Study Nursing in China for International Students (7 Steps)

China has been a popular student destination for years. For many reasons, China should be in your top list of Asian schools to pursue a nursing degree. Aside from being a tourist destination for its rich culture and heritage, China is a very affordable country to live in. From living expenses to the cost of tuition, it will definitely suit your financial capacity. To help you save more on the budget, most universities offer scholarships and financial aid. Not only is it affordable, but the quality of education is also at par with international standards. Their nursing curriculum is at three [...]

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Study in China for Free (3 Money-Saving Tips)

China, the most populous country in the modern world, is also one of the fastest in economic growth. It is no secret how much this country, nicknamed the Sleeping Giant, improved in many aspects. It is an excellent destination for ex-pats and investors due to endless business and career opportunities. Its people have been known to be one of the hardest workers in the world, an absolute asset in the country's economic and political rise. Besides work and business, people find themselves drawn to this beautiful country due to its recent focus on tourism. Recently, tourists flock to China's big cities, [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in China

Leaning towards the enhancement of medicine, many people have made their minds and are determined to take the course of the medical fields and finish a degree related to medicine. Getting a degree in medicine or any related courses is the only way of getting employed or getting eligibility to perform medical practices. With that said, if you will end up studying and finishing a degree no matter what happens, get that degree from the best and greatest universities around you and absorb all the knowledge you could get to be the great professional you wanted to be. For this article, [...]

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6 Best Undergraduate Scholarships in China for International Students

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news in the past few years, you’ve probably heard China mentioned. This populous country in the heart of Asia is becoming more of a global superpower every year. Extending its resources and influence throughout the world, China is welcoming more international students than ever with each passing year. In Shanghai, the country’s most bustling city, the cost of living is still about half as cheap as in New York, drawing in more and more cash-strapped students who are eager to explore the varied cultures and historical sites that China has to offer.  Best [...]

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Applying for CASA Scholarships 2020

For international students who are interested in attending a Chinese institution, you should definitely give this application method a try since CASA is a private agency that just handles scholarship applications and admissions applications. Standing for China Agency for Scholarships and Admissions, CASA handles hundreds of scholarship applications and admissions applications for prospective students worldwide. Instead of applying directly to the university, CASA first receives your application, and then, they send it to your designated university. You might think that this method is unnecessary, but there are several good reasons why CASA is a great method to use. 1. Big Problem [...]

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Shanghai Government Scholarships 2020

Shanghai Government Scholarships are being offered to international students. These fully funded scholarships are given to prospective bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students. The Chinese government is generously funding these scholarship programs to increase the number of international students studying at their universities. One of the primary reasons that they are giving out generous scholarships is to increase the diversity of universities in China. So, there are many students that are given this opportunity, and you should definitely consider applying! So, what does the Shanghai Government scholarship cover? It covers basically everything. We will go into details in the next section, but [...]

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How to study in China without IELTS

The number of international students in China has dramatically increased during the last decades. Going from less than 40,000 international students in the 1990s to over 450,000 in 2017, China has positioned within the top 5 study destinations in the world. This is why many universities are including more and more English-taught programs to attract international students. In order to enroll in one of those, IELTS is usually a mandatory requirement. However, here we’ll cover those universities in which there are alternatives to IELTS so you can save some time and money when applying. China’s fast-growing economy, quality universities, and affordable [...]

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3 Chinese Universities without Application Fees

China has become one of the favorite destinations of international students. Besides its economic growth and quality education, Chinese universities have affordable prices compared to those in the U.K. and the U.S. and stimulate the integration of new cultures. However, international students have to pay much more than just tuition, including outbound and return flights, visas, living expense, accommodation, and so on. If you add application fees to that equation, it’s possible that studying abroad becomes impossible for them. In case you want to save some money without sacrificing your possibilities of getting into a university, here we’ll review some Chinese [...]

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is offered for African students as well as for the whole international student body. Some of these scholarships are for African students only, while the greater part of these scholarships is open for international students. Erasmus Mundus scholarships contain a variety of different awards and scholarships for international students. Helpful Posts Here are some helpful posts related to this article: Tuition Free Universities in Europe Free Tuition Universities in USA Tuition Free Universities in Germany Best Government Scholarships for International Students DAAD SCholarships Erasmus Mundus This type of scholarship is offered by EACEA, which is a short term for [...]

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Confucius Institute Scholarship for International Students

Trying to attract top international students worldwide, the Chinese government have implemented a scholarship program called the Confucius Institute Scholarship, and this scholarship is available to international students who are willing to study in China. Having a long history of great dynasties, China has many artifacts and historical buildings that you can visit during your studying in China. In order to fulfill that goal, this post will give great information about the Confucius Institute Scholarship such as the eligibility requirements, deadlines, and other specific details.   Confucius Institute Scholarship Before we talk about the eligibility requirements and all that stuff, let's [...]

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10 Best Universities in China for International Students

Many people long to study in a place full of rich history and legends, and attending one of the best universities in China will fulfill those dreams. Chinese universities are filled with artifacts and historical documents that have lasted for centuries. Filled with numerous dynasties and historical buildings, China has been one of the top places to visit among international students. Because of these great reasons, this post is designated for best universities in China for international students. If you would like to take a look at scholarships in China, visit Best Scholarships in China for International Students!   Helpful Posts [...]

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133 Cheapest Universities for International Students

Most international students are often in need of financial aid, and, in order to cover that need, some universities have lowered their tuition costs. The cheapest universities for international students in the world will cover those universities who have lower tuition and those who also have great scholarships for international students. Some of the universities can have a lower tuition just because of their geographic location, and some can have a lower tuition because they can afford to offer a great education to international students. Let's get into all the universities in the world that offer affordable education. Cheapest Universities in [...]

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How to Apply to Universities in China

China is growing; that much is obvious. However, China is very quickly becoming one of the prime choices for international students looking for reputable universities. By applying internationally, you will be a part of a growing trend seen not only in China, but also in many other eastern Asian countries. The number of international students within China has doubled over the past decade, and China is already the fourth most visited country in the world. With China providing more than hundreds of scholarships for international students, it is no wonder why you are interested. This guide will aid you in getting [...]

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How to Study in China in English

Going to another country to study can be a very fun and unique experience to have. However, English-speaking students may have a hard time transitioning in countries where English isn’t the primary language used. In a lot of Asian countries like China or Japan, communicating in English exists, but not everyone in the population uses or are even familiar with English. For an international student, it can be a tricky situation if he is not familiar with the primary language of instruction. However, do not let that fact deter you from studying abroad. If you want to study in China in [...]

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12 Cheapest Universities in China for International Students

Many international students want to study in China for various reasons. First, there are many high-ranked universities in China. Universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University are one of the highest ranked universities in the world and is in the same league as Harvard and Princeton University. These schools get much funding from different organizations and from the Chinese government. Through this great funding program, they are able to fund their research and also recruit best minds to research at their universities. Second, the tuition in China is cheap. Compared to its equals in the US, universities in China offer equivalent [...]

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China Scholarship Council (Chinese Government Scholarships)

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a nonprofit organization headed by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Education which seeks to provide financial assistance for international study. Institutions of higher learning are quickly recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for students across the globe. By 2016, as many as 300,000 Chinese students studied internationally in the United States alone! With that in mind, studying in China can also be an immensely rewarding experience that offers an international perspective and top notch education. Home to hundreds of universities, China offers top-notch academic and research opportunities for students of all backgrounds. The Chinese Scholarship [...]

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12 Chinese Scholarships for International Students

  Do you want to receive scholarships in China? If so, you should definitely read this article. This article gives you a list of Chinese scholarships and the link to specific information if you want to read more about it. Planning to study in China can be daunting. One of the main concern is the language barrier. This problem can be solved because there are many Chinese universities that offer English-based programs. In graduate studies, most lectures and research are done in English. However, knowing the language does help in communicating with your peers as well as simple tasks such as [...]

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University of Hong Kong Scholarships 2021

University of Hong Kong is located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong, China. It was founded in 1911 mainly by Governor Sir Frederick Lugard, and it is a public research university. HKU is referred to as one of the top schools in terms of prestige in all of Asia. Top Universities ranks the school #26 on their list of World Universities, as well as 5th on the rankings of Asian Universities. For qualified international students, University of Hong Kong scholarships are being offered to them. If you are interested in getting scholarships from the University of Hong Kong, you should check out the [...]

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Shanghai University Scholarships 2020

As a public research university in Shanghai, Shanghai University is one of China’s top schools. It was founded in 1922, and is a research-intensive comprehensive university. QS World University Rankings has Shanghai University ranked 411th in the world, and as high as 75th in Asia. On QS’ list of young university rankings, the school is ranked 51st globally and 1st in the country. Now, there are many Shanghai University scholarships that international students qualify! There are roughly 37,800 students attending Shanghai University. This consists of 23,000 undergraduates, 12,000 graduates, and about 3,000 other students. They are taught by roughly 3,000 academic [...]

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Xiamen University Scholarships 2020

Located in Xiamen of Fujian province, Xiamen University is the first Chinese university that was founded by overseas Chinese citizens. Tan Kah Kee founded the school in 1921 as Amoy University, but it was later changed. Nature Index has ranked XU in the top 100 worldwide schools and top 10 in just China. Xiamen University is currently offering scholarships to international students who wish to study in China! The population of the school is just over 28,000, with 18,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduates. The school’s prestigious programs have led to a plethora of students going for top degrees, with 1,500 currently [...]

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