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DAAD Scholarships for International Students

Germany is well-known for being one of the most prestigious countries in which to obtain a diploma. They have an excellent education system, a strong curriculum, and well-educated staff and professors. Because of the multicultural climate, selective schooling, and high job rates, international students adore Germany. Almost all universities offer any or all of their courses in English, which can be extremely useful. However, German remains the official language, and several schools encourage students to pass a language proficiency examination. Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF) is the official test that you will take in your country to demonstrate your competence in [...]

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Korean Government Scholarships for International Students

Korea is quickly becoming one of the most popular studies abroad destinations for foreign students. This is not shocking given that Korea's education system is excellent, the costs are more than reasonable, and universities and the government have several scholarships and awards to assist international students. Korean schools are becoming increasingly common as the country is regarded as highly safe and inexpensive. Student satisfaction is also very high, owing to low costs, excellent schooling, a wide range of cultural experiences, and, of course, the delicious Korean cuisine. The Korean government, on the other hand, is heavily involved in education promotion and [...]

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Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT Scholarships)

If you want to pursue your education in a creative and modern country, Japan might be the place for you. Universities in Japan have it all: a world-class academic infrastructure, incredible research opportunities, and proven groundbreaking programs. They are particularly welcoming to international students, who are seen as contributing to the multicultural environment and promoting free thought. Japan is regarded as one of the best nations in the world, with relatively low crime rates. This is one of the most critical considerations for international students. In addition to being very polite and encouraging, the Japanese have fantastic scholarships and grants to [...]

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Chevening Scholarships for International Students

Established in the year 1983, Chevening is the UK's premier scholarship and fellowship program. It aims to help future global leaders to study in the country, thus enabling them to join a professional community that will help change the world. Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, it offers 2 awards, namely the Chevening Scholarship and the Chevening Fellowship. Recipients of both are chosen by British embassies and commissions all across the globe. In this article, we will be looking at the Chevening scholarships for international students. Chevening Scholarship Amount The Chevening Scholarship is open to qualified students who wish [...]

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Vanier Scholarships for International Students

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) program, which was launched in the year 2008, aims to attract qualified doctoral students to study in any of Canada’s top institutions. Named after the first Francophone Governor General of Canada Major Gen. Georges P. Vanier, the competition is launched to help establish Canada’s role as a global center for research excellence. The Vanier CGS program is overseen by 3 of Canada’s research-granting agencies, namely the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). In this article, we will be [...]

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Fulbright Scholarships for International Students

Fulbright is a program that gives applicants the golden chance to study and conduct research in the US. It works on the tenet of diversity, which means opportunities are open to all applicants regardless of sex, race, color, ethnicity, religion, or location. Proposed in 1945 by Senator William Fulbright, the student exchange program previously used surplus war property for its finances. Today, it is funded by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The Fulbright program, which is administered by US Embassies or Fulbright Commissions, offers various programs for Foreign Students, Teachers, Artists, Visiting Scholars, and Scholars in Residence. In this [...]

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Romanian Government Scholarships

The government of Romania is pleased to offer fully funded scholarships for undergraduate, Master's, and PhD students. These Romanian Government Scholarships cover full tuition and accommodation for all degrees! Let's take a look at specific details of this wonderful scholarship program.   Helpful Posts Here are some helpful posts to help you study abroad with scholarships: Best Government Scholarships for International Students 17 Free Tuition Universities in Germany Best Scholarships in Europe for International Students   Romanian Government Scholarship Award Amount This government scholarship covers full tuition, accomodation, and monthly stipend for undergraduate, Master's, and PhD Programs. The monthly stipend depends [...]

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Shanghai Government Scholarships

Shanghai Government Scholarships are being offered to international students. These fully funded scholarships are given to prospective bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students. The Chinese government is generously funding these scholarship programs to increase the number of international students studying at their universities. One of the primary reasons that they are giving out generous scholarships is to increase the diversity of universities in China. So, there are many students that are given this opportunity, and you should definitely consider applying! So, what does the Shanghai Government scholarship cover? It covers basically everything. We will go into details in the next section, but [...]

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Turkey Government Scholarships for International Students (Fully Funded)

Government Scholarships in Turkey is currently being offered to international students. This initiative was started by the government of Turkey to bring qualified international scholars from all over the world to study in Turkey. This way, Turkey can be a step closer to being a more global country. This Turkey Government Scholarship is highly favored by international students because it has a lower bar than many other government scholarships such as Fulbright in the US and Vanier in Canada. Also, it has a very, very generous scholarship program for international students including one-year of language course! And last, it funds many [...]

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10 Short Course Scholarships for International Students

When it comes to further education, degrees are not the only option that prospective students should be able to consider. If students are interested in gaining practical skills or professional development without any simple educational credentials, non-degree options can be considered. These can include short-term courses, certificate programs, diplomas, and several more. In addition to this, finances are definitely a big factor to be considered. Fortunately, there are multiple ways of funding non-degrees, particularly through financial bursary schemes or scholarships. In this article, we will take you through several examples of short course scholarships that will assist you with funding your [...]

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Indian Government Scholarship for Studying Abroad

This post is only for Indian students, and we are focusing on scholarships from the Indian government that supports Indian students. Again, this post is not for every international student, but only students from India can benefit from this post. Sorry to say, to all international students, but there are plenty more posts that you can find on our website at   Government Scholarships for Indian Students These scholarships are offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and by the Department of Higher Education of India, and most scholarships are for graduate programs. Some of these scholarships are offered [...]

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Top 10 Scholarships for Developing Countries

There are many universities and programs that offer generous scholarships for developing countries. This is a list of top scholarships that are offered to students from developing countries. So if you are one of them, I hope that this list helps you in your journey to scholarships! Please bear in mind to check the application dates by going to official website that are linked within this article. Since the deadlines that are posted here might change, the best place to look for requirements and application dates are the official website!   1. Wells Mountain Initiative Award The Wells Mountain Initiative offers [...]

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China Scholarship Council (Chinese Government Scholarships)

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a nonprofit organization headed by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Education which seeks to provide financial assistance for international study. Institutions of higher learning are quickly recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for students across the globe. By 2016, as many as 300,000 Chinese students studied internationally in the United States alone! With that in mind, studying in China can also be an immensely rewarding experience that offers an international perspective and top notch education. Home to hundreds of universities, China offers top-notch academic and research opportunities for students of all backgrounds. The Chinese Scholarship [...]

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Swiss Government Scholarships (Fully Funded Ph.D and PostDoc)

Swiss Confederation awards scholarships to foreign artists with bachelor's degree and scholars who hold at least a Master's degree. The aim of this scholarship is to promote international relationships with different countries around the world and to attract high-achieving scholars to study in excellent Swiss universities.  Helpful Posts Here are some helpful posts related to this article: How to Study in Switzerland for Free Best Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students Best Government Scholarships Free Universities in Europe Free Universities in Germany   Two Types of Swiss Government Scholarships  Research Scholarships This scholarship is offered for students who hold at least a master's degree and wish [...]

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Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program (Fully Funded Post-Doctoral)

Fulbright Program is an exchange program run by US government to promote mutual understanding between nations. It consists of many core programs such as the Fulbright Foreign Student Program that allows graduate students to pursue education in US fully funded. One of the core programs is the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program. This program allows scholars you have already earned a doctorate degree to conduct post-doctoral research and/or teach at US Universities fully funded. The duration of this scholarship is a semester to a year. Each year, over 800 students from over 155 eligible countries receive this scholarship to conduct research or lecture [...]

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Community College Initiative Program (Fully Funded)

Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) is a one-year program that allows students from various countries to study in an undergraduate program at different community colleges in America. Since 2007, nearly 2,100 students from 15 different countries were awarded this scholarship, which enabled them to study fully funded and receiving an excellent education. Through Community College Initiative Program, students will develop leadership, professional skills, and English language proficiency. They will also learn the culture of America through interacting with American students and professors. The scholarship awards, eligibility, and the application process are different for each country. To get the specifics for each country, contact the US [...]

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Humphrey Fellowship Program (Fully Funded)

Humphrey Fellowship Program is a scholarship program started by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 to promote international cooperation. Since 1978, more than 5,600 scholars from 57 countries studied in the 14 US colleges and universities. Currently, more than 200 fellowships are awarded every year. Humphrey Fellowship Program fully funds a year of graduate non-degree experience in the US. The scholarship is funded primarily by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs which is a part of US Department of State. Other organizations and companies help support this scholarship also. Through this program, the fellows develop leadership and form professional relationships with other Humphrey Fellowship Fellows. Not only [...]

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