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How to Get Fortnite Scholarships!

Video gaming can have a notorious reputation, especially amongst parents. However, this does not go to say that these activities have no positive ways of helping. In fact, did you know that video gaming is fast becoming an increasingly common way to fund for college or university? Known as e-Sports scholarships, these focus on providing funding for prospective students who have a natural aptitude towards gaming. In fact, well over 200 universities in the US actually offer a grand total of $15 million annually for e-Sports scholarships. In return, the university receives an influx through tournaments showcasing their gaming elite. One [...]

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12 Best First-Generation Scholarships

First-generation or “first in family” scholarships are awarded to individuals who are the first in their immediate family to study at some type of college or university, typically for the pursuit of a four-year degree. Many such scholarships are set aside for those of a particular cultural heritage or ethnicity or for women, and many such scholarships have academic or financial needs requirements as well. If you’re the first in your immediate family to attend college or are looking for financial aid for your son or daughter, check out some of the most well-known first-generation scholarships for which you might be [...]

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14 Best Scholarships for Women in STEM

Many female high school students consistently earn high test scores in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) classes. However, only about 13% of women hold jobs in careers related to those subjects. One reason for this disparity is that women are still typically paid less than men, and especially in STEM-related fields. Women might also face discrimination in the hiring process in such industries. In turn, many females leaving high school and entering college might be discouraged from pursuing secondary schooling in STEM-related fields, and even more so if they struggle with financing for their schooling! To combat this inequality in [...]

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