Study Nursing in Australia for International Students (7 Steps)

Nursing has always been among the top choices of international students. Aside from the high salary and great benefits, pursuing a career in nursing opens to many doors in different nursing fields like in the hospital, education, neonatal care specialization, community health nursing, elderly care, and much more. If you plan to study nursing in Australia, it is a great place for education. The country is internationally recognized for specializing in nursing for its quality education. Available degrees are undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees, all of which are studied in the English language. If you wish to work in Australia, there [...]

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Study Nursing in Italy for International Students (7 Steps)

If you are considering nursing studying in Italy, you have got nothing to worry about Italy's quality education with its renowned international universities. It is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. Aside from its rich, cultural heritage, you will dive into the country's local cuisine, fashion district, and most especially its outstanding historical architecture. Moreover, studying nursing in Italy can give you the chance to travel to other EU countries with just a train ride. It's no wonder why many international students choose to pursue their education here. Pursuing a nursing degree in Italy is possible since many top Italian [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Ireland

Irish nursing programs are among the best in the world and lead in research and practical training alike. In addition to getting a high-quality education in nursing, studying in the Republic of Ireland also grants students with a degree recognized across the European Union and with the mobility associated with that, as well. While aging populations across Europe make nursing an in-demand profession, investment in facilities, university hospitals, and private and public care institutions is growing in every European country. This means that training to become a nurse in Ireland will give you a good grounding in a well-respected career, while [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Finland

In order to become a nurse in Finland, you need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care, which then gives you the opportunity to become a registered nurse roughly after 3 and a half years. To become a public health nurse, you’ll need to study for four years. There is currently a shortage of nursing personnel in Finland, similar to many countries in Europe. Consequently, this is a sought-after position and a well-respected degree. Like in a few other European countries including Germany, a nursing degree is offered by the universities of applied sciences in Finland. Here are some of [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in the United States

Qualifying as a nurse in the United States is possible via multiple options, starting with an Associate Degree which can pave the path for an entry-level position. Other options include studying for a Bachelor of Nursing Science, or the more popular, which includes finishing an undergraduate degree and following up with a Master’s in Nursing in a nursing school. The top schools for nursing in the US include the same ones as you would expect for medical studies in general. They are highly selective and offer great facilities and opportunities for research as well as practical learning. Here is a guide [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Norway

For a country offering a completely free education like Norway, it is not surprising how many international students want to go to the country and pursue their studies. Mostly, college students who want to earn their degrees but have limited financial capacities are the ones who apply for an education slot in the country. Of course, free education means you have a wider set of courses or areas of specialization to choose from. You might try going to engineering school, or maybe do arts and literature, try for science courses, or, of course, try if the field of medicine works for [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Poland

In our modern times, almost everyone has finally started to have a grasp of the importance of healthcare not only for themselves but also for the people around them. For this reason, many healthcare systems of different countries have started to revise and improve their programs and systems for the benefit of the public. Moreover, they made sure that the workforce intended for healthcare and medical assistance is skillfully trained and equipped with the best medical tools and equipment in a good facility. To make these things possible, these countries have allocated more budget to their ministries of health. Moreover, universities [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Singapore

It is known to the world that the oldest people could be found mostly in Asia because of the unique and healthy lifestyle they are practicing. Many people from Asian countries have lived most of their lives healthy and active. This is the reason why a huge part of the population of Asia is composed of the elderly. They are the next rapidly rising population group from the working or employment population. With that said, this has also become an opportunity for employment for the younger generation. As the awareness of the importance of nursing rises, the number of people, mostly [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Australia

Australia has especially high demand for nurses and therefore nursing schools there have high standards and are a great place to being your career in healthcare if you want to specialize in nursing. As hospitals and healthcare facilities continue to grow, especially in light of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, demand for nurses will also stay consistent. Working as a nurse or midwife in Australia will therefore continue to be a very viable career path, after studying on the of courses included below. There are several pathways to becoming a nurse, from starting off with a Diploma/Certificate in Nursing to completing a [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Korea

With its high living standards and significant investment in education and health services, the combination of these makes South Korea an ideal place to study nursing and practice as well. In order to become a nurse in South Korea, you have a choice of obtaining an Associate degree and becoming a registered nurse at the entry level, or you can study for a Bachelor’s degree and go on to postgraduate study with a particular specialization as well. South Korea is also a great destination for nursing studies as it will allow you to practice internationally and obtain your degree without speaking [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Belgium

Being an industrially and economically successful country, Belgium is the best country to start any career, including nursing. Nursing as a career in Belgium is one of the good-paying professions because it involves public health, therefore, becoming one of the most important professions in the country. However, even though it is an honorable job with good benefits in a great economic environment, nursing is only offered at several universities in the country because most of the applicants for this course are international students. But, according to the data of Europe, the number of nurses training in Belgium is relatively more than [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Germany

Among European countries, Germany not only has a high standard of living and invests significantly in the public health system, but it also has a strong reputation for technical and specialist education (the Technical University of Munich being a world-renowned institution for specialist doctors, engineers, physicists, etc.). This is what makes Germany a great place to study nursing, especially if you aim to practice it there as well. In most cases you will need to speak fluent German to enroll in any of the below programs, so please bear that in mind. The best places to look for nursing programs are [...]

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Study Nursing in Korea for International Students (7 Steps)

Why choose Korea? Korea has been a popular destination nowadays. From local food to pop culture, there is always something trendy and quirky to look forward to in Korea. For many practical reasons, the country is the most suitable place to live and work for its low cost of living and advanced technology. The weather is also just right for any seasoned traveler. It can get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, any season that fits every person. Aside from that, Korea’s educational system is highly competitive with international educational standards. You can expect top universities that are [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in the Netherlands

Although unnecessary, many people want to help or give back to their community, especially if it is a community that molded them into what they are now. Some people look at their community as a place where they have been nurtured and a place where they have grown. Because of that, many people find ways to make their community prosper and progress. Some have tried to enter politics and fix the system and administration for better leadership and management of the community. Some have tried to expand and establish more businesses to improve the economic state of the community. Some just [...]

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Study Nursing in Poland for International Students (7 Steps)

When considering nursing as a field of study, going abroad is an incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons as a health care professional. You will be immersed in high-pressure situations and learn to adapt to a myriad of cultures and personalities. Poland offers some attractive degree options and the also opportunity to complete your studies in 3 years rather than 4 as in many other countries. The country is also conveniently located in Central Europe and students can easily travel across the EU to explore much more of the world. Here is everything you need to know about studying nursing in [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in China

Leaning towards the enhancement of medicine, many people have made their minds and are determined to take the course of the medical fields and finish a degree related to medicine. Getting a degree in medicine or any related courses is the only way of getting employed or getting eligibility to perform medical practices. With that said, if you will end up studying and finishing a degree no matter what happens, get that degree from the best and greatest universities around you and absorb all the knowledge you could get to be the great professional you wanted to be. For this article, [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in Canada

Canada is well known for its excellent medical schools and high investment in education in the field of health care and well-being. Its nursing schools are no less respected and coveted. You can become a nurse in Canada by following one of the country’s top nursing programs and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Most programs are taught in English, or also in French in the province of Québec. Here is a guide to the top nursing schools in Canada. Best Nursing Schools in Canada 1. University of British Columbia Nursing Program Degrees offered: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master’s, [...]

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Study Nursing in Canada for International Students (7 Steps)

Many see Canada as the land of milk and honey as the quality of life is high, and importantly, they possess one of the leading health care systems in the world. Nurses form the backbone of this important industry and to study nursing in Canada is highly competitive. Many universities give admission priority to local students as there is such a high influx of applicants. But as an international student, you are still able to enter into programs at some of the country’s leading schools. Applicants that can show that they are well rounded with a high GPA can secure one [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most successful countries in the world in terms of economic, industrial, technological, and medical aspects. Many international people have come and experienced the rich and developed country in one of the richest continents in the world to take a vacation, finding a job, working, and of course, studying. The United Kingdom is a country where many students, international and local, wish to finish a degree. Of course, studying and working in such countries, the quality of education, the awesome facilities, the complete and modern equipment, generous working benefits, and higher-paying rate can be received. [...]

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5 Best Nursing Schools in France

BS Nursing is among the most popular courses or degree programs that are offered anywhere in the world. Stereotypically, countries with the least GDP, usually, have many aspiring nurses around their territories. Most of them hope that they would get a chance for being a nurse in a foreign country because they believe that this will lift them from poverty. However, there are still those people who are very passionate about being a nurse that they would gladly make use of their time to help and aid others the process of being a nurse is just as hard as finding a [...]

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