Thinking of taking up a business management short course but can’t quite settle on the ‘right one’? Well look no further, you have come to the right place. For starters, rest assured that you are making the right choice because you couldn’t ask for a better time to begin your academic career in business management. To begin with, a course like this really gives you that extra edge in the competitive market. Similarly, there are other perks, as well. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of a business management short course and about some of the best short courses on the subject!

Advantages of Taking a Short Business Management Course

Now there are a few different advantages to taking up a short business management course. First of all, you can learn to work in groups and be a team player owing to the group projects/engagement opportunities.

It also gives you a good theoretical base to work off of. What we mean by this is that although working practically has its pros, there are some things that you can only learn by enrolling in an academic setting.

Whether you are want to call this an ‘inside look’ into the inner working of business management or a new perspective on the same, it does reward you greatly when you are out working in the field. Not to mention, you will have the added perk of having a degree that will really put you over the top.

Best Short Courses in Business Management to Enroll

1. Events Management

The Events Management course offered at the European School of Economics is a great place for a start if you are looking for a substantial degree to jumpstart your career. This degree, as evident by the title, enables candidates to work on managing formal events, etc. The entire duration of the course is around three months which makes it perfect for candidates that are looking for shorter time commitments. The course is enrolled on a full-time basis, and you have to attend classes on campus. The campus itself spans across several different locations so you will have to keep track of those once you get there.

2. Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management course is also offered at the European School of Economics. Similar to its counterpart, it also lasts about three months and is based on a full-time enrollment program. Classes are held on on-campus spanning some different locations, as mentioned above. This short course in business management itself cater to candidates who are interested in Tourism Studies, and International Marketing in addition to some other add-ons such as E-Business and E-Commerce. At the end of the program, candidates also have the option of choosing whether they want to opt for an internship.

3. Mediation

Another great course is the Mediation program which includes Conflict Resolution as well. The course is offered at the International Career Institute, and candidates are eligible to receive an executive diploma at the end of the duration of the course. Speaking of, the course itself spans over a period of seven months. The duration of the course is a total of one month. On the surface, it may seem like the course does not belong to the arena of business management. However, a degree like this really pays off when you are working for departments such as the human resources division in any company or business.

4. Entrepreneurship Essentials

Entrepreneurship Essentials is offered by the Harvard Business School and is truly in a niche of its own. Spanning over a period of one month, they teach candidates about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. This is done through practical case studies and experiments that are designed to help potential entrepreneurs redefine their business strategies. This short program in business management is part-time so candidates will not have to be present on-campus of all their lessons. With such a short program length as it, along with the part-time facilities, it is a great program for stay-at-home parents and part-time employees as well.

5. Marketing Mix Implementation

The Marketing Mix Implementation course is offered at Coursera in collaboration with the IE – Business School. The main objective of the course is to educate candidates on refining their skills regarding the implementation of efficient marketing strategies. The course spans over about three months, and that too on a part-time enrollment basis. This is another course that is great for stay-at-home parents and part-time employees who are looking to get a degree in their related field or branch out a bit more in the field of business and management in particular.

6. Management

Here’s another business management short course that is regularly offered at the European School of Economics, that is, the short course on management. The course is about three months in terms of duration and requires full-time enrollment. This means that the classes have to be attended on campus. This course caters to Entrepreneurship, International Project/Business Management modules in particular. Candidates are eligible for a full-fledged certification at the end of the course. Another perk for this course is that candidates can choose to stay on once the course has ended to partake in internship opportunities. This makes for a good headway into the practical/field work.

7. Business Architecture

Now onto our last (but not the least) pick. The course of Business Architecture is also offered at the European School of Economics. The duration of this business management short course is a mere three weeks and requires full-time enrollment. Classes would, of course, be held on campus, and campuses may also vary for different candidates depending on the course. The course itself focuses on architectural practices with regards to business and Management in particular. The course encapsulates these two fields pretty well and is a good option for candidates interested in either field and wanting to branch out into something slightly different.


Now all that is left is for you to enroll in one of these courses and you will be up and running on the path of a successful business management degree in no time!


I hope that this article on short courses in business management was helpful. Make sure to check out the Available Business Programs for International Students!