Brown University was founded in 1764 and chartered even before the American Revolution started. It is the seventh oldest colleges in the United States and one of the iconic institutions located in Rhodes Island at Providence. As an Ivy League university, it stands as a center of excellence for research with some of the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs. Also, Brown University scholarships are now being offered to international students.

A Solid Foundation And History

Having been founded before the American Revolution, it holds an official record as the first to admit students without regard to their religious background or inclination, a tradition that it maintains even today. When it added its Masters and Doctoral studies in 1887, it ranked among the earliest institutions offering doctoral studies.

Brown University has set the pace in the development of the curriculum with its unique Brown Curriculum where students are given control over their academic journey. It doesn’t use the general education requirements anymore in which certain courses have to be taken. Students are now given the opportunity to choose their course and determine their career paths.

Brown University Programs

Admission into Brown University is a very selective process. It has the oldest School of Engineering among the Ivy League universities that were established in 1847. The university consists of the College, School of Engineering, Alpert Medical School, and Graduate School. It also features the School of Professional Studies which offers IE Brown Executive MBA and School of Public Health. Also, Brown University has an affiliation with Rhodes Island School of Design and Marine Biological Laboratory. Through the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, the university organizes and manages its international programs.

Because of these linkages and programs, the university has an exceptionally vibrant and diverse community which consist of over 6,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. There are over 500 medical students with 6,000 students participating in online courses, summer programs and other visiting programs offered by the institution. These students are under the dedicated leadership of more than 700 faculty members. The student population comes from all the 50 states in the United States with 115 other countries around the world being represented in the student population. Many of these students receive Brown University scholarships to help them study. Because of this reason,  this is a university that believes that all students should be given a chance to succeed.

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Notable Alumni List

Brown University has produced eight Nobel Laureates in different fields since its inception. Five of its alumni have received the National Humanities Medal while ten of them are recipients of the National Medal of Science. Eight alumni from Brown University have risen to become billionaires.

Those in the public service sector have also been exceptional. Brown University has produced one Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Four of the Secretaries of State in the US graduated from the university with other cabinet officials also graduating from here. Many accomplishments have been done by this excellent alumni, and many students and alumni continue to accomplish great things.

Undergraduate Admissions

International students applying to Brown University need to follow two sets of instructions. The first one is instructions that are applicable to all students who are seeking admissions. You can find that on Admissions Page. You need to look through all the instructions that are found on that page as well as other pages in the left column. Also in that column, you will find the words “International Applicants.” You need to click on that link to find the detailed instructions for international students.

Brown University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

1. The Brown Promise

Undergraduate international students are eligible for institutional scholarships financed by Brown University. They are not eligible for any federal aid which includes the FAFSA. So, the scholarship can cover tuition, meals, and boards, as well as travel costs and personal expenses. The amount of the awards is determined by the individual’s financial situation and is not according to academic merit. Academic merit is essential, however, in the admissions process.

Graduate Admissions

You can find the admission process clearly explained on Graduate Admissions Page. Other than the linked page, international students need to read another set of instructions that are intended for international students. You can find that information by clicking here. There are many required documents that international students have to submit including the online application, personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendations, GRE, TOEFL/IETLS, Application Fee, and other documentation.

Brown University Scholarships (Graduate)

1. Five-Year Guarantee

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition remission, stipend, and insurance subsidies

The graduate scholarships given by Brown University differ by the degree pursued. If you are pursuing a doctoral program, Brown University guarantees that all students will receive full funding, including tuition, living stipend, and health insurance subsidy. Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

While successful applicants get five years of financial support, doctoral candidates in Humanities and Social Science programs will have 6 years of guaranteed aid. The university can provide these supports through several resources, such as the school’s and department’s funds, research funds, and external funds. 

For Master’s students, however, the funding differs according to your departments. Since graduate programs and their funding are not centrally managed, you will need to contact the individual departments for more information. To access the scholarship guide for all applicants, visit the Graduate Scholarships Page.

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Brown University offers fabulous scholarship opportunities for both domestic and international students. There are many other universities in the US that offers the same fabulous scholarships as well.


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