Web designers are increasing in demand in line with new technologies and internet use in this modern times. On top of that, learning or mastering web development and design skills will ensure professionals of this field a good amount of money and career opportunities. Getting a degree or a certificate in web design won’t always mean high-paying jobs. But, it’ll ensure graduates have a good number of clients waiting in line for their services.

In this guide, we will be talking about some of the world’s best web design schools.

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Top Web Design Schools in the World

1. The New School-Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design in The New School is one of the world’s top web design schools located in Greenwich Village, New York City. It offers a certificate program or part-time course on web design. The program is available for those who want to supplement their university degree and learn web design skills or boost their portfolios for better career opportunities.

Parsons is the best choice for students, even professionals, who want to experience learning and working with the latest tools, innovative techniques, and advanced technology for designing websites and mobile apps. The program will also ensure that everyone engages in project-based learning that primarily involves human-centered experience.

2. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University (SCU) is California’s oldest higher educational institution. It is a private Jesuit and Catholic university offering world-class web development programs. The university has produced many notable alumni in the field, including those who created JavaScript.

As a premier school for science and technology, it offers an undergraduate degree program for web design and engineering. This program focuses on the technical and creative aspects of the subject. Students of this excellent web design school are able to study the potential influence of web development on social, political, ethical, and legal matters and, most importantly, its impact on the users.

Santa Clara University is one of the best choices for students to learn basic and advanced web programming concepts, website graphic designs, and other related topics concerning computer technologies. What’s more, it is in the heart of the world’s center for high technology and innovation- Silicon Valley.

3. DeVry University

DeVry University is known for being one of the best web design schools. It is a private and for-profit higher education institution in the United States that provides a unique website development program that lets students earn an associate degree in Web Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development.

The program will ensure students learn the fundamentals of multimedia and technologies to enrich their skill set in creating dynamic web page layouts and graphic designs.

4. University of California, San Diego

The University of California-San Diego is one of the ten campuses of the University of California, a world-class public research university in the U.S. state of California. It is a proud member of the “Public Ivies,” the group of public educational institutions in the United States rewarded for high academic excellence.

UC San Diego offers a one-year Graphic & Web Design Certificate program to individuals seeking to master or advance their skills on the subject and expand their digital, graphics, and web design knowledge to gain a complete comprehensive portfolio for better career opportunities.

This program will enable designers and professionals to learn and apply essential techniques and methodologies to all mediums used in the industry. They will also undergo intensive training with professionals and real-world clients.

5. Tulane University

Tulane University is a proud member of the Association of American Universities, a group of public and private educational institutions highly-recognized for academic and research excellence in the United States and Canada. Since its membership in 1958, it has been among the “R1” universities with a “Doctoral/Very High Research Activity.” It has a variety of prestigious degree and certificate programs. It is one of the best to offer digital and interactive design courses in the United States and worldwide.

Students may enroll in their Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Digital Design and choose a primary specialization course in either Graphic Design, Game Art & Animation, or Interactive Design. On top of that, this top web design school allows students to take other specialization courses to gain a complete comprehensive portfolio.

Graduates of the same or unrelated field who want to advance their knowledge and expertise in graphic design, game art & animation, or interactive design may also enroll for Post-Baccalaureate Certificates at Tulane School of Professional Advancement in Digital Design.

6. Brigham Young University–Idaho

The Brigham Young University–Idaho is another one of the best web design schools in the world. It is a private college that offers a variety of programs across different fields of study, including sciences, engineering, agriculture, management, and performing arts, at much lower tuition rates. At its Department of Computer Information Technology, students may choose to study web design as their major or minor subject at an associate or Bachelor’s degree level. Here, the students will learn to deepen their knowledge in effectively using the internet and web technologies to contribute to the business and entertainment industry, education, and the Church.

7. Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University is a leading public research university whose main campus is widely known as a member of the “Public Ivies” in the United States. It offers a range of academic and research programs across multidisciplinary subjects, including digital arts and media design.

The university’s Department of Arts and Architecture offers the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) in Digital Arts & Media Design (DART). This program will equip students with the best tools for utilizing emerging technologies which will help them enhance essential skillsets in digital media and creative design.

Penn State ensures that graduates of this field will become ready for real-world clients and enter different career opportunities in digital arts and design.


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