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20 Universities in Canada with the Highest Acceptance Rate

There are many international students who wish to study in Canada for various reasons. Some reasons are that the education is excellent and Canadian diploma is very valuable. It can be difficult to get into Canadian universities because of its competitiveness. However, it is not as competitive as the US universities as you will find in this article. Here's the list of the universities with the highest acceptance rates in Canada. This list is useful if you want to know the universities in which you have the best chances of getting accepted. Why Are Acceptance Rates in Canadian Universities so High? [...]

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15 Universities in USA with the Lowest Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates at top-level universities are primarily determined by the quality of education and the institution's reputation. Prestigious universities tend to be quite selective because they are well-recognized all over the world. The percentage of new admissions also drops because of the high number of applicants, which exceeds the available slots. Therefore, before you decide on which college to apply for, remember to check out its acceptance rate. Universities listed in this article are very competitive, which means you will need to score very high in all relevant tests to have the slightest chance of being considered. Most of them reject [...]

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University of Massachusetts Boston Acceptance Rate

The University of Massachusetts Boston, UMass Boston in short, is a stem of the University of Massachusetts pentad-campus system. It is a public research university positioned in Boston City and was founded in 1964. In this article, we will be looking at the UMass Boston acceptance rate. It was established in response to social turmoil and a vastly growing need for higher education. There was no room to accommodate the surplus 8,000 applicants in UMass Amherst, which was the only UMass institution then. Almost 1,500 of the rejected applicants were from Boston and the majority could not afford a private college [...]

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Wichita State University Acceptance Rate

Wichita State University is a public research institute in Wichita in the state of Kansas, USA. The university is supervised and coordinated by the Kansas Board of Regents, an organization that governs six state universities of Kansas. Wichita State University was established in 1895. At its opening, it was a women-only college and was referred to as “Young Ladies College”. In 1964, the institute was given its current name. The college offers more than 60 undergraduate and 44 graduate programs to a student body of approximately 10,000. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Wichita State [...]

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Oberlin College Acceptance Rate

Founded in 1833, Oberlin College is a liberal arts college and a music conservatory located in Oberlin, in the state of Ohio. In 1837, Oberlin College became the first college in the entire nation to take an anti-racist step by admitting African Americans. The college offers more than 50 majors and 40 minors and concentrations. It is house to approximately 3000 students and stretches on a land of 440 acres. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Oberlin College. The music department of Oberlin College is considered one of the world’s best. Besides musical studies, the [...]

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Wellesley College Acceptance Rate

Wellesley College is a private college for women in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The college specializes in liberal arts and offers 56 majors and over 100 minors in programs like Anthropology, Linguistics, Psychology, History, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The college was established in 1870 but the proper commencement of classes for the first time took place no sooner than 1875. Wellesley College has a huge campus that spans on an area of more than 500 acres and is home to more than 2,500 undergraduate and about 500 graduate students. The campus is a suburban setting with beautiful woodlands and meadows stretching throughout the [...]

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College of Charleston Acceptance Rate

College of Charleston or Charleston College is a public research institute in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Founded in 1770, the university is one of the oldest higher educational institute in the entire nation.  Charleston’s main academic campus is relatively small spanning an area of 52 acres. Besides the main campus, it also has a sailing center and an 860-acre Dixie Plantation near the Stono River. The college is home to more than 10,000 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students pursuing education in more than 900 majors offered at the university. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at [...]

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University of Saint Thomas Acceptance Rate

The University of Saint Thomas is a private liberal arts college located in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1885, the institute has a strong religious affiliation with Roman Catholicism. With an enrollment of more the 10,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, University of St. Thomas has the largest student body in the entire state. The campus has an urban setting and covers a land area of 78 acres. According to National Universities (NU), University of St. Thomas stands at a position of 124 in the United States. The institute is named after Saint Thomas, one of the twelve [...]

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University of California, Merced Acceptance Rate

Located in San Joaquin Valley, the University of California, Merced, is the youngest of the UC's campuses. This public research institution began in 2005 as a solution to lack of a university in California’s most populous region. UC Merced hosts several research centres where students can learn and engage in practical procedures. The university’s buildings are LEED-certified, the only ones among U.S. institutions. This article will provide you with all the necessary information regarding UC Merced and its admission procedures and acceptance rates. Most, if not all, students joining the University of California, Merced, are from within California. The over 7,700 [...]

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Marshall University Acceptance Rate

Located in Huntington, West Virginia, Marshall University is named after former (Fourth) Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall. It started as  Marshall Academy in 1837 but was later renamed Marshall College after raising its academic status to college level. It was finally given the current name in 1961 after being elevated to university status by West Virginia Legislature. Over the years, Marshall University has grown to be one of the best universities with world-class programs. If you are interested in joining Marshall University, you will find this article on Marshall University acceptance rate helpful. The current student body at [...]

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Quinnipiac University Acceptance Rate

Located in Hamden, Connecticut, Quinnipiac University is one of the many U.S. institutions with several ups and downs in their history. Quinnipiac was started in 1929 as Connecticut College of Commerce before being renamed to Junior College of Commerce 1935. Eight years later, the college was closed after a big percentage of its student body joined the Second World Warfighters. Nonetheless, the university reopened two years later enrolled nearly a thousand students in the first academic year. In 1951, it started offering bachelor’s degrees, and its inevitable growth led to another name-change after which it adopted the current name. If you [...]

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Elon University Acceptance Rate

Formerly known as Elon College, the institution began 1889 and was chartered by North Carolina Legislature in the same year. In its early years, Elon University was a small school with only 76 students enrolled. After a fire disaster that destroyed most of the properties, including school records, in 1923, the Board of Trustees agreed to an immediate rebuild. The new constructions are still part of the university’s structures today. Despite the shortcomings, Elon University has continued to grow and is now one of the most successful universities in the country. Are you interested in joining Elon University? Continue reading to [...]

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University of Colorado Colorado Springs Acceptance Rate

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs, or UCCS, is part of the University of Colorado. It was established in 1965 and has since grown to become one of the most admirable institutions in the United States. This public research institution is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its history dates back to 1902 when the current Main Hall was constructed as Cragmor Sanatorium. The committee responsible for the expansion of Colorado University was formed in 1961 and on the same year, it was decided that a new campus would be constructed in Colorado Springs. In this article, we will be looking at [...]

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Evergreen State College Acceptance Rate

Founded in 1967, the Evergreen State College is one of the institutions offering interdisciplinary rather than class-based programs. In such a system, students can study more than one disciplines simultaneously. Also, its curriculum is unique in that there is no strict study plan, and every student can choose a study path that suits them best. This Olympia-based Liberal Arts college was among the “experimental” institutions started in the 1960s and 1970s and is one of the few survivors. Are you interested in joining the Evergreen State College? Read on to find out more information regarding its academic and social life together [...]

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Oakland University Acceptance Rate

Oakland University is a 1,444-acre public and academic institution in a suburban setting. It uses the semester-based calendar and offers at least 130 degrees for undergraduates. Additionally, graduate students have access to further studies in the fields of learning like health, education, business, and engineering. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Oakland University. All students enjoy the camaraderie inside the campus as classes often have less than 35 students. Graduate assistants teach 1% of the total courses. Every year, the university invites corporate employers to interview its students. According to statistics, close to 90% of [...]

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Colby College Acceptance Rate

Colby College is a privately owned liberal arts academic institution offering 30 minors and 54 majors. Upon its founding 1813, its first name was Maine Literary and Theological Institution. Then, before becoming Colby College, its other names were Waterville College and Colby University. The institution got its name from its benefactor, Christian philanthropist Gardner Colby. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Colby College. The school sits in a 714-acre property in central Maine overlooking the Kennebec River Valley and downtown Waterville. The Baptists established the Maine Literary and Theological Institution on February 27, 1813. Then, [...]

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Cleveland State University Acceptance Rate

Cleveland State University (CSU) is a public research academic institution in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 1964, it acquired Fenn College and started classes the following year. Moreover, in 1969, it obtained the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. At present, CSU is a member of the University System of Ohio offering at least 200 academic programs and counting at least 120,000 people as its alumni. This article will discuss the acceptance rate at Cleveland State University. Cleveland State University offers 70 academic majors, two post master’s degrees, 27 master’s degrees, two law degrees, and six doctoral degrees. Also, it has cooperation agreements for research [...]

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Harvey Mudd College Acceptance Rate

Harvey Mudd College (HMC) is an academic institution contiguous to the Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. It’s a private undergraduate engineering and science college that shares resources like campus security, health services, dining halls, and libraries with the other colleges. However, each school has its board of trustees, admissions procedures, faculty, and endowment. Its students can enroll in classes at the other Claremont colleges. HMC got its name from Harvey Seeley Mudd, one of the first investors in the Cyprus Mines Corporations, who died before the academic institution opened. Friends and family of Harvey funded the college and named it in his [...]

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Howard University Acceptance Rate

Founded back in 1867, Howard University is a historically black college in Washington D.C. Its main campus spreads on 250 acres and more than six thousand undergraduates enroll at Howard every year. The university’s campus is easily accessible via the local metro system, and students are also allowed to bring their cars to school after the first year. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Howard University. The university’s academic calendar is semester-based. Howard is currently the 89th best higher education provider in the USA. Two of Its most famous graduates are Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni [...]

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Biola University Acceptance Rate

Ever since its foundation in 1908, Biola University has been offering biblically-centered education, comprehensive spiritual development and all-round vocational preparation within a unique academic community, where all professors, administrative staff and students are practicing Christians. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Biola University. The prestigious U.S. News & World Report has recognized Biola as one of the top 10 universities in the USA for theological studies in Christianity. The overall national ranking of this school is 157th place. Its main campus in La Mirada, California, spreads on just under one hundred acres. Biola University has [...]

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