Peking University Scholarships 2020

Peking University, a member of the prestigious C9 League, is a major research university located in Beijing. The school was founded in 1898 as a replacement for Imperial College, and was the highest administration for education at the time of its founding. The school is consistently ranked in the top 20 universities in the world and 2 in Asia by Times Higher Education’s rankings, and as high as #41 by US News and World Report. Now, Peking University scholarships are available to help international students finance their education! There are 30,240 current students at Peking, with about 15,000 undergraduates and the [...]

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Tsinghua University Scholarships 2020

Tsinghua University, found in 1911, began from a payment by Theodore Roosevelt on the condition that the funds would be used for students. The University had a short history of merging, closing and reopening before finally resuming normal operation in 1978. It is located in Beijing, China. The main campus is 980 acres. Now, Tsinghua University scholarships for international students are being offered! If you are interested in Tsinghua University scholarhsips, you should definitely know the application requirements and acceptance rates at Tsinghua University. Check out Tsinghua University application requirements and acceptance rate! Just shy of 40,000 students attend Tsinghua, with [...]

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Jiangsu University Scholarships 2020

Jiangsu University is a doctoral research university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. Founded in 1902, it began as Sanjiang Normal School. In 1978, it became Jiangsu University of Science and Technology as a part of the movement by the State Council. In 2001, the Ministry of Education of China allowed it to merge with the Zhenjiang Medical and Zhenjiang Teacher's colleges. The college has two campuses and one international satellite school, the Confucius Institute, co-founded by Graz University. Jiangsu University scholarships are being offered to international students who wish to study in China. The University is home to 34,000 students, [...]

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Shandong University Scholarships 2020

Shandong University, also referred to as SDU, is a public comprehensive university that is located in Shandong, China. It was founded in 1901 as the second modern national Chinese university and is a member of many prestigious groups such as Project 985 and Project 211. It is also classified by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a National Key University, and QS has ranked it in as high as #551 in their World University Rankings. Now, Shandong University scholarships are being given to international students! It is one of China’s largest universities, as about 57,500 students attend SDU. This figure amounts [...]

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Beihang University Scholarships 2020

Beihang University, located in the city of Beijing, is a major public research university. The school was established in 1952 as the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a merger of several different universities (later changed to Beihang University in the 1990s), and is ranked by US News & World Report at the #453 spot on the list of Best Global Universities. The school is a member of the prestigious Project 211 and Project 985 groups, which are the top Chinese public universities. Now, Beihang University scholarships are available for international students! About 22,000 students attend Beihang University. That figure [...]

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Hong Kong PhD Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded)

The Hong Kong Government is inviting all the qualified international students to apply for the government-funded Ph.D. scholarships in Hong Kong. With this scholarship, you will be able to study in any of the eight universities in Hong Kong fully funded. The eligible universities are City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and The University of Hong Kong.    The specific organization that is offering the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship is Research Grant Council of Hong Kong [...]

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Shaanxi Normal University Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded)

Shaanxi Normal University is an excellent university in China. It is a key university in China's "211 Project", a Chinese government initiative to rank Chinese Universities higher in the global rankings. There is a total of 12,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students spread across campuses around the world. These students are taught by the world-class faculty who have studied in the best universities in the world.    Shaanxi Normal University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate)  San Qin International Student Scholarship of Shaanxi Province  Scholarship Amount Ph.D.- 25,000 yuan per year  Master's- 20,000 yuan per year  Undergraduate- 13,000 yuan per year  Eligibility- Non-Chinese with a foreign passport, applicants [...]

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