The internet has changed the way we live our lives. Every day, more than 500,000 new websites are created for different reasons. Behind the stunning interfaces seen on the monitors, a team of professionals is employed to put it all together. These professionals are called web designers.

The high demand for qualified designers rapidly rises each year. To cope with this demand, many schools around Europe have developed programs to educate those who want a career in the field.

Most Web Design students are creative types who have a strong interest in technology. By pursuing a degree, you will learn how to use advanced tools to create websites and put together an extensive portfolio before graduation. If you’re looking for a school that could jumpstart your career, here are five of the best options you may want to consider. In this article, we will be looking at the best schools for web design in Europe!

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Top Web Design Schools in Europe

1. Solent University

Solent University is based in the UK and traces its beginnings back to 1856 when it was established as a private School of Art. After mergers with multiple institutions, it became the renowned public university we know today. Its campus welcomes over 8,000 students every year.

Solent University is a top school for web design in Europe that offers a 3-year BS in Digital Design and Web Development. Students learn everything from basic to advanced techniques in programming, UX/UI design, and system analysis. The school maintains a strong focus on practical education, so expect to spend a lot of time using industry-standard software at the computing and usability lab. Some frequent learning activities include sketching ideas, creating website prototypes, and coding web and mobile applications.

A 12-month MSc in Digital Design is also available for postgraduates. Students take a more academic approach to study the craft and naturally develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of web design. A research project specialization must be completed to be awarded the degree.

2. Scuola Politecnica di Design

Since its foundation in 1954, Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) has fostered creative minds from its humble campus located in Italy. It is the first postgraduate school solely dedicated to design disciplines. With a faculty made up of creative professionals from various fields, students at SPD experience the best that arts education has to offer.

SPD is one of the best institutions for web design in Europe that offers a 15-month MA in Web and Digital Design, where students learn how to execute effective digital design strategies that result in usable and engaging web interfaces. Advanced lessons in digital design, coding, web marketing, computer design, and project management will be discussed, but most of your time will be spent working on projects at the school’s laboratories. All lessons will be taught in English. A 3-month internship is required toward the end of the study period.

To give students ample guidance, SPD limits the number of students it admits to the program each year. Those who have professional experience in web design and graduates of Media Studies, IT Sciences, and Communication are given preference. Successful applicants will be selected after a thorough review of the student’s portfolio and an interview.

3. University of Greenwich

Founded in 1891, the University of Greenwich (UG) is one of the oldest institutions in the UK and a recognized school for web design in Europe. It operates on three campuses: Greenwich, Avery Hill, and Medway. It may have old and historic buildings, but these are home to multiple modern laboratories and other facilities that aid in the students’ education.

For aspiring web designers, UG offers a 3-year BSc in Digital Media Design & Development. It covers a broader range of topics compared to the web design programs in other universities. Students go through rigorous academic coursework and practical exercises using state-of-the-art software throughout the study duration. While there are no required internships for this program, a mandatory Final Year Project must be completed by a student independently during the last semester.

UG also offers a 12-month MA in Web Design & Content Planning. Its curriculum focuses on the technical, functional, and aesthetic parts of web design. At the end of the year, you’ll gain advanced skills in front-end and back-end technologies and a more extensive understanding of the principles of web design.

4. Manchester Metropolitan University

The Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) in the UK is a public university on a mission to teach minds to be inventive and creative. It was established in 1970 and has the most advanced facilities and modern infrastructure for educational institutions in the country. Because of these, it became one of the top destinations among those who want careers in business, engineering, and the creative industry.

MMU is a leading institution for web design in Europe that offers a 3-year Web and User Experience Design. Currently, there are no available Master’s programs in the discipline.

The school recognizes its web design undergraduates as creatives, allowing them to explore with no boundaries and encouraging collaboration with students from other disciplines. Through a combination of coursework and hands-on experience, students develop skills in design and coding. Towards the end of the study period, you will be required to complete one individual development project and one collaborative project, where you demonstrate mastery of the skills you have acquired throughout the years.

5. Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) is a public university that operates across three campuses across Scotland: Merchiston, Craiglockhart, and Sighthill. It first opened as a technical college in 1964. Today, ENU is known as a leading university for web design in Europe and it provides quality education across a wide range of disciplines but is highly regarded for its offerings in the fields of engineering, computing, and applied science.

ENU offers a 4-year BS in Web Design and Development. Students explore the latest web technologies through lectures and tutorials. They also study computer systems, programming, media, and human-computer interaction within the first two years. After these foundational lessons, students will proceed to build databases and design a variety of web and mobile applications. In Year 3, students undergo a mandatory internship or study abroad with ENU partner schools before focusing on their Honors Project during Year 4.

There are no postgraduate offerings for Web Design at ENU, but interested students may proceed and study more technical aspects of computing. The 2-year MSc in Computing is the most popular option among those who pursued further studies.


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