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5 Best Medical Schools in Chicago

Chicago is an excellent environment in which to pursue medical studies, both graduate and undergraduate. With so many medical facilities, the area is actually considered to be a medical “zone.” Students will find ample opportunity to engage with some of the most experienced professionals in the field and to develop their own skills under the tutelage of one of the following fine medical institutions! Best Medical Schools in Chicago 1. University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine For a medical school, Pritzker has an admirably small class size of just under 90 students. This means that students not only get to [...]

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The Best Medical School in San Francisco

In this article, we will be looking at the best medical school in San Francisco, which is UCSF! 1. The University of California, San Francisco UCSF is a top-ranked medical school located in the bustling city of San Francisco. It is considered to be one of the most highly esteemed medical and science universities in the world. Previously, the school also ranked as the eighth best hospital in the nation. The school was originally founded in 1864 as the Toland Medical College. This founding was inspired by the  period of overcrowding and unhealthy living conditions of Gold Rush era San Francisco. [...]

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MBBS in Russia

Deciding to pursue a medical degree is not an easy thing to do. There are so many factors that students have to keep in mind while deciding if they want to start studying medicine or not. Some of these include the sheer hard work it takes to complete an MBBS degree, the high tuition fees that have to be taken care of, and whether they can get into an institute that provides quality education or not. Many people who are looking for such universities may realize that their own countries don’t have a lot of affordable or high quality medical schools. [...]

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6 Cheap MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS from Ukraine is one of the most sought-after medical degree programs in all of Eastern Europe. This degree program has progressively attracted students from various countries for multiple reasons. Two of the primary reasons for the high attractiveness of Ukraine’s MBBS are its affordability and high-quality. Prospective students can acquire an MD/MBBS degree in Ukraine in almost six years at a fraction of the cost of doing MBBS in the US, UK, or Australia. Moreover, unlike many other countries, Ukraine has made it extremely easy to secure admission to a high-quality medical university. Getting into a Ukrainian medical university doesn’t [...]

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MBBS in China

For any student thinking about pursuing their studies in a foreign country, China should be on the list as their destination of choice. Not only is China one of the largest economies in the world, it is also a country that is making a lot of progress in terms of providing education to students from around the world. But what about doing your MBBS from China? Studying medicine in a foreign country can be a very different thing than studying another subject in a different country simply because of different technologies and protocols in place. However, since China is a massive [...]

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MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country that is located in Eastern Europe. It is the second-largest country on the European continent, after Russia. Ukraine shares a border with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. It is one of the most scenic states in Europe and is ranked at 4th on the list of European states producing the most number of postgraduate students in the field of medical sciences. In recent years, the country has increasingly garnered attention from international students, who prefer to study in Ukraine for its quality of medical education, affordability, and modern lifestyle. Successive governments of Ukraine in [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the second-largest city in the state after Philadelphia, and has a metropolitan population of about 2 million people. It is not a massive city by any American standards, but it has become known as the “Steel City” during its development of steel-related businesses. It’s also called the “City of Bridges” as it has 446 bridges, being located at the confluence of three rivers. Nowadays, a large number of technology companies dominate Pittsburgh life, from Google to Apple to Facebook and Microsoft. The area is rich in universities and colleges, and in 2015, Pittsburgh was voted in the “eleven [...]

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5 Best Medical Schools in Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in the US state of Michigan and a vibrant hub for art, design and music, but also for university life. There are many universities such as Wayne State University, a national research university with medical and law schools and the biggest in the area. The University of Michigan and Michigan State University have campuses sprawled over a number of neighborhoods of the city as well as other smaller towns and cities around Detroit. Medical schools specifically are well represented here and work closely with the communities and hospitals, giving students a real opportunity to practice and [...]

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Best Medical School in Seattle

Seattle is beautiful city famous for its music and food scenes. Because of this it attracts many tourists and students alike. Choosing to study medicine in Seattle can leave very few options, in terms of establishments. However, what the city lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. The University of Washington has a unique medical school that attracts many students from across the globe. The school can offer unique experiences that few others, in the US, can. Seattle Medical Schools 1. University of Washington School of Medicine – Seattle Campus The University of Washington medical school was founded in [...]

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2 Best Medical Schools in Atlanta

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia (US state) and is richly populated. History shows that the city rose from ashes after it was burnt entirely during the Civil War of America. This city struggled and brought advancements in the fields of education, technology, and research. These developments have made Atlanta city, the center of the world. It is a very busy city, as it is evident from the fact that its international airport has the largest traffic of passengers in the world. Atlanta has great influence in global commerce, media, art, entertainment, and technology. It is ranked 15th globally and 10th [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio, is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the US and one of the fastest growing cities in America. It has a very active arts and culture scene while also being known for its exceptional science museum and a whole host of great restaurants and neighborhoods. Living in Columbus is cheaper than the average cost of living in the US and it is voted consistently as an attractive place for families to live. Studying medicine in Columbus, you will have access to a range of medical facilities and hospitals for practice, and also rely on a strong transport network. Read [...]

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Best Medical Schools in Denver

Located in the South Platte River Valley, Denver is a city with a population of over 716,000. Named after the fifth Territorial Governor of Kansas James W. Denver, it is the capital of the state of Colorado. Due to having an official elevation of precisely one mile above sea level, it is often called the Mile High City. Ranked frequently as one of the healthiest cities in the United States, Denver houses a quality medical school that has been around for a really long time. Let’s learn more about this medical school below. Study Medicine in Denver 1. University of Colorado [...]

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2 Medical Schools in New Orleans

Getting admitted to medical school is one of the toughest educational challenges students have to face. There are many applicants that want to get into the best school and there is only a limited number of students that the schools can accommodate. Once you do get into the school of your dreams, you face even more challenges related to the quality of teaching, the people around you, and the facilities and opportunities your school provides. That is why it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the different options you have at your disposal as far as choosing a medical [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Austin

With a population of over 964,000, Austin is the second-most-populous state capital in the United States. US News & World Report recognizes this city as the No. 1 place to live in the entire country. If you are considering Austin as the destination for your medical education, you might be a little disappointed to know there’s just one medical school in the city. However, there are two other medical schools that are sited within a hundred miles of the Texan capital. Below, you will find more information about the three medical schools in and near Austin. Medical Schools in and near [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a haven for international students. It is sat in one of the most liberal and largest states in America and has been continuously attracting students from around the world to study there because of its vast range of degree programs on offer. Los Angeles has some of the best medical schools in the US and they have access to some of the best facilities in the world. Students who get placements at the schools listed are guaranteed to receive a degree that is both nationally and internationally sought-after. Los Angeles Medical Schools 1. David Geffen School of Medicine [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the capital of the USA, is full of history, museums, arts, politics, and culture. It is a densely populated area and is a great tourist point. People from all over the world go to Washington, D.C. which includes students, tourists, and commuters. More than 170 foreign embassies and many other international agencies and organizations have their headquarters situated at Washington, D.C. From the educational perspective, the city houses about 18 institutions for higher education. Out of these 18 institutions, 3 are medical colleges which are all private. These medical schools are part of George Washington University, Georgetown University, and [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Tennessee

In today’s world, settling down on a career choice seems like an extremely daunting task to young students simply because there is so much to choose from. There are a plethora of fields that are ever-evolving and this appeals to students today because they don’t want to get stuck in a career with no room for innovation and new findings. But despite all the hot new fields of study, medicine remains a very strong choice even today because it’s one of those fields which never stop growing. There are always new challenges to tackle and new things to discover and invent. [...]

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3 Best Medical Schools in Houston

Houston is a richly populated city in the US region with a population of about two and a half million. Its name comes from the former American General Sam Houston. It is considered a trading center and a pillar of the economy of Texas. Houston is a well-developed city, as it has the most advanced industry and technology. The presence of organizations like the Texas Medical Center, Johnson Space Center, and the Port of Houston make Houston stand out. Houston is at a leading position in the fields of energy, aeronautics, health, research, and transportation. About 8 million tourists and visitors [...]

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7 Cheap Medical Schools in India

If you’ve been wanting to pursue a career in medicine, you must already know how expensive this field of study can get no matter where you are in the world. Medical schools are notoriously expensive in all parts of the world except public ones. The problem with public medical schools is that usually they have very limited number of spots for students and can be very difficult to get in as a result. That leaves students with private schools only which charge too much. Luckily, in countries like India, there are a few private medical universities and colleges that are somewhat [...]

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7 Cheap Medical Schools in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries where parents usually expect their children to study either engineering or medicine. Well, not so often anymore because now there’s a lot of other fields of study that are being explored here by young people. However, a large number of people still want to study medicine because it is a very rewarding career to choose both from a personal point of view and a financial one. However, as in most other countries, it’s not easy to get accepted to medical school in Pakistan, especially if you’ve got your eyes on a public institute. These public [...]

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