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7 Cheap Universities in Malta

Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea that welcomes more than one-and-half million tourists every year. But if you come to this beautiful country in pursuit of higher education, you won’t be making a mistake either. Being a part of the British Empire for a hundred and fifty years in the past, the country recognizes English as one of its two official languages. The language is spoken by nearly 90 percent of Maltese. As a result, you’ll find a truly English-speaking environment in the Maltese universities. The cost of living in the Southern European country is also significantly lower [...]

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5 Cheap Universities in New Orleans

New Orleans is internationally known for its abundance of culture, different cuisines, parties and, of course, Mardi Grass. New Orleans is the biggest city in the state of Louisiana with a population of around 400,000 inhabitants. The city is the economic and commercial hub for the Gulf Coast of the United States as it houses a major port. The heart of the city, the French Quarter, is world-famous for its architecture and exciting nightlife, particularly along the famed Bourbon Street. There are many flavours and stories to the city of New Orleans which will never stop evolving. The city has the [...]

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5 Cheapest Universities in Nashville

Going to college or university can be a costly undertaking and going far from home doesn’t appeal to some people. Being the capital of the state of Tennessee, Nashville would be an excellent option for those that live in Tennessee and wish to stay close to home to be close to their family and save a bit of money in the process. As of 2018, the city has around 690,000 inhabitants and is located in the northern middle part of the country. Nashville is known as the capital of music, especially country music, of the world. The city of Nashville houses [...]

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8 Cheap Universities in Cambodia

It’s no secret that higher education is less expensive in Asia than it is in continents like Europe, North America and Oceania. And in Cambodia, you’ll find universities that are very cheap, even by Asian standards. On top of that, most of these universities are located in the country’s capital, Phnom Penh. So, you won’t have to move to a remote area in pursuit of higher education. Although proficiency in the official Cambodian language of Khmer is required, a growing number of universities here are offering education in English these days. So, without further ado, let’s find out more about eight [...]

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5 Cheap Universities in the Bahamas

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas is a group of at least 700 islands – archipelago. It is among the most developed countries within the Caribbean region. Despite being an independent Commonwealth in 1973, the country decided to put the country’s monarchy under Queen Elizabeth. Currently there are at least 900 university students from the United States studying in the Bahamas. Among the best things that attract these students to the Bahamas is the warm weather. The country is also rich in cultural beliefs and traditions that will undoubtedly captivate all visitors. If you are looking for a perfect country [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Madagascar

The Red Island, as it is famously known, is where Asia meets Africa. As an island located in the Indian Ocean – a few miles from the East African coast – Madagascar is a fascinating destination for foreigners. It is one of the most scenic countries and a culturally diverse one as well. The Malagasy (official language) people share some cultural features but are quite different from Southeast Asians and Africans. The blend of Asian and African is one of the unique characteristics of Madagascar that foreigners can experience. In terms of education, Madagascar is a rising star in the provision [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Laos

Being one of the least famous destinations, Laos receives one of the smallest groups of international students. Its history can be traced back to the 1400s during the kingdom of Lang Xang Hom Khao. Laos, however, became an independent state in 1953 under the leadership of a constitutional monarchy. It is among the Asian landlocked countries and consists of a thick and scenic forest. Therefore, if you are a fan of exploration, this country should be among your top picks. What many people like about studying in Laos is the unhurried tempo of life that gives them a perfect environment to [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Malaysia

As prices continue to rise, so does the cost of higher education. Thus, it’s no surprise to know that people prefer to work right after high school because they can’t afford a university education. However, you have an option to study abroad where the costs aren’t as expensive as what you’ll spend in your country. For instance, do you know that you may only pay $500 a year on tuition fees in Malaysia? In Universiti Malaysia Pahang, because it is state-funded, you only spend that amount per year. We listed seven cheap universities in Malaysia where you can enroll to obtain [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Qatar

Your high school diploma can get you some jobs. However, if you want a high-paying one with an opportunity to go up the corporate ladder, you’ll surely want to obtain a university education. You’re not alone because a majority of the global population wants to have a better life. You can decide to study at a local university or opt to earn the diploma abroad. If you’re thinking of studying overseas, why don’t you go to Qatar? Qatar is a small state in the Middle East, but it offers many opportunities for university education. We listed seven cheap universities in Qatar [...]

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2 Cheap Universities in Ivory Coast

Positioned on the southern part of West Africa, Ivory Coast is a country that freed itself from the French colonial rule in 1960. Although the country has an adult literacy rate of below 50 percent, it houses as many as 26 universities. None of these universities are expensive in terms of tuition, but not many of them offer what you would call quality education. However, below we have listed for you two cheap universities in Ivory Coast that do offer quality education. Cheap Ivory Coast Universities 1. Graduate School of Management Annual Tuition for International Students – USD 3,400 to USD [...]

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8 Cheap Universities in Belarus

Belarus has as many as 48 universities, a growing number of which are offering academic programs in English. Tuitions for international students in the Belarusian universities are a lot less than what universities in most other European countries are charging. The cost of living here is also amongst the lowest in the continent. As a result, more than 6,000 international students are coming to the Eastern European country every year in pursuit of higher education. If you are thinking about following their footsteps, here’s a list of eight cheap universities in Belarus that you should know about.   Cheapest Belarusian Universities [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Honduras

Honduras is a small Central American country known for its abundance in mineral resources, coffee, and tropical fruits. In this country that has a literacy rate of nearly 90, there’s just one public university. However, the number of private universities is in double digits. In terms of tuition, most Honduran universities are quite cheap by global standards. However, if you want to pursue higher education in this country, you’ve got to have a good command of Spanish. With Spanish being the official language, there’s hardly any university here that offers programs in English. So, if that’s not a problem for you, [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Estonia

Estonia is an independent country in Europe. It has been populated since the ancient civilizations. Its official language is Estonian. It is a well-developed country. It has a very strong economy. It has a very high rate of human development because of its advancements in the fields of health, economy, arts, education, technology, and research. Estonia's advanced technology is evident from the fact that it was the first state to perform online elections. Its industry mainly produces food, chemicals, construction, and electronic devices & equipment. Most of its industries are present in its capital i.e. Tallinn. Estonia has a well-developed advanced [...]

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3 Cheap Universities in Belize

Belize is a free country, located in Central America, on the coast of the Caribbean. People of many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures live in this country, which makes its society quite diverse. Many different languages are spoken in it, but its national language is English. Its population is very low relative to other countries in the region. Its economy largely depends on agricultural goods, crude oil, fruits and tourism. Belize has the Caribbean Sea on one side and dense forests on the other. Because of the spots like coast, Belize barrier reef, scattered islands, and many excellent recreational sites for [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Lithuania

Lithuania is a well-developed country, located in northern Europe. It is very advanced in the fields of technology and industry. It is one of the countries of Europe that have the strongest economies. It ranks twelfth among the European countries for its economy. Despite being an advanced country, it has relatively lower cost of living than other countries in this region. Most of the terrain of the country is green, and has many forests, hills, rivers, lakes and streams. These salient features make it a great place to live and study. More than 300 different programs that are being offered at [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Senegal

Studying for a university degree in Senegal can be quite diverse and interesting, but it also comes with some challenges. The system is based on the French equivalent and the government is, in theory, committed to ensuring access to higher education for all its population. In practice, however, this is rendered more difficult by the fact that the majority of students in Senegal attend the University of Dakar, putting pressure on the staff there. Moreover, there are many financial challenges for other institutions. However, if you are looking for a higher education degree in Senegal, below are the cheapest universities we [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Macedonia

The Federal Republic of Macedonia is a melting pot of history and cultures. Therefore, studying here is a very interesting experience where you’ll get to learn a lot about the area as well. Furthermore, Macedonia is a relatively poor country compared to the rest of Europe, which makes living costs very low for students. Tuition costs will also be significantly lower than in other countries. Interestingly, Macedonia is very active in attracting international students for its university degrees. Most public universities don’t charge tuition at all, and support visa delivery for international students in an accelerated regime. Lots of degrees are [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Tunisia

Tunisia is a wonderful destination to study, on the North African coast and with a rich heritage from the Romans to Carthage to Islamic arts. It has six universities in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings, as its higher education system has rapidly expanded in recent years. With a rich and diverse culture and many exciting destinations to travel to while you’re in the country, studying in Tunisia would be a great choice. Besides, the cost of living is considerably cheaper than in European universities, whether in the capital city Tunis or in other towns. Moreover, there are no [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Myanmar

After decades of military repressions and power struggle, Myanmar has started opening to the world slowly but steadily. Interestingly, the country now occupies one of the top places in the world in terms of freedom of speech. Until 1989, this Asian country was known as Burma. Even today, Myanmar’s people are referred to as “The Burmese”. In 1989, the military junta that had seized the power from the colonial government renamed the country’s capital from Rangoon to Yangon. Since 2006, Myanmar has had a brand-new capital city called Naypyidaw. Myanmar is the largest landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Currently, it’s got [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country in central Africa. Its capital city is Kigali and it is also known as “The Land of the Thousand Hills”. The climate is hot all year round, as Rwanda lies just 75 miles southwards of the Equator. A recent report of the World Bank also reveals that the country has the second-best business climate in Africa, while Kigali is one of Africa’s cleanest cities. Last but not least, Rwanda is one of the most digitalized countries in Africa. In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to make a short list of seven cheapest universities in [...]

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