London is England’s capital and the largest city in the United Kingdom. Florence Nightingale, who led a team of nurses to Turkey during the Crimean War in 1854, had a significant influence on nursing in London. This sparked women’s interest in the nursing profession, leading to the formation of the British Nursing Association in 1860. The General Nursing Council established professional registration for nurses in 1919, and male nurses were allowed to join the professional registry in 1951.

In 1860, St. Thomas Hospital in London opened the first nursing school, the Nightingale Training School. More hospitals opened their nursing schools in the 1900s, with students providing free nursing care to these hospitals for 2-3 years. Under Project 2000, formal nursing education was transferred from hospital-based schools to colleges or universities in 1986. Finally, in 2009, all nursing programs in the United Kingdom were made available at the degree level.

Nursing education is available from 3-year undergraduate to 2-5-year postgraduate levels throughout the United Kingdom. The following universities and colleges provide the best nursing programs in the city. Let’s take a look at these prestigious universities for nursing in London!

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Best Nursing Schools in London

1. King’s College London

The nursing program at King’s College London’s Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery, and Palliative Care was established in response to the growing global demand for such disciplines. The faculty is driven to provide health care professionals with a solid educational and research foundation that will boost their confidence and competence in the field.

King’s College London is a recognized institution for nursing in London and is known for delivering a high-quality nursing program in the city. The faculty is affiliated with several agencies and institutions, which aids in the provision of quality education, opportunities, and research to its students. It contributes to national research as well as major research programs in Asia and Africa, with funding from public and private research organizations. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is the best nursing school in the United Kingdom and the second-best in the world in 2021.

The faculty has a growing international student body and has collaborated on education with Nanjing Health School in China and Ngee Ann Academy in Singapore. Undergraduate tuition costs an average of US$10,450 for local students and US$23,490 for international students per year. Other fees are listed on the university’s website or can be provided upon request.

2. City, University of London

The City, University of London is among the top institutions for nursing in London and a prestigious university in the heart of the city that is well-known for its first-rate facilities. The School of Health Sciences’ division of nursing is a renowned education provider that stands out among other nursing schools in the city for its excellent undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Based on student satisfaction ratings, the university was ranked first in London for its nursing program in both 2020 and 2021.

To better prepare its students for clinical placements, the division provides laboratories, training centers, and simulators. It is affiliated with several teaching hospitals in the city, which provides its students with exposure and experience in a broader context; affiliated hospitals include Bart’s Health NHS Trust, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, East London NHS Foundation Trust, and Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The division offers 3 undergraduate courses, 4 pre-registration programs, and 6 postgraduate programs. Nursing research degrees, nursing CPPD (Continuing Personal and Professional Development), and short courses are also available. Tuition for the undergraduate program is US$10,450 for domestic students and US$30,000 for international students per year. The average tuition for a Master’s degree is US$10,450 per year.

3. University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is one of the best universities for nursing in London and has grown to become one of the world’s top-performing universities since it was founded in 1890. The university has three campuses: Avery Hill and Greenwich in London, and Medway in Kent, England. The university has an outstanding student body and cutting-edge facilities that improve the delivery and reception of learning. Its new simulation and clinical skills center prepares students for clinical placements while also increasing their confidence and competence in practical skills.

For clinical placement of its students, the university has affiliations with various NHS trusts in London and Kent. All nursing programs are available at the Avery Hill campus. Local students pay a tuition fee of US$10,450 for the undergraduate program and US$9,885 for the Master’s program per year. International students pay a tuition fee of US$17,511 per year for both undergraduate and master’s programs.

4. Kingston University London

Kingston University of London is a prestigious university in the United Kingdom and a top school for nursing in London, with four campuses: Penrhyn Road, Kingston Hill, Kingston School of Art, Knights Park, and Roehampton Vale. The Nursing Program is offered by the Faculty of Health, Social Care, and Education, which was founded in 1996 in collaboration with St. George’s University of London. The faculty has been a vital resource for nursing professionals since its inception, producing the majority of nursing graduates in the country.

Practice placements for students are available in three ways: through affiliated NHS trusts, the community, and independent health organizations. Its graduates are expected to find work within six months of graduation. Tuition for undergraduate and master’s programs is US$10,450 per year for local students. International students’ tuition increases year after year for undergraduate programs, starting at US$16,946 for their first year and rising to US$17,963 for master’s programs.

5. London South Bank University

The Institute of Health and Social Care at London South Bank University houses the School of Nursing and Midwifery. The London South Bank University is a leading university for nursing in London that emphasizes hands-on education, which distinguishes its students from others through their practical skills. This can be attributed to their special laboratories, which provide students with access to life-size mannequins, operating theater facilities, nursing skills labs, and a real-time labor ward.

Tuition for both undergraduate and graduate programs is US$10,450 per year for domestic students and US$16,833 for international students. The Master’s fee for the entire program is US$20,900 for local students.


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