Case Western Reserve University is located in Hudson, Ohio. The original school building, Western Reserve, was built in 1826. In 1877, Leonard Case Jr. created a secret trust to find a polytechnic school. This school would become the Case School of Applied Sciences, which merged with Western Reserve in 1885. Now, international students are eligible to receive Case Western Reserve University scholarships!

The University has 11,824 students including 5,150 undergraduate students and 6,674 graduate students. There is a huge emphasis on international inclusion at Case Western. Over 20% of the student body is composed of international students from 81 countries. These 11,000 students are taught and managed by excellent 3,501 full-time faculty members and 3,098 part-time staff.

These students and professors are located in many different departments such as law, engineering, arts, nursing, dental, and medical. Recreation is a large part of the day-to-day at the school, with attention on sports. However, the college also offers 90 graduate and 130 student organizations. Greek life is an important part of life at Case Western: there are nearly 40 sororities and fraternities across this campus.

Created in 1836 and comprised of 2,700+ funds, Case Western Reserve’s endowment provides money for much of the college’s affairs. The University issues an annual financial report regarding activities at the school. The endowment totals $1.66 billion. Part of this huge endowment goes to finance Case Western Reserve University scholarships for international students.

Considered to be a great research university, it is no secret that Case Western Reserve University has had a number of notable and accomplished alumni. Among the ranks are fortune 500 founders, professional athletes, lawyers, and CEOs. Among the alumni and staff, past and present, there are 16 Nobel Prize Laureates, including the first American scientist to ever receive the honor. The University, which provides outstanding education, has many successes tied to its name and provides an excellent environment for graduates to flourish.

Case Western Reserve University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

International students can qualify for both their merit and need-based scholarships at Case Western Reserve University. For more information, visit this Scholarships Page. There are some scholarships such as Milton A. Roslyn Z. Wolf Scholarships that offer international students full tuition, room, and board. Students receive such scholarships can study there by just paying for personal expenses.

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Undergraduate Admissions

To apply, you should visit the Admissions Page. This page gives a detailed breakdown of how to apply to Case Western Reserve University for both domestic and international students. So, it gives the different application forms you can use, the different deadlines, supporting documents, and such. You should definitely take a look at this page before you decide to apply.

Case Western Reserve University Scholarships (Graduate)

Although the University webpage does not specify the scholarship rates, it does state that all admitted students will be financially able to attend. That means that the University will give you the money you need if you are offered admissions.

Graduate Admissions

If you are contemplating about applying, you need to visit the Admissions Page. You will the online portal where you can file the online application. Also, they guide you through the whole application process and gives you contact information if you do have any more questions. So, please visit the page if you want to apply for Case Western Reserve University Graduate School.

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