There are many things international students consider when looking for a country destination. Some of the trivial ones are the availability to travel and tourist hotspots. Climate and natural sights also take considerable significance in the selection process. Many also look for safe cities and high quality of life, while others consider the primary use of the English language in instruction a deciding factor. Fortunately, all of these are things Qatar can offer, besides its high-quality education and world-class academic institutions.

Below, we will talk about some of Qatar’s best public health universities.

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Top Universities for Public Health in Qatar

1. Qatar University

Qatar University is the only public university in the country. Since its foundation in 1973, it has built ten colleges, providing formal instruction to various fields, such as Business, Sciences, Engineering, Health Science, and Islamic Studies. From around 150 students when it opened, the university now has 23,000 in its student body. It is also the only academic institution that entered the QS World University Ranking in 2022, placing at the 224th spot.

Degree programs in Public Health are first and only offered at Qatar University, which could be why it is also among the best public health universities in Qatar. As there are no other school choices for local and international students aspiring to pursue this study field, the university ensures that students receive a world-class education. The Bachelor in Public Health has two specializations: Health Education and Health Management. For both options, students learn through the integration of various methods, such as computer lab sessions, tutorial groups, and field experiences. There is also a capstone project to complete the 120-credit hours of the program.

As for the Master in Public Health, students typically take two years of full-time or four years of part-time studies. The program is heavily focused on Epidemiology, offering thesis or non-thesis options. Through it, students learn about effective health approaches, emphasizing disease prevention, health promotion, and effective healthcare. After graduation, MPH degree holders may join various fields in the healthcare industry, as well as government and non-government institutions.

2. College of the North Atlantic (CNA) Qatar

The College of the North Atlantic is a Canadian-based academic institution that has collaborated with various universities and governments. As a result, it has established 17 campuses in Canada, China, and Qatar. The CNA Qatar campus is located in Doha and was established in 2002 as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030. It has more than 3,500 students and over 30 degree programs in Engineering, Health Sciences, and Business Management, among others.

Since the availability of Public Health degree programs is still exclusive to Qatar University, it makes sense to look for its related courses in other universities in the country. The College of the North Atlantic Qatar can also be considered a top public health school as it offers the Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Health. It is a relevant study area for aspiring Public Health professionals as it covers topics related to environmental factors that affect health. These include water and air quality, waste management, and infectious disease control. Similarly, these are the same issues that Public Health graduates have to deal with.

The program takes four years or eight semesters to complete. Some of the courses offered are similar to Public Health degree programs, such as Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Students are also provided theoretical knowledge, practical training, and research work. Upon achieving degree completion, graduates of this program are eligible to pursue a Master in Public Health.

3. Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU)

Hamad Bin Khalifa University is one of the public universities in Qatar. Built in 2010, the university campus is located at the Education City in Doha, which is also the location of several other international academic institutions. HBKU caters to over 800 students, more than half of which are international students. It has seven colleges that offer degree programs in Islamic Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Public Policy.

The university also offers a unique degree program related to Public Health, which is the Master of Data Analytics in Health Management. This multidisciplinary program is offered exclusively at HBKU, providing world-class instruction in designing and implementing data analytic tools for healthcare systems. Furthermore, these tools are crucial for researchers and scientists of Public Health, helping them handle and analyze increasing health data.

Additionally, the program allows students to learn about policy and strategy-making in the healthcare industry. Students also graduate equipped with professional skills to work with key industry and government sectors in sustaining public health. As the program has an international outlook, all courses are taught in English. Students typically finish the 33 credit programs, including research thesis, within two years.

4. Doha Institute For Graduate Studies

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, founded in 2014, is a private institute for higher education. It offers graduate programs through its three teaching units, namely, the School of Public Administration and Development Economics, the Center of Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. The institute uniquely emphasizes Arabic as its language of instruction, making it a primary choice. However, students are still required to be proficient in the English language.

Among the best public health universities in Qatar, the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies offers the Master in Public Policy, a relevant field for aspiring Public Health professionals. Besides the 27-credit hour compulsory courses, students are expected to select a 12-credit hour specialized track. For this, the institute offers the Health Policy track, which is aligned to Public Health courses. Overall, the program takes two years to complete, ending with a Capstone Research.

5. Carnegie Mellon University Qatar (CMU-Q)

Carnegie Mellon University Qatar was established in 2004 in Doha, Qatar. It is one of the campuses the Pennsylvania-based university built and the first to offer undergraduate courses outside the mother campus. The campus is located at Education City, along with other international US and European university campuses. Degrees conferred at CMU-Q are the same as the ones given at the Pennsylvania campus. However, the available programs are limited to Computer Science, Information Systems, Computational Biology, Business Administration, and Biological Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences is an excellent choice for students looking to pursue related Public Health programs. The program takes four years to complete as it consists of 360 units. There are five core areas in the program, allowing learning in the macro and micro levels. After completing this undergraduate program, graduates may proceed to Public Health-related graduate degree programs.


Hopefully, this guide on the best public health universities in Qatar was helpful. Do visit the Asia Scholarships Page to find out more about universities and scholarships in Asia!