The California State University at San Bernardino, or CSUSB as it is known for short, is arguably the best higher education provider in Southern California. The university’s beginnings can be traced back to mid-1960s, when CSUSB opened its doors for the first time at the foot of San Bernardino Mountains that lent it its name. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at California State University San Bernardino.

Currently, the university has over twenty thousand students, while more than 4,000 students earn their higher education diplomas at CSUSB each year. Its campus spreads on over 400 acres, and is the second safest public university campus in California. The student/faculty ratio is 28 to one, which is not too bad for a public university.

According to information published on the university’s official website, it ranks in the top four percent nationwide in terms of best value for money. More importantly, CSUSB is currently the fourteenth best public university in the U.S. overall. Its current student retention rate is over 80%.

This university has adopted it as its mission to connect through difference and celebrate cultural, ethnic and racial diversity. Of all public universities in the state of California, CSUSB now has the second highest enrollment rates of Hispanic and African American students. They can pursue a degree in one of the university’s seventy graduate and undergraduate programs.

This is one of the best schools in California to study Business and Public Administration. CSUSB’s College of Business and Public Administration has been ranked among the top four most innovative business schools in the USA by the prestigious European CEO Magazine. Marketing, Psychology and Social Sciences are also among the most popular undergraduate majors at CSUSB.

The application process at the California State University San Bernardino is rolling and SAT/ACT scores should be sent in by June 30th. There is an application tax of $55, which is not refundable. For residents of the state of California, the annual tuition fee is about $7,000, while non-residents are required to pay about $13,000 a year. Over 80% of all full-time undergraduate students at CSUSB receive some kind of financial aid, the current amount of which is about $9,500 a year.

If you wonder why the annual financial aid exceeds the tuition fee for California residents, please bear in mind that the latter does not include room and board. For the latest academic year, the price of on-campus accommodation and a meal plan amounts to $12,700.

Acceptance Rate at California State University San Bernardino

For a public state university, CSUSB has rather high acceptance criteria. You are strongly advised to start preparing for college, early as the average GPA is 3.30. The average SAT score that is enough for admission is 1,000, and the average ACT rate is 20. It is interesting to mention here that International Baccalaureate exam scores are also considered for a CSUSB admission.

On the whole, the California State University San Bernardino is a highly-selective higher education institution with a current acceptance rate of 57%. In addition to your ACT, SAT, or IB scores, the admission committee also reviews the applicant’s recommendations and their overall high school performance.


I hope that this article on the California State University San Bernardino acceptance rate was helpful. To know more information on studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students.