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7 Cheap Universities in Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe, also known as “The Country of the 180 Castles”. In fact, it has the highest number of castles per capita in Europe. Another interesting fact is that Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, actually borders two other countries – Hungary and Austria. If you study in Bratislava, you can take a weekend trip to Vienna or Budapest. Since November 2014, all full-time students younger than 26 years of age are eligible to free travel on the national railway system, provided they are permanent residents of the country or another EU member state. If this information makes [...]

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8 Cheap Universities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, one of the most literate developing countries, holds education in high regard. Hence, in addition to offering free primary and secondary education, the South Asian island country enables its public universities to offer free education at undergraduate level to its citizens. For international students, tuition in all public universities is determined by Sri Lanka’s University Grants Commission. At the moment, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law programs at undergraduate level annually cost between USD 3,000 and USD 5,000 in these universities. Bachelor’s programs in the fields of Physical Science, Biological Science, Computing cost USD 6,000 per year. Meanwhile, the [...]

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9 Cheap Universities in Latvia

Latvia stands as an independent country of the Baltic region in Northern Europe since 1991 when it separated from the Soviet Union. Since then, Latvia has experienced changes regarding its economy, which is ranked in the Human Development Index as the 41st on the world. It also has an incredibly rich culture. In fact, Riga, its capital, was the European Capital of Culture in 2014. The word Latvia comes from Latvija, which happens to be the name of Latgalians, an antique tribe of the Indo-European Baltic region. Latvia along with Lithuania is one of the two countries where Baltic languages are [...]

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8 Cheap Universities in New Zealand

If you are looking for an English-speaking country where you will find quality but affordable higher education, New Zealand is probably the best option you’ve got. The island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean ranks 16th in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018 – so, there shouldn’t be any doubt the quality of higher education here. Tuition and cost of living are also lower in this country than in any of the big guns of the English-speaking world. That is probably why around 18 percent of New Zealand’s university students come from outside the country. So, if you are [...]

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6 Cheap Universities in Kuwait

If you are thinking about pursuing higher education in the Middle East, Kuwait is a country you should definitely consider. The country known for its oil reserves houses a number of quality universities and colleges, many of which have affiliations with prominent North American, European and Australian institutions. Tuitions at most Kuwaiti universities and colleges are quite reasonable, while the cost of living here is comparable to that in most European countries. On top of that, it is one of the more liberal and secular countries you’ll find in the Arab world. So, choosing to study in this country won’t probably [...]

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9 Cheap Universities in Serbia

Serbia stands as a mythical place with traces of medieval heritage filling its countryside. From Roman to Byzantine architecture present in many of the royal cities, monasteries, castles and medieval fortifications give the illusion of ancient times. Its dominating geography is of mountains, lakes, hills traversed by rivers, and even Alps in the West and South-West region of the country along with a humid and subtropical climate. Serbian climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and Eurasian landmasses. It offers cold winters and hot humid summers. Serbia is ranked 66th on the Human Development Index, 45thon Global Peace [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Croatia

Croatia is a country located at the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe. Its capital is the city of Zagreb. It limits with the Adriatic Sea and it has a nice warm and rainy continental climate. This country is also one of the richest when it comes to biodiversity in the old continent. Croatian landscapes are breathtaking. Several places of its countryside were sets of the HBO’s famous series Game of Thrones, including the sceneries of King’s Landing, High Garden, Braavos, and Qarth. If we consider these aspects, it is no surprise that tourism is the dominant industry of the third [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Singapore

Singapore is a fast-growing Asian country that quickly became one of the best destinations for both tourists and immigrants. This country doesn’t only have an impressive infrastructure and fun places to visit. They are also known for having very clean streets, a great healthcare system, and one of the best education systems in the world, which is funded by the government. This is why Singapore is a popular and affordable destination for prospective international students. In recent years, Singapore has stood out internationally for its education system. And we aren’t only talking about universities. Little children, teenagers and young people from [...]

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9 Cheap Universities in Moldova

Moldova, also known by its official name of Republic of Moldova, is a country located in Eastern Europe. Its capital is the city of Chisinau, which is situated in the south-central region of the country. The official language in Moldova is Romanian (also called Moldovan). Moldova is a hilly country with a slightly cold climate during autumn and winter, and rather cool in the spring and summer time. It is a landlocked country that borders both Ukraine and Romania. When it comes to its education, their system is divided into pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education. The organism responsible for education [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Hong Kong

Famous for being the city with the largest amount of skyscrapers in the world and having teeny-tiny apartments, Hong Kong is often a dream destination for international students. Along with Beijing and Shanghai, Hong Kong is among the most popular cities in China. It is known for being a multicultural spot with great opportunities for both graduates and students. Friendly immigration policies, different islands to visit, a Disneyland park, countless companies, and dozens of universities are only a few of the reasons why studying here can be a life-changing experience. You will notice that many characteristics of their higher education system [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Austin

Austin, the capital of the Lone Star State of Texas, is one of the student-friendliest cities in the USA. Austin is known as America’s quirkiest city, and the locals’ favorite slogan is: “Keep Austin weird!” When night falls, the streets become vibrant with crowds of young people looking for a place to have fun till dawn. And the city does not disappoint in this respect either – Austin is known as the live music capital of the world. If this sounds attractive to you, we have prepared a list of cheap universities in Austin. Austin’s Seven Cheapest Universities: 1. University of [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Denver

Several of the top universities in the USA for engineering and science programs are headquartered in the state of Colorado. The state’s capital city of Denver is located exactly one mile above sea level. It is very close to the mountains and hence it is the perfect place to study if you want to be able to go for weekend skiing trips during the winter recess. In this article, we will discuss the cheapest universities in Denver for both domestic and international students. At the same time, the locals say that the city gets almost 300 days of sunshine a year [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the major cities of North Carolina, known for a rich heritage of the American Civil War. It is well-known for a number of sports teams and also houses the NASCAR Hall of Fame, so it’s a great destination for sports lovers and its universities have strong sports teams. Charlotte has a mix of private and state universities, with the latter offering quite cheap tuition for in-state residents, but in all cases, you can apply for financial aid to support you in paying for your education. Below are some of the best ranked as well as cheapest universities [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Baltimore

Studying anywhere in the United States can range from a relatively cheap tuition fee if you choose a state college to a very expensive package from the large, private universities. The interesting thing about a state college is that the fees for tuition will be cheaper if you are an in-state student, i.e. if you live in that state already (in this case, Maryland). It is also always worth checking the financial aid guidelines to see if you can apply for a scholarship in order to reduce the cost of your tuition. Best Baltimore Universities with Low Fees 1. Maple Springs [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Pittsburg

Acquiring higher education is a must in today’s world of inflated economy. One needs a college degree not just to expand one’s skillset but also to enter the competition of getting a stable job, to earn beyond the hourly wage. At the same time, it is undeniable that getting into a good college comes with a hefty, burdensome amount attached with it. Especially, in States where the students are weighing if getting in a college with the life-long encumbrance of student loans is really worth it in the end? But in this competitively capitalistic world, missing out on college is more [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Columbus

Columbus is the capital of Ohio, a Midwestern American state. Columbus is famous for being home to one of the largest universities. It is also known for its extraordinary municipal parks system. There are many top-class universities in Columbus that it becomes difficult to choose for students, especially international students. Therefore, this article will help you choose the cheapest yet high quality education universities in this remarkable city. Here is the list of 7 cheap universities in Columbus, Ohio. Cheapest Universities in Columbus 1. The Ohio State University It is one of the ten oldest universities in Columbus. It was established [...]

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7 Cheap Universities in Detroit

A few decades ago, the city of Detroit used to be the capital of America’s automotive industry. However, as Japanese and German carmakers started invading the U.S. market at the beginning of the 2000s, the local car manufacturers succumbed to the pressure from the foreign competitors and went into a sharp decline. The fiscal situation of the city was so bad that in 2013 Detroit became the only American megapolis to have ever filed a Chapter 9 bankruptcy. The city council eventually regained control of the town treasury in November the following year. Now, the city of Detroit has firmly set [...]

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5 Cheap Universities in San Diego

San Diego is a city in the state of California, positioned on the west coast of the United States, close to its border with Mexico. The city nicknamed America’s Finest City is not only a popular tourist destination, but also a great place to pursue higher education. It ranks 76th globally in the QS Best Students Cities 2019. The University of California San Diego (UC San Diego) is the most prestigious university in San Diego, but it also charges a fortune intuitions. However, good news is that there are several other institutions in the same city where you can find quality-yet-affordable [...]

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5 Cheap Universities in Phoenix

Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is one of the United States’ five most populous cities. It is also hottest city in the country, with the summer temperatures climbing above 100 F every now and then. But that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of students from flocking to this city to pursue higher education. And if you want to follow their footsteps and study in Phoenix, good news is that you won’t run short of options. Within 25 miles of the city, you will find more or less 90 universities and colleges. Below, we have listed for you five cheap universities in [...]

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5 Cheap Universities in Houston

There aren’t many cities in the United States as populous and as expansive as Houston, Texas. Nicknamed Space City for housing the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, it is also where you will find the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical complex. The city, thanks to its 300-plus parks, has a larger total area of green space than any of the country’s 10 most populous cities. It is also home to the most ethnically diverse community in the state of Texas. Houston can be a great place for you to pursue higher education as it provides you with a bunch [...]

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