Latvia is a small country in the Baltic States but is receiving a large amount of attention from international students. The nation has a rich cultural heritage and a diverse community blended into a cosmopolitan society, creating an interesting learning environment for students looking for a more adventurous academic experience. In this article, we will be looking at the top universities in Latvia for international students.

Is Latvia good for international students to study in?

Latvia’s rapid improvement in the quality of education in the past decade made it an increasingly popular destination for international students. Latvian universities are renowned for IT, Medicine, Literature, Aviation, and Business Management programs. Continuous investment of the Latvian government in education creates state-of-the-art facilities and globally accredited programs in almost all fields of knowledge. Moreover, tuition fees remain modest despite the level of excellence.

Latvia is a safe and welcoming country, and several languages are spoken in the region, including English, Russian, German, in addition to Latvian. The cost of living is relatively more affordable in Latvia compared to other European cities as well.

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Can international students work in Latvia while studying?

International students in Latvia are allowed to work part-time on student visas. As a member of the European Union States, the country follows the same work hour restriction of 20 hours per week during regular semesters and 40 hours per week during breaks. University students usually work part-time in the textile, fast-food restaurants, and electronics industries.

Internship and traineeship programs are encouraged by Latvian universities, and foreign nationals can ask for assistance from the international office of their particular institution. Some internship opportunities are part of certain curriculums, but international students may also apply directly to Latvian companies.

Can international students stay in Latvia after graduation?

Whether international students can stay in Latvia after graduation depends on their nationality. EU/EEA citizens typically have more mobility in staying and working in the country. However, non-EU nationals have to exit Latvia before their student visa expires. They can re-enter the country by applying for short-term or long-term work permits from their home country.

Best Universities in Latvia for International Students

1. University of Latvia (LU)

The University of Latvia is a state-funded university in the city of Riga and is the best university in Lativa for international students. It was established in 1919 after the country’s independence. Today, the LU comprises 13 faculties and manages over 20 research institutes across the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and education studies. Globally competitive degrees are taught at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as an increasing number of English-language courses.

The LU is the largest in the country in terms of enrollment with approximately 15250 learners, including nearly 900 international students. The university is committed to international cooperation agreements with over 150 universities across the globe.

2. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU)

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies is a public university in Jelgava city specializing in agricultural science, forestry, and close disciplines. It was previously known as the Latvia University of Agriculture until it was officially renamed in 2018 to reflect its growing scope of subject areas and international presence. The university comprises eight faculties: Agriculture, Food Technology, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Environment and Civil Engineering, Information Technologies, and Economics and Social Development.

This top university in Latvia holds annual festivals per faculty and participates in national academic traditions such as sports competitions and cultural events. The university leads in the international scene as well, through cooperation agreements with universities and academic groups worldwide.

3. Riga Technical University (RTU)

Riga Technical University is a polytechnic university and the only one of its kind in the country. It provides high-quality education to nearly 15000 students, including 3525 international learners, as well as to conduct advanced research to practically implement scientific knowledge. RTU is organized into nine faculties and over 70 departments across Architecture, Engineering, Computer Science, and E-learning Technologies. It also manages the Riga Business School, which was the first to offer Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs in English in the Baltic states.

Ruga Technical University, as one of the best universities in Latvia, is not a stranger to international university rankings, having placed first among Latvian universities in U-Multirank ranking and employment rankings. Furthermore, RTU is known as the highest-rated Latvian university in the categories of Sustainability, Planet Protection, GreenMetric, and Eduniversal.


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