7 Best PhD Scholarships for International Students in France

Pursuing a doctorate in France is an excellent studying opportunity, as French universities have a long tradition of research in the social sciences, humanities and arts, as well as science and technology. There are a wide array of universities offering interesting PhD opportunities from an entry level, or otherwise in continuation of a Master’s degree. The large majority of French students tend to pursue a five-year course of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees together, and then either continuing on to the PhD within the same university or going into the workforce. Alternatively, it is quite common for a Master’s student to continue [...]

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17 Best Universities in France for International Students

When it comes to higher education, countries within Europe have already become a popular study destination for prospective students. This comes as no surprise seeing as multiple countries offer an enriching environment for students, coupled with exposure to different cultures and histories within global hubs. One such example is France. In addition to being a top country for international students to study in, France is a common destination for exchange students who wish to experience studies in one of the most diverse European countries in the continent. Currently, there are 30 universities in France that are listed in the QS Global [...]

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is offered for African students as well as for the whole international student body. Some of these scholarships are for African students only, while the greater part of these scholarships is open for international students. Erasmus Mundus scholarships contain a variety of different awards and scholarships for international students. Helpful Posts Here are some helpful posts related to this article: Tuition Free Universities in Europe Free Tuition Universities in USA Tuition Free Universities in Germany Best Government Scholarships for International Students DAAD SCholarships Erasmus Mundus This type of scholarship is offered by EACEA, which is a short term for [...]

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Eiffel Scholarship for International Students

In order to attract the top foreign students, the country of France has created a scholarship to fund the studying in France, and because of this scholarship, many international students have received education at France at a cheaper cost. Also, remember that not only the application process is an important part, but students who are willing to study abroad should be getting a high GPA, good standardized test scores, and also extracurricular activities. Since you need to prove your English proficiency, don't forget to take TOEFL or IELTS. Most French universities require GRE, GMAT, or LSAT for certain graduate programs, so check [...]

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