Cedarville University is a private educational institution in Cedarville in the state of Ohio. Established in 1887, the university has a strong religious affiliation with Christianity and Baptism. Cedarville offers more than 130 graduate and undergraduate programs to its students from over 50 countries. These programs cover various fields of arts and science of which nursing, biology, and pharmacy are most prominent. The university also offers graduation in religious programs such as biblical studies and biblical counseling. The University is home to approximately 4,000 students and spans an area of 450 acres. In this article, we will be looking at the acceptance rate at Cedarville University.

Cedarville’s main campus is situated in a rural setting with 300 acres of farmlands. The university offers its students, state of the art facilities for which it has won various awards. The water tower in the campus is a symbolic landmark of the university and has a giant poster of the university’s mascot, the yellow jacket, on it. Cedarville University offers on-campus hostels and residence halls to both male and female students. Currently, there are eleven housing facilities for males and nine for females that have co-ed lounges. The campus also houses a large dining hall called “Chucks” which is primarily run by the students themselves. The acceptance rate at Cedarville University is 69%, so students who have done great in high school should have no problems getting in.

Yellow Jackets, the athletic teams of the university, take part in 16 varsity sports in the NCAA Division 2 league. Some of these sports are football, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. Yellow Jackets are also one of the seventeen members of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference, a regional organization that hosts sports tournaments in the state of Ohio.

Cedarville’s Student Government Organization (SGA) helps more than 100 student organizations, all of which student-funded and student-regulated. The university has a huge chapel in the center where faculty and students come to worship every morning at 10. For the fitness and recreation of the students, the campus provides facilities such as a well-furnished gymnasium, a 36 feet climbing wall, a disc golf course, and an exercise studio.

The university is known for its commitment to the biblical truth. To be eligible to apply here, you must be a Christian, show faith in Jesus Christ, and provide evidence of a past Christian lifestyle. Similarly, all the students must complete at least 15 credit hours of religious courses as their minor. Cedarville University provides various merit and need-based scholarships to students at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Almost 98 percent of the freshmen students received an average financial aid of $16,000.

Acceptance rate at Cedarville University

Cedarville University is a moderately selective school with an acceptance rate of 69 percent. In 2018, 3,800 students applied out of which 2,700 were selected by the university. The average SAT and ACT score of the selected candidates were 1,220 (on a scale of 1,600) and 26 (on a scale of 36) respectively. Similarly, the average GPA of the selected candidates in post-graduation programs was 2.6 (on a scale of 4). To secure admission here, you do not have to be an extraordinary student, yet you should have a nice academic record.


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