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University of Hong Kong Scholarships 2020

University of Hong Kong is located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong, China. It was founded in 1911 mainly by Governor Sir Frederick Lugard, and it is a public research university. HKU is referred to as one of the top schools in terms of prestige in all of Asia. Top Universities ranks the school #26 on their list of World Universities, as well as 5th on the rankings of Asian Universities. For qualified international students, University of Hong Kong scholarships are being offered to them. If you are interested in getting scholarships from the University of Hong Kong, you should check out the [...]

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Shanghai University Scholarships 2020

As a public research university in Shanghai, Shanghai University is one of China’s top schools. It was founded in 1922, and is a research-intensive comprehensive university. QS World University Rankings has Shanghai University ranked 411th in the world, and as high as 75th in Asia. On QS’ list of young university rankings, the school is ranked 51st globally and 1st in the country. Now, there are many Shanghai University scholarships that international students qualify! There are roughly 37,800 students attending Shanghai University. This consists of 23,000 undergraduates, 12,000 graduates, and about 3,000 other students. They are taught by roughly 3,000 academic [...]

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Tsinghua University Scholarships 2020

Tsinghua University, found in 1911, began from a payment by Theodore Roosevelt on the condition that the funds would be used for students. The University had a short history of merging, closing and reopening before finally resuming normal operation in 1978. It is located in Beijing, China. The main campus is 980 acres. Now, Tsinghua University scholarships for international students are being offered! If you are interested in Tsinghua University scholarhsips, you should definitely know the application requirements and acceptance rates at Tsinghua University. Check out Tsinghua University application requirements and acceptance rate! Just shy of 40,000 students attend Tsinghua, with [...]

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