Romania is a South-eastern European country known for stunning medieval castles, the Carpathian Mountains, and beautiful beaches. Besides culture and history, the country also boasts a rich academic history. Today, it continues to be a pioneer of human knowledge and if you’re looking for a blend of tradition and modernity, there is no better place to study than in Romania. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Romania for international students.

Is Romania good for international students to study in?

Romania has around 70 universities, with some of the best and largest institutions belonging to an elite university group. Higher learning in Romania has a global reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is known especially for state-of-the-art facilities and numerous international mobility opportunities.

Studying in Romania means studying in a European Union (EU) nation where the degrees you earn are recognized in all of Europe and even in other continents. Tuition fees cost between $2400 and $6040. Nonetheless, the Romanian government is generous with scholarships, especially for programs in the STEM track.

Besides academic excellence, Romania offers a rich and conducive environment for study. International students will find themselves in a multicultural setting where they can gain skills and networks for their careers.

Living costs in Romania are one of the lowest in the EU, even in major cities like Bucharest. Monthly rent costs only around $500, meals start at $8.60, and public transport ranges at $17. Like most European countries, the country’s healthcare system is high standard so you can worry less about emergencies.

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Can international students work in Romania while studying?

International students are allowed to work part-time during their studies without any work permit. A student residence permit will suffice. Whether you’re an EU or non-EU national, you can work up to four hours a day for proper job placements you can find through career fairs or university information offices.

Can international students stay in Romania after graduation?

After graduation, your eligibility to stay in Romania depends on your nationality. Graduates from the EU/EEA nations and Switzerland can live and work in the country without additional permits, while non-EU/EEA graduates can apply for a long-stay visa with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After five continuous years of stay, you will be eligible for permanent residence in the country.

Best Universities in Romania

1. Bucharest University of Economic Studies

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is one of the most prestigious public universities in Romania. It ranks first in the country in Social Sciences, and one of the largest in South-Eastern Europe in economics. It belongs to the five elite Romanian Universities as well. Today, education at the university is spread out into 12 faculties and a comprehensive range of courses, including business, economics, sociology, business law, and public administration.

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a largely multicultural community, especially with foreign nationals pursuing their highly regarded international MBA programs. In addition, they manage over 170 institutional and mobility agreements with universities from over 40 countries around the globe.

2. West University of Timisoara (UVT)

The West University of Timisoara, or Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara officially in Romanian, is one of the five members of elite Romanian universities, or Universitaria Consortium. This top university in Romania for international students offers quality higher education across 11 different faculties and a wide selection of subject areas, including arts and design, physical education and sport, mathematics and informatics, sociology and psychology, music and theatre, and many others. Their notable Philology department offers specializations in Romanian, German, English, French, and Russian.

The university’s campus is located in Timisoara, a city bountiful of cultural attractions, museums, festivals, canals, retail parks, and a modern transportation network. After their classes, international students have a lot to explore in the major Romanian city.

3. Babes-Bolyai University (UBB)

The Babes-Bolyai University is the largest public research university in Romania by student population, educating over 45,000 students, including international learners. Another member of the Universitaria Consortium, the university is a strong performer in national and international university rankings. In fact, a multinational student body particularly enjoys their programs that are largely conducted in Romanian, German, English, and French, with some minor courses held in Japanese, Spanish, and Italian.

The six faculties of this prestigious university in Romania are located in the city of Cluj-Napoca or just Cluj. As an original Roman settlement, it hosts numerous cultural institutions, as well as lively festivals and a creative food and bar scene. It is also one of the safest cities in the country, so international students will surely feel comfortable studying here.

4. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (UAIC)

The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University was founded a year after the Romanian state was established, and is, therefore, the oldest university in continuous operation in the country. While one of the earliest higher learning institutions, the UAIC remains advanced in education and research. It has consistently placed first in national research rankings, and among the top universities 700 worldwide. As a member of the Romanian elite universities, UAIC also actively participates in major university networks, such as the European University Association, Coimbra Group, and the Utrecht Network.

As one of the best universities in Romania for international students, the UAIC offers degrees across 15 faculties and one department encompassing the sciences, humanities, and technology. It also hosts the largest botanical garden in the country and a museum of Romanian heritage.

5. University of Bucharest (UB)

Formed out of the former Princely Academy, the University of Bucharest was founded in 1864 and is the second-oldest higher education institution in the country. The university promises advanced education and research as a member of the Universitaria Consortium, and while truly time-honored, pledges to be a modern public university. Students study across 19 faculties and 21 doctoral schools in a large selection of knowledge areas. Moreover, when it comes to research, UB focuses on the cognitive sciences, the environment, and new materials.

Today, this top university in Romania educates around 32,000 students, including 1,000 from different countries around the world. UB’s campus boundaries are unclear, but students transfer between university buildings that are spread out in the beautiful city of Bucharest. Known as “Little Paris”, the city is rich with elegant architecture and attractions.


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