If you’re planning to study engineering in Canada, you can consider the city of Toronto. This lively city is known for its high-rise buildings, entertainment, and multicultural communities. Aside from being dynamic, you’ll find the best universities for engineering in Toronto.

Since engineers in Canada are in demand, we can expect that Toronto offers a lot of learning and work opportunities. As a populated city surrounded by industrial, construction, and other businesses, engineering students will be exposed to their respective fields. Additionally, Toronto offers a good environment, especially for international students. Engineering students maximize their education as they build their network of connection with their engaging environment.

Canadian universities located in Toronto are famous as they provide quality and world-class education including the best universities for engineering. They have an established reputation in rankings, and yearly, they continue to attract numerous foreign students from different parts of the world. In this article, let’s discuss the best universities in Toronto for engineering.

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Top Universities for Engineering in Toronto

1. University of Toronto

With a history of 194 years in providing higher education to local and international students, the University of Toronto has established its position as one of the performing universities in Canada and globally. Since they have more than 95,000 students on their campuses, they’re proud of their diversity as they offer more than 1,000 academic programs.

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is the leading engineering faculty in Canada. Since the university provides extensive training and research for its academic programs, we can expect that engineering programs are comprehensive in preparation for their future careers. The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is divided into nine departments, and they are open to undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are rigorously trained in their respective engineering fields. In terms of research, they are highly acknowledged for their expertise in the field as they continue to make discoveries in the field of technology, science, and engineering.

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is recognized for implementing a high-quality engineering program in Toronto and has a consistent position nationally and globally in rankings. They are the first in national scales, showing that they are top-notch performers in engineering. In North America, they are included in the top 10 best engineering faculties and going global, and they are in the top 50.

2. Ryerson University

Home to more than 45,000 students, Ryerson University is a public institution located in Toronto. This university is popular among incoming students because a lot of students are applying. Ryerson University is one of the top institutions for engineering in Toronto that has a competitive acceptance rate, but many undergraduate and graduate students still choose this institution, proving their quality teaching and research.

One of Ryerson University’s seven faculties, the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, delivers exceptional engineering programs in Toronto for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Overall, the faculty houses more than 6,000 students, and they produced more than 30,000 graduates proving their excellence. Additionally, the graduates of this faculty are easily employed as they have a high employment rate in six months!

Engineering students in the university will gain a strong foundation in their respective areas of studies through hands-on learning and practical knowledge. These things will prepare them to be future engineers. Lastly, one distinct feature for the undergraduate engineering programs is that they offer an “Undeclared Engineering” program for the first semester. This is a good choice for incoming engineering students that are still undecided about their majors. Since the first semester has the basic units, students enrolled in this program are not left out. It will give them the time to explore their options.

3. York University

Another Canadian institution based in Toronto, York University, also offers engineering studies in different degrees. This university has been running for over 60 years in the industry, and they’re one of the leading providers of higher education in Canada. They’re a fast-growing educational institution that offers numerous academic programs.

York University is an excellent engineering university in Toronto that takes pride in its innovative teaching and learning. They maximize their state-of-the-art technologies to make a hybrid form of education for students as they aim to produce top-notch graduates in the field. Currently, the Lassonde School of Engineering of York University offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees, and they have majors in civil, computer, electrical engineering, and more. Every department at the Lassonde School of Engineering provides a solid theoretical foundation for learning with hands-on experiences. With these kinds of learning, students are able to establish their careers.

Since the universities advocate innovative teaching and learning, they also have modernized facilities, laboratories, and centers. Students have access to these facilities to nurture their knowledge and skills. Currently, York University leads as a top school for engineering in Toronto and has a good standing in the city and nationally for research and education.


I hope that this article on Best Universities for Engineering in Toronto was helpful. To know more information on how you can study in Canada, visit the Canada Scholarships Page.