Best Canada Scholarships for International Students

Do you want to study in Canada by receiving scholarships? Many international students are deterred from attending universities in Canada because of the high sticker price. Although the tuition may be high, there are many scholarships and bursaries that are available to international students. Many Canadian universities offer international students partial and full-tuition scholarships as well as fully funded scholarships. These allow many international students to achieve their dream of studying at great institutions in Canada.

This is a list of scholarships that are available in Canadian universities. I have included the links and the descriptions. So, if you are interested in any of these scholarships in Canada, you should click the link to get further information about the eligibility and application forms!


Useful Articles on Canada Scholarships

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Study for Free in Canada

This article explains to you on how you can study for free in three steps. If you desire to do so, you should definitely read this article so that you know how to study for free in Canada.


3 Canada Universities without Application Fees

Application fees are expensive and especially when you apply to multiple universities. These Universities in Canada with No Application Fees will help you to cut your cost on paying application fees when you apply to scholarships in Canada.


Universities in Canada with Highest Acceptance Rates

To maximize your chances of studying in Canada, you need to apply smartly. If you apply to only those that are prestigious, your chances of getting accepted is lower. So you should definitely take a look at the 20 Universities in Canada with High Acceptance Rates to maximize your chances of studying in Canada.


How to Study in Canada without IELTS

IELTS is a English Proficiency Exam which measures student’s ability to write, speak, listen, and read English. Some international students do not have a good score, some students have a difficulty taking the test because of where they live, or some don’t even want to study for it. If you are in one of those category of people, you are in luck. Why? Because there are universities that accept students even though the student does not submit IELTS test scores. If you want to see which universities those are, read this article.


22 Cheap Universities in Canada

If you can afford to pay some tuition fees, you need to check out these Cheap Universities in Canada for international students! These institutions provide great education for an affordable price! Also, if you are a great student, they can offer scholarships so that you can study in Canada even more efficiently!


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Scholarships by Degrees

If you want to see the scholarships in Canada for your degree of choice, you should take a look at these pages.


Top Scholarships in Canada Description and Links

University of Toronto

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  • Founded with a royal charter in 1827 as “King’s College”, the University of Toronto has been one of the most renowned Canadian schools for almost 200 years. As a public research university with almost 61,000 students, the university has graduated 4 governors and countless Prime Ministers as well as other political figures. Their endowment is CAN$2.1 billion, and part of it goes to reward many scholarships in Canada for international students.


McGill University

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  • Located in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University is one of Canada’s top coeducational public schools. Founded in 1821 by a royal charter, McGill now is home to 41,000 students. With 5,000 academic staff, the school also has an endowment of CAN$1.6 billion, one of the highest figures in Canada. There are many scholarships that are offered at this Canadian university because of its large endowment. So far, the school has graduated 12 Nobel Laureates and 144 Rhodes Scholars.


University of British Columbia

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  • The oldest higher learning institution in the province, University of British Columbia is home to more than 50,000 students. Those students are led by 14,000 academic staff, and the school is funded by their CAN$1.141 billion endowments. Some part of this endowment goes to award international scholarships in Canada. In 2015, both Times Higher Education and US News & World Report ranked BCU as one of the top twenty public schools on the planet.


Saskatchewan University

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  • The University of Saskatchewan, a public research university, is located in the Saskatchewan province. Founded in 1907, the school boasts over 23,000 undergraduate and graduate students as well as an astonishing endowment of CAN$214 million. Saskatchewan is one of the top research schools in Canada and is a member of the prestigious U15 Group. It offers one of the most generous Canadian scholarships to international students.


Calgary University

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  • With the main campus in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the University of Calgary boasts a research revenue of $360 million annually. Founded in 1966 and now with about 31,000 students, Calgary was ranked as the top school in both the United States and Canada by QS’ World University Rankings in 2016.


Dalhousie University

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  • Founded in 1818 in Nova Scotia, Canada, Dalhousie University offers over 4,000 amazing academic courses of study. These courses are offered to 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and the school has an endowment of $580 million. As a public research university, Dalhousie University specializes in marine biology and offers a great education in majors such as engineering, chemistry, physics, nursing, and humanities.


McMaster University

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  • McMaster University, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is a public research institution that was created with a legislative act in 1887. With an endowment of CAN$704.7 million, there are hundreds of academic courses offered to the 30,000 students currently attending. There are many that attend this school by receiving most generous Canadian scholarships that are available to international students. This school has been recognized internationally because QS ranked the school #140 in their 2018 World University Rankings.


Regina University

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  • A public research university with the main campus in Regina, Saskatchewan, the University of Regina has one of the greatest varieties of study departments in the world. Originally founded in 1925, there are now 15,000 students in attendance. The school’s endowment is $86.1 million.


York University

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  • York University, which is located in Toronto, Ontario, is the third largest university in Canada. With 52,000 students enrolled, there are dozens of prestigious research centers and institutes on their four different campuses. With a $439 million dollar endowment, York has graduated countless famous figures.


University of Waterloo

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  • Found in Waterloo, Ontario, University of Waterloo is a public research university. Founded in 1957, Waterloo was ranked #152 on QS’ World University Rankings of 2018. Recognized for their advanced research, the school has been elected to the U15 Group. The student body consists of 35,000 graduates and undergraduates. Many of these students receive the best Canadian scholarships in many different fields including MBA, medicine, science, and humanities.


University of Alberta

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  • Often referred to as one of the top universities in Canada, University of Alberta has graduated dozens of important political leaders and government officials. First founded in 1908, the school hosts five different campuses for its 38,000 students. Their endowment is one of the highest in the country at CAN$1.02 billion.


Scholarships around the World

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