Catherine Booth Bible College became Booth University College in 1982. Booth University College is housed in downtown Winnipeg, and in addition to classrooms, offices, and a church, the main building contains a gymnasium, cafeteria, and over 200 student residences. The University College prepares students to comprehend the nuances of our world, to acquire the expertise and skills needed to be involved members of society, and to realize how their Christian religion motivates them to bring hope, social justice, and grace to the world.

Booth University College has established a long-term enrolment management plan that focuses on student recruiting and retention, resulting in sustained enrolment growth of over 500 students. Booth University College is dedicated to academic achievement, offering comprehensive certificates, diplomas, degrees, and continuing education programs. The average class size is between 20 and 25 students, allowing for more in-depth instruction and learning. They will help you get ready for your future and motivate you to make a difference in the world. In this article, we will be looking at the Booth University College scholarships for international students.

International Students at Booth University College

Booth University College has over 445 foreign students from over 20 countries. They are heavily engaged in international cooperation and are one of the few universities in the world that provide Salvation Army education. They also have an Academic Learning Centre, which offers in-person assistance, email appointments, academic skills and strategy seminars, and course-specific research sessions.

This institution has mandatory health and dental scheme that provides its students with physical and mental health care. If a student has health insurance from a relative or partner, they will opt out on an annual basis. Additionally, students have access to both external and internal career openings.

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Tuition Fee at Booth University College for International Students

The Booth University College has the same tuition rate for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and all additional details can be found here. Undergraduate and graduate degrees cost $12,300 annually or $6,150 per term. This doesn’t include the administration fees that are paid separately.

The Booth University College is thought to be reasonably priced considering it is a private Christian institution. By providing high enrollment rates and financial aid, the university maintains a comfortable existence for international students.

International Admissions Guide

The application process for foreign students is outlined here. For undergraduate students and others who want to continue their studies, Booth University College offers a variety of choices. Any student must follow a specific application process, but the application is easy overall, and you can contact support at any time. Since they are so accommodating to international students, applying is much simpler for them.

Application Fee at Booth University College

Booth University College charges a $150 application fee for foreign applicants. Additionally, all foreign students enrolled at Booth University College must purchase the International Student Health Plan. You will not need to enroll or apply for the International Student Health Plan because it will be taken care of immediately as part of the tuition payments. The Plan will protect you for a period of 12 months, from September 1 to August 31, at a rate of $767.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

The Student Life Handbook must be followed by all students at Booth University College. By signing the Application for Admission, the applicant certifies that they have read the Student Life Handbook and agree to abide by its standards and policies while studying at Booth University College.

International candidates must have a level of education that meets or exceeds Booth University College’s entrance criteria. Foreign transition candidates to the Bachelor of Social Work degree program or the Social Work After-Degree program must have an entry CGPA of 2.5 or higher. A letter of approval from a recognized learning institution is required to apply for a Canadian research permit.

The ability to communicate in English is expected. If you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or if English is not your first language, you must complete the Test in English as a Foreign Language or an alternative English language test to show your proficiency.


Booth University College is officially ranked 204th in the nation and #10370 globally. These rankings are also very positive considering that this is a private Christian university with a lower student body. The university is working tirelessly to improve education, and there is no question that in the coming years, they will be at the top of every list.

Acceptance Rate

With a 70% acceptance rate, the majority of students who apply to Booth University College will likely be admitted. One of the key reasons foreign students prefer this school is because of its high admission rates combined with its high-quality education.

Booth University College Scholarships for International Students

By services that appreciate and honor students, Booth University College aims to make a high-quality education as accessible as possible. The grants and prizes result in significant tuition and living expenses savings.

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is open to foreign students who are pursuing a degree program after high school. All incoming high school students with a high school average of at least 80% are eligible for this scholarship at Booth University College. It is given automatically and is reversible for a second year.

2. Salvationist Tuition Scholarship

This Booth University College scholarship is open to Salvationist students in all territories, both new and returning, who have a high school score of at least 70% or a CGPA of at least 2.7. The $2,000 tuition is automatically awarded and perpetual for the second, third, and fourth year. A recommendation from a Corps Officer is necessary.

There are several Booth University College scholarships available. Check out this website for more scholarship opportunities.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Harland Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to one or more students who have completed a four-year Bachelor of Arts program and are pursuing further education in religious or vocational fields. This Booth University College scholarship for international students will be paid after you have been accepted into an eligible program.

2. Community Impact Award Application

This Booth University college scholarship will be given to a new Booth UC degree student who is involved in community engagement and is dedicated to finding hope, justice, and grace for everyone.  Students must satisfy the following criteria/requirements in order to be considered for the aforementioned recognition.  Applicants must be enrolled in a Booth UC degree program for the first time.  The applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from community members, such as a priest or religious leader, a chief, a teacher, a community center official, or a volunteer coordinator/supervisor.

There are several grants available for those in need of financial assistance. For more scholarships and educational programs, see this page.


In conclusion, Booth University College provides high-quality, Christian-based learning experiences. They promote empathy and compassion along with studying and problem-solving, to create unique graduates. While the institution is private, teaching fees are more than reasonable and supplementary funding is available. The high level of retention and rise in references at Booth University College is strong evidence of the satisfaction of their students and graduates with the overall experience.

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