IELTS Band Requirement for Universities in Japan

Japan is one of the new hot educational destinations for students from around the world. With an aging population, the Japanese government is keen on attracting international students to the country. Given the decline in its youth population, the government has launched programs to boost the number of international students in the country to 300,000. These efforts by the government and some other changes in their policies have made it easier for international students to study, find a job and get a visa in Japan. With one of the biggest markets of highly skilled labour and a technology driven economy, it’s [...]

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7 Cheap Medical Schools in Japan

Japan is home to numerous international students, with approximately 300,000 foreigners pursuing their higher education in Japanese institutions. Some of the medical schools in the country are ranked among the best in the world. This makes it a very attractive option for international students. Once you’ve garnered information on the requirements to study in Japan, you can start to consider the different institutions. However, costs can be quite high, especially when considering tuition and living expenses. Despite this, depending on the university, some options are more affordable than others. Here are some of the cheapest medical schools in Japan.   Cheap [...]

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is offered for African students as well as for the whole international student body. Some of these scholarships are for African students only, while the greater part of these scholarships is open for international students. Erasmus Mundus scholarships contain a variety of different awards and scholarships for international students. Helpful Posts Here are some helpful posts related to this article: Tuition Free Universities in Europe Free Tuition Universities in USA Tuition Free Universities in Germany Best Government Scholarships for International Students DAAD SCholarships Erasmus Mundus This type of scholarship is offered by EACEA, which is a short term for [...]

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133 Cheapest Universities for International Students

Most international students are often in need of financial aid, and, in order to cover that need, some universities have lowered their tuition costs. The cheapest universities for international students in the world will cover those universities who have lower tuition and those who also have great scholarships for international students. Some of the universities can have a lower tuition just because of their geographic location, and some can have a lower tuition because they can afford to offer a great education to international students. Let's get into all the universities in the world that offer affordable education. Cheapest Universities in [...]

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5 Best Scholarships in Japan for International Students

Japan offers a number of amazing universities filled with culture, history, and a proven track record. For international students, this can be a very good opportunity to acquire a college degree while also being able to travel. A new geographical location, dealing with new people, and experiencing a different culture. Sounds like a great deal, don’t you think? The problem is, not every student can afford a trip to a foreign land and live there for upwards of a year. Living in another country to chase your degree often involves a lot of financial managing. Without a consistent source of money, [...]

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How to Apply to Universities in Japan

Japan is a nation with extraordinary culture and history. Japan, while rich in tradition, is also a leading country in education. The universities in Japan are known for their excellence and have some of the most brilliant people as both students and professors. If you would like to attend as an international student, you need to first apply to universities in Japan. In this article, I will teach you the steps on how to apply to Japanese universities as international students.  So, I hope that this guide will be a help to you. I would just like to give you a [...]

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10 Cheapest Universities in Japan for International Students

Japan is a popular destination for international students. First, it has many opportunities for students after they graduate. Japan is home to great companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Sony. Since many Japanese universities have internship agreements with many of these excellent companies, graduates from these universities will have a greater chance of finding a job in Japan. Second, universities in Japan are prestigious. Many of the universities are within top 100 of all universities in the world. They have great professors and curriculum that will help international students to succeed in Japan and anywhere in the world. International students can study [...]

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Hosei University Scholarships 2020

Hosei University is a private university located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1880 as a law school under a different name but changed its name to Hosei University in 1903. This university is very popular among Japanese high school students and received a third-most number of applications in Japan for many years.  Hosei University has approximately 28,000 undergraduate and 2,000 postgraduate students located on three campuses. The interesting aspect of these campuses is that these campuses are responsible for teaching a specific area of study such as sciences in one campus and humanities in the other for example.  Fortunately for international students, Hosei University offers many English-based degree programs. If [...]

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Sophia University Scholarships 2020 (Full Tuition)

Sophia University is an excellent private research university in Japan. This university is one of the best private universities in Japan, often ranking very high even among public universities in Japan. In addition to its quality education, Sophia University offers full-tuition scholarships for international students. At Sophia University, there are approximately 11,000 undergraduate students and 1,500 postgraduate students studying in Tokyo.   Scholarships for International Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)  Sophia University New Students Scholarships  Scholarship Amount- Up to Full Tuition  Eligibility- Excellent Grades, Financial Difficulty  Application Dates- Applications open on September 1 and closes on September 22 for Undergraduate Students. For Master's and Ph.D., the application [...]

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Doshisha University Scholarships 2020 (Full Tuition)

Doshisha University is an excellent private university in Kyoto, Japan and is considered one of the best university in that country. Founded in 1875, this university is considered to be one of the oldest universities in Japan. It has continued to grow since its founding and now consists of 14 faculties and 16 graduate schools.   This university has approximately 27,000 undergraduate and 2,500 graduate students taught by 2,000 faculty. These students and faculty are located in 4 different campuses in Kyoto, Japan. These excellent students and faculty continue to make the outstanding progress in different fields of study.    Doshisha University Scholarships (Undergraduate)  Merit Scholarships for Undergraduate [...]

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International Christian University Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded)

International Christian University is a private university that is located in Tokyo, Japan. This relatively small university is known for its undergraduate education. It is the most prestigious liberal arts college in Japan which aims undergraduate students to have a broad education rather than contained in specific field of study.  This university consist of 2,934 undergraduate students, 237 graduate students, and 147 faculty located in 31 undergraduate programs and 1 graduate school. Also, ICU operates 8 research institutions for researching, planning conferences, and hosting seminars.    International Christian University Scholarships (Undergraduate)  ICU Peace Bell Scholarship  Scholarship Amount- 1 million yen annually [...]

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Kochi University of Technology Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded) 

Kochi University (KUT) is a world class university that promotes unique excellence, and it has contributed greatly to Japan’s progressive education by implementing many revolutionary designs. This small-scale university was a private university, but it is now a public university funded by the government.    This public university is well-known for its reforms, and it is noteworthy for its gathering of faculty members for world caliber research and outstanding education. Because its facilities are equipped with cutting edge equipment, KUT will continue to create a first-class research environment for prospective students. Two main academic fields at KUT are engineering and economics & management, and the practical aspect of KUT continue to contribute to the solutions to the [...]

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Tohoku University Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded)

Tohoku University is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. This university is the third largest Imperial University and is one of the National Seven Universities. This university has 10 schools, 17 graduate schools, 3 professional graduate schools, and 7 research institutes. In these different schools, there are total of 17,885 undergraduate and graduate students including 1,455 international students. Founded in 1911, Tohoku University adopted three principles: "Open Door", "Research First", and "Practice Oriented Research and Education". With these three principles, Tohoku University led innovation in Japanese universities such as accepting female students in the beginning of 20th century and researching in the frontier of science.   Research As you [...]

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University of Tokyo Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded)

University of Tokyo is ranked as the best university in Japan in most ranking systems. Since its founding in 1877, University of Tokyo, or UTokyo, has led the industrial revolution in Japan to make Japan one of the leading nation in the world. This excellent university has produced total of 8 Nobel laureates and many excellent scientists, writers, and doctors. If you want to receive scholarships at the University of Tokyo, it is crucial that you know the application requirements and acceptance rates. Check out the University of Tokyo Application Requirements and Acceptance Rates! UTokyo composes of 10 Faculties, 15 Graduate Schools, 11 affiliated research institutes, 13 [...]

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MEXT Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded)

MEXT Scholarship is a government scholarship funded by Japan allowing international students to study in Japanese Universities fully-funded. This program funds both undergraduate and graduate students wishing to study in Japan. In 2010, Japan launched a project called "300,000 Foreign Students Plan" campaign. This campaign from the Ministry of Education in Japan makes plan to increase the foreign student population of 140,000 students in 2008 to 300,000 students by 2020. To help achieve this goal, Japan has funded many foreign students to study in Japan and also increased the number of English programs and facilitated the visa process. The "300,000 Foreign Students Plan" [...]

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