If you’re preparing for the CELPIP English proficiency test, you have the option to use a number of free or paid practice tests available online. This is an essential CELPIP study material as you can essentially replicate the actual exam day to a very large extent, experiencing the timing, format, and – of course – content of the test in a safe environment.

Also, you can take it as many times as you would like before you feel completely comfortable taking the test in reality. Furthermore, using a CELPIP practice test before you even start to prepare could be very useful, as it will show you where you are in terms of comfort with the format and type of questions.

In order to make the most of the practice tests, you should ensure you have a computer compatible with the minimum requirements (these will be shown on the practice tests’ homepage), a headset for the Listening and Speaking sections, and pen or pencil and paper to take notes on.

Here are some examples of CELPIP practice tests, how to access them, and what they can help with during your preparation.

How Can Students Prepare for the CELPIP Test at Home?

Students can prepare for the CELPIP test at home by taking practice tests and reviewing sample tests that are available on the internet. By maximizing these tests and resources, you can increase the chances of passing the CELPIP test.

The learning and review materials can be paid or free. Since there are a lot of resources available on the internet, you can collect them and sort out the learning materials you’ve gathered. The best part of having a paid course or material for a CELPIP is that they have one-on-one mentorship, feedback sessions, and more.

In the article, we listed down the best CELPIP practice tests and study materials that you can find on the internet. Make sure to read more!

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Top CELPIP Practice Tests and Study Materials

1. Free Sample Test from CELPIP Official Website

Here, you can access an Online Practice Test once you have created an account (you will need an account to register for tests anyway)

Once you create an account, you can access the free practice test online through either the link provided on the page after registration or after you log in again once your account has been activated.

There is a General Test as well as a CELPIP LS Test available to take

You can complete the whole test or just sections of it when you start a practice test. It is a good idea to try all of it first, and perhaps return to certain sections if you want to practice them again

Each section has instructions that are worth paying attention to, as they will explain how the practice test is different from the actual test

At any point during the practice test, you can find out the correct answer by clicking on the “Answer Key,” and you can then return to the question. Please do this as many times as you need so that you can fully understand the best way to answer each type of question.

2. Additional Free Test from CELPIP

When you actually register for a test, you will receive another free online sample from the company. Use this resource to help you get ready for the CELPIP test!

3. ProWritingAid (Grammar Checker for Writing Section)

To improve your score on your writing section, you need to have good grammar and writing style. ProWritingAid is a free tool that you can download to check your grammar and writing style. Downloading this tool will greatly help your grammar since you will be checking your grammar consistently.

4. Paid Sample Tests from CELPIP Official Website

You can pay for a number of CELPIP sample tests in addition to the free one from the organizers – there is a choice of various bundles from 3 to 7 full tests.

These are a good way of continuing to practice the full test in a safe environment, going back on questions and checking the answer key as you progress through the sections in order to enhance your knowledge of the test itself.

A good product is also the CELPIP – General Practice and Analysis, where you can purchase a complete practice test long with in-depth analyses of answer choices and sample responses. This package also provides test-taking strategies, so it is a full guide.

5. Four Modules Practice Test

On this website, you can take a free practice test after you register. You can use this to position your current level and pinpoint areas you need to improve

To progress, you can also use more practice tests here (they have 100 in total) and other tools such as mock tests and evaluations, which are all paid services.

6. Presto English

On their website, a lot of resources are offered to those who are taking the CELPIP test. They have free practice tests and test tips for students. They offer free and paid materials to students, and they also have a Youtube channel for their videos.
The good thing about their website is that they have a lot of listening, writing, and reading training materials. You can maximize their free resources, and if you have a budget, you can try buying their paid training.

7. Additional CELPIP Study Materials for Specific Sections

You can practice more on specific sections by using some other CELPIP study materials. For example, on this page, you can find three Writing tests and three Speaking tests

Use these to first take the sample test yourself without looking at the answers. Then, check the sample answers against your own to get an idea of how you might change or where you need to improve your responses. You can also write your own answer in the comment area, and the website owner will review it, but don’t rely on this as a learning tool

TCY Online provides a free CELPIP Reading practice test once you sign up on their website. You can then buy additional practice tests here, either full-length ones or just for specific sections. Additionally, this website also provides a discussion forum that you may find useful, a blog and videos, etc.

On CELPIP Store,  you can also create a free account, and you will be given 200 Coins to use on the website, which you can add by purchasing more..

They have a few practice tests here split into sections, and with the free 200 Coins, you can access parts of a test, but you will have to buy more to access more. For example, you can access Part 1, “Listening to Problem Solving,” for 100 Coins and Part 2, “Listening to a Daily Life Conversation,” for another 100 Coins before you need to buy more Coins.

This website is useful as a CELPIP study material to practice section by section. It isolates parts within the CELPIP sections to focus on vocabulary or skill areas that you may need to improve on specifically.


Overall, CELPIP practice tests are invaluable in preparing for the test as they will be your only way to replicate the exam itself therefore you should look to do as many as possible, whether free or paid. They will put you in good stead on test day, and – by practicing all the types of questions in advance – you will eliminate most of the anxiety that comes with the unknown on the day of the exam.


I hope that this guide on practice tests and study materials for the CELPIP was useful. Make sure to also check out the Canada Programs for International Students!