineering in Taiwan, we have listed five of the best universities below!

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Top Universities for Engineering in Taiwan

1. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is ranked in the top 300 universities in the world and among the best universities for engineering in Taiwan. Founded in 1974 as the first technological university in the country, TaiwanTech has always had a strong engineering reputation.

The university’s undergraduate programs are based on subjects that are highly valued in the Taiwanese economy. This includes electrical, mechanical, construction, and chemical engineering. Students that wish to continue their education can do so with the university, with engineering subjects taught at both a master’s and Ph.D. level.

Students that come from abroad should not worry about the differences in language and culture. The university does a lot to make sure its international students are integrated into the university and receive a quality education. Many of the courses are taught wholly in English, with Mandarin lessons easily accessible through the university.

As well as this, there are also student organizations made up of students from a variety of countries. Joining one of these clubs can be a great way to avoid homesickness and stay in touch while studying at TaiwanTech.

2. National Central University

Located in Zhongli, the National Central University is another university in Taiwan known for the quality of its engineering degrees. The QS World University Rankings place the NCU in the top 100 universities in Asia, an excellent display for one of the smaller universities on this list with only 11,000 students attending across all levels.

The College of Engineering delivers an exceptional program for engineering in Tawain and is the center for engineering education on the campus and offers a number of excellent courses. This includes chemical, civil, materials, and mechanical engineering. These courses are all taught at the undergraduate with more, such as energy and environmental engineering, available at a master’s level.

The NCU campus itself is also recognized for its many incredible sites. From the Lover’s Path, the Taiji Statue, to the Hundred Blossoms Brook, the campus is notable for its extensive green areas that combine to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

3. National Cheng Kung University

One of the most important and influential public research universities in Taiwan, the National Cheng Kung University is recognized worldwide for the quality of its engineering degrees. Home to just over 20,000 students, the NCKU ranks in the top 250 universities worldwide, according to the QS rankings.

The Department of Engineering offers a number of excellent courses in civil, mechanical, resources, and chemical engineering. These are just the courses popular at an undergraduate level. A greater range of courses is available if students are interested in continuing their studies to a master’s or Ph.D. level.

The National Cheng Kung University is an excellent institution for engineering in Taiwan and also one of the most well-connected universities in the country. Every year, students go in exchange programs to over 250 universities across the world, including Kyoto University, the University of Southern California, and the Technical University of Munich, amongst others.

4. National Taipei University of Technology

The National Taipei University of Technology finds itself ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide due to the high quality of instruction. Also known as TaipeiTech, the university is one of the top schools for engineering in Tawain that is committed to excellence in teaching, a commitment that is continued within the colleges of engineering.

Engineering is spread across a number of departments in TaipeiTech. For prospective undergraduate students, the options available are impressive. With degrees in chemical, civil, material, and industrial engineering available, students will find a course that suits their interests, even at a bachelor’s level. Students that wish to pursue a master’s or a Ph.D. have extensive options as well.

The university is located near Electric Town, a flourishing area within the Daan District of Taipei. Many of the industries in this area are related to technology and engineering, meaning it is a great place for students to start looking for opportunities to expand their skillsets.

5. National Taiwan University

Considered by many as the best university in Taiwan, the National Taiwan University is home to another excellent set of engineering programs. This is reflected in international rankings, with the National Central University in the top 75 universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings. Engineering degrees from this university are, in particular, highly valuable due to the strong reputation of the department.

The College of Engineering implements one of the best engineering curricula in Taiwan and offers a wide range of degrees, even at an undergraduate level. Students can choose from chemical, civil, ocean, and mechanical engineering, amongst other options.

Outside of the classroom, the university is home to one of the dynamic student lives of any Taiwanese university. With many Mandarin Chinese courses and a whole host of student clubs for a variety of interests, the National Taiwan University is a great place to be introduced to the culture of the country.

We hope that this article was helpful if you are looking to study in Taiwan. While these are just a few of the many great colleges in Taiwan, we hope we have given you some ideas about where you should go if you want to start your engineering career in Taiwan.


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